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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 16 Recap

Wan Liming graciously cleaned up Feng Chunsheng’s new office and urged him to move there first. The appointment will be sooner or later. After returning home, Feng Chunsheng had been talking about his work in front of Xiaoting for so long, but the appointment of the head office was delayed. He wanted to ask his father-in-law, Xiaoting decided to ask himself.

After Marlene returned to the nursing home and learned that Jian Jian had taken Yiru out, he criticized her for being fooling around. After simply putting Yiru to sleep, he planned to take turns to take care of Yiru with him before Maleven did not find a caregiver.

One of Zhuo Nan saw her daughter coming over at night and knew that she was for Feng Chunsheng’s business. Zhuo Xiaoting felt that after Mr. Du left, her father should also promote Chunsheng. Zhuo Nanzhi hated Feng Chunsheng eating the bowl and looking at the pot. She thinks he should be down-to-earth, but the wayward Xiaoting feels that her father was angry with Chunsheng because she didn’t listen to him. Zhuo Nanzhi was angry that her daughter was too confused and told her to tell Chunsheng that he wanted to reach the sky in one step.

Mariev went to the nursing home at night and saw Yiru fall asleep in the sound of simple reading. He sincerely expressed his gratitude to Sim. On the way home, he asked with a simple temper that the school asked her to cut flowers and sit on a cold bench and quit her job early. How did she persist until now? Simply smiled and said that there is always a chance to prove herself, and Marlene praised her growth.

Lin Wanrou criticized Xiaoting that Xiaoting should not be angry with her dad about Chunsheng’s affairs, because with Chunsheng’s qualifications, the vice president of the company had already jumped several levels. If it were not for Xiaoting’s relationship, he could only be a small supervisor now, and Xiao Now Ting is not distinguished between public and private. She is clearly his wife, but she has become a nanny and assistant. Wanrou always thinks that Chunsheng’s feelings for Xiaoting are not so pure, but Xiaoting categorically says that Chunsheng is not that kind of person.

In the evening, Feng Chunsheng knew that Ting was very disappointed that Ting could not persuade his father. He thought that his work ability and performance had been achieved, but his father-in-law was in a difficult situation. Zhuo Xiaoting advised him that no matter what position, the company belongs to his family, Feng Chunsheng But think that he is just working for their family. Xiaoting was upset and ran out to the bar to buy drunk with friends. Feng Chunsheng received a call to pick up Xiaoting. The drunk Xiaoting confronted Chunsheng in front of her friends and said: Dad said that he came to their home to fly to Huang Tengda, Feng Chunsheng Very embarrassed, she quickly helped the drunk Xiaoting home.

Principal Wang was kind to Li Xiaoyi’s father Li Zhenbao. After Li Zhenbao sent Principal Wang to the nursing home, he saw that Simple was there, and thanked her for what happened last time. He also praised that simple things are more principled than other teachers. Principal Wang Arrange for him to take it home. On the way, Li Zhenbao said that after his wife passed away, his son was left unattended. He knew that Jian had no boyfriend, and he was delighted. He also helped his parents when he saw that Jian was helping his parents manage the malatang business at the night market.

Marlene was very satisfied with the illustrations made by Star Ran, and formally hired him as the company’s designer.

At the wine table, President Jin was unruly with Qiao Qingqian and was rejected by her. Naturally, the investment was also sloppy. On the way home, Pan Yanming cursed Qingqian for being too hypocritical and threw her on the road. The aggrieved Qingqian cried and called Xingran. Xingran quickly arrived. Qingqian said that she was completely unrecognizable and hated her now. Xingran said: She will always be the same as she is. In any case, he is willing to continue. Accompany Qing Qian.

Feng Chunsheng’s parents came to Beijing. This time they wanted to go shopping, Xiaoting and Chunsheng went to the station to pick them up.

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