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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 6 Recap

Shen Zheng always told Shao Beisheng why her mother opposed her speed skating. Her mother was also a short track athlete and retired because of an injury during the competition. Now it is raining and cloudy and her legs hurt. Her mother is firmly opposed to Shen Zhengyi practicing speed skating. She had to practice secretly, and Shao Beisheng couldn’t help but admire her. He didn’t expect that she could practice so well by self-study.

As soon as Shen Zheng came to the laundry room to pick up sweaters, he saw Liu Sisi, Luo Xiaoyi and others deliberately throwing her washed sweaters on the ground and trampled on the ground. Shen Zhengyi stepped forward and reasoned with them. Liu Sisi slurred and reprimanded Shen Zheng. She caused Shao Beisheng to be punished, and Shen Zhengyi was besieged by them. Thanks to Xiao Qing, he came in time to fight Shen Zheng and threw Liu Sisi’s clothes on the ground. Only when Shen Zhengyi knew that Xiao Qing was Shao Beisheng’s new partner, he did not expect Xiao Qing to become not only her roommate, but also Xiao Han’s sister.

Shao Beisheng went to the junior speed skating team to apply for an assistant, only to know that the assistant had already been selected. Xiao Han came to Zhuang Yue to beg for mercy, and wanted Shen Zhengyi to train on the ice as soon as possible. Zhuang Yue resolutely refused to allow Shen Zhengyi to work as an assistant in the junior team. Xiao Han reminded Shen Zhengyi to take this opportunity to get on the ice. Shen Zhengyi came to the youth team to report on time, trying to find the breakthrough of the corner as soon as possible. She avoided the small players everywhere, but they stumbled several big somersaults and was teased by them.

After the training, Shao Beisheng kept calling Shen Zhengyi’s phone number, but no one answered him. Xiao Qing revealed that Shen Zhengyi had been assigned to the juvenile class as an assistant teacher. Shao Beisheng finally got through to Shen Zhengyi’s phone and complained that she didn’t contact her in time. Shen Zhengyi was always aggrieved and complained to Shao Beisheng on the phone. The drama club wanted to recruit new members. Qu Zhi posted advertisements all over the campus. Zhu Lele saw the pictures of handsome guys on the leaflet. She couldn’t wait to get to know the president Wang Jun, so she asked Qu Zhi for a leaflet.

Shen Zhengyi came to the juvenile class, and Shao Beisheng came here early. The team members worshipped him and obeyed. Shao Beisheng told the team members to take good care of Shen Zhengyi and stop bullying him. The team members believed that Shen Zhengyi was a Shao Beisheng girl. My friend, Shao Beisheng acquiesced. Shen Zheng always asked Xiao Qing about Xiao Han’s preferences, and wanted to repay him for his life-saving grace.

Shen Zheng was captured by Shao Beisheng as soon as the get out of class was over. Shao Beisheng took her to watch the curling competition and explained the rules of the game in detail. When he saw blood, he pointed out that Shen Zheng was one of the dangerous factors, and analyzed how to avoid and start skillfully. Effective offense, Shen Zheng kicked off the haircut, she finally understood the essentials of team training, and couldn’t wait to train with the small players, and soon practiced as freely as possible. Xiao Han brought Zhuang Yue to the primary school. They witnessed Shen Zheng shuttle among the team members like a fish. Zhuang Yue immediately decided to let Shen Zhengyi resume training next week.

As soon as Shen Zheng went home for dinner, she accidentally said that she was training. Her mother noticed that her leg had fallen blue and purple, and asked her warmly. Shen Zheng lied that she fell on the bed and was injured. Zhu Lele came to the drama club to report and saw that the handsome guys on the flyer turned around and wanted to leave. The classmates hurriedly called her to keep her. Zhu Lele thought of the handsome Wang Jun. Reluctantly agreed to sign the contract for joining the company.

Qu Zhi came afterwards, and Zhu Lele knew that Wang Jun was Quzhi. She wanted to quit the club in a fit of anger. If the drama club could not recruit any actresses, it would face the fate of disbanding. Qu Zhi and the few classmates suffered with their three-inch tongue. Persuade Zhu Lele and promise to let her be the only heroine, so Zhu Lele is willing to stay.

Shen Zheng reported the good news to Zhu Lele once back to the dormitory, but Zhu Lele was aggrieved. She felt that she had been cheated and wept sadly. Zhu Lele, Shen Zhengyi and Xiao Qing ran together, Shao Beisheng and the male team members ran past them, Shen Zhengyi suddenly relapsed and fell to the ground, Xiao Han ran over in time, without a word, Shen Zhengyi went to the medical service Shao Beisheng saw this scene and hurried to the infirmary. Luo Xiaoyi saw Xiao Han carrying Shen Zhengyi from a distance, and her heart was sour.

Shen Zheng wanted to invite Xiao Han to dinner, thanking him for his life-saving last time, Xiao Han had to admit that Shao Beisheng jumped into the lake and saved her. Shao Beisheng hurried over and left Shen Zheng on his back. She also reminded her not to get involved with other men. When Shen Zheng thought that Shao Beisheng had rescued her, he was full of gratitude to him.

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