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What is the original novel of “Feng Qi Luoyang”

The TV series “Wind from Luoyang” starring Wang Yibo, Huang Xuan and Song Qian was officially announced on December 1.

You must know that “Wind Up Luoyang” has once aroused a high degree of discussion and attention from the official announcement to the cast of the actors. This official announcement is undoubtedly a big deal for the eagerly awaited audience. Good news. Regardless of the cast, production team, and novel ip, this drama is the appearance of a “wang bombing drama”. This time it is scheduled to be broadcast, and it will surely dominate the network in December.

1. The combination of traffic + big IP

“Wind from Luoyang” first occupies an innate advantage from the cast and script creation. “Wind from Luoyang” is adapted from Ma Boyong’s works. His previous works “Chang’an Twelve Hours” and “Antique Bureau Middle Game” not only have a broad fan base, but also gained good ratings and reputation after being adapted into TV series.

Ma Boyong is good at suspense themes, and “The Wind Rises Luoyang” tells the story of the bad handsome Gao Bingzhu played by Huang Xuan in the process of self-proving his innocence, and Baili Hongyi played by Wang Yibo and Neiwei Siyue played by Song Qian teamed up to settle the case. The play involves a large number of splendid and suspenseful plots, allowing the audience to follow the protagonist in the intense and exciting plot, and have a “Sherlock Holmes” addiction.

This play mainly tells the legendary history of Empress Wu Zetian’s life. After she decided to move her capital to Luoyang, she was opposed by many ministers. They believed that Xijing Chang’an was actually a good place to stay, and the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty was also started from here. . But because Wu Zetian believed Yuan Tiangang’s words and believed that Luoyang would be helpful to his throne, regardless of everyone’s opposition, he moved the capital from Chang’an to Luoyang.

Such arbitrariness caused the ministers in the court to talk a lot, but on the surface they did not dare to disobey Wu Zetian’s meaning. Wu Zetian’s men had a powerful force called Neiwei. They monitored all the ministers in the court, as long as they had a little A little bit of rebelliousness would be discovered and killed by Wu Zetian, and all the ministers turned to Wu Zetian for a while.

According to the original novel, the emotional line of “The Wind Rises Luoyang” must revolve around the two male protagonists Gao Bingzhu and Baili Hongyi. Later, they met with the female protagonist Wei Siyue, and then opened a thrilling detective story. . Gao Bingzhu was misunderstood as a murderer and had to be trapped. Baili Hongyi embarked on the investigation road because his father was poisoned by the murderer. The two became very good friends when they met, and then started a three-person investigation team. .

At this time, a series of bizarre stories happened in Luoyang. Behind these stories, there were many anti-army forces, and they were fighting in a big way, just to take Wu Zetian’s throne. At this time, Wu Zetian chose to send three young wizards, that is, the three protagonists played by Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, and Song Qian, to solve this series of cases and bring peace to the Tang Dynasty.

In fact, Wu Zetian had changed her country title at this time. She hoped that she could establish a new dynasty week, but everyone still only knew the Tang Dynasty, which made Wu Zetian extremely angry. However, after a series of cases occurred, Wu Zetian finally learned that his behavior was inappropriate.

2. Massive texture

Judging from the trailer released by the official Weibo of “Wind Up Luoyang”, the overall texture of “Wind Up Luoyang” is excellent. Whether it is fighting, pictures, special effects, etc., it reveals the texture of the blockbuster, every detail. They all look exquisite, and the intentions are visible to the naked eye.

In addition to showing the roles of the three leading actors in the play, the suspenseful atmosphere is also in place in the trailer. Through the preview, the audience feels the huge hidden power of Gods, the cases are intertwined, and the protagonist group is undoubtedly facing a huge test.

Judging from the fact that the three of them all want to use their example as bait, what they have to face is not only the truth, but also the righteousness and mission of guarding the world. The whole drama is opened up. “Wind from Luoyang” is undoubtedly a TV series with a big pattern and big ideas. As long as the plot is exciting enough and the intention is clear enough, it is not difficult to get out of the circle.

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