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Love in Shanghai 两个人的世界 Episode 5 Recap

Li Wenjia and Dai Shiping got off the car to buy water, and happened to meet Xu Dongyang and Mr. Bai together. Li Wenjia’s mother came at 12 o’clock at noon. She took time off to pick her up, but Gina suddenly got into trouble for a meeting, saying that Pete’s wife, Donna, had flown over to check the accounts. In fact, the big boss behind the company was Donna. Gina said that she would not ask Li Wenjia to ask for leave. Li Wenjia could only ask Dai Shiping to pick up her mother at the station.

Dai Shiping hurriedly dressed up when she saw her parents for the first time. The colleague thought he was in a hurry and took out his car key to let him drive. Go in your own car. Dai Shiping took Li Wenjia’s sign to pick up Mo Wanxiu, and Li Wenjia also said to Mo Wanxiu, but Mo Wanxiu looked at Dai Shiping indifferently and left by herself.

Donna scolded Gina in a meeting, and Pete also helped his wife to scold him. Li Wenjia showed Gina the information for her to read, but Gina was unwilling, and instead let Donna notice Li Wenjia. Donna chattered endlessly, Li Wenjia could only bite the bullet and make up the matter about the debt, but Gina resented instead. Donna said that she would get the 430,000 arrears by next week, or she would let them go.

After the meeting, Gina hid in the bathroom crying and called Pete to complain. The improper relationship between the two lasted for a long time, but Pete abandoned her in front of his wife. Li Wenjia happened to hear these words, and Gina was angrily scolded her to take advantage of the fire. Li Wenjia was helpless, she didn’t have that idle time at all.

Dai Shiping said that he had not received Mo Wanxiu, Li Wenjia was taken aback and quickly called, but Mo Wanxiu was never answered. Li Wenjia can only call Chen Jialiang. Fortunately, Mo Wanxiu has arrived home. Dai Shiping did not receive some self-blame from Mo Wanxiu, and Li Wenjia quickly said that it was okay.

Xu Dongyang put on a brand-name suit and was going to see customers with Mr. Bai. At this time, Xu Dongyang received a call from his mother. The mother said that his father was seriously ill again. The doctor said that the operation must be arranged as soon as possible. The initial cost was 100,000 yuan. Xu Dongyang asked them to be hospitalized as soon as possible. He will find a way. President Bai heard the content of Xu Dongyang’s call and said that if you need help, you can just say it, but Xu Dongyang tactfully refused. Xu Dongyang and President Bai waited for a long time to see President Chen.

In the end, there were only fifteen minutes left, and President Bai could only make another appointment to meet him tonight. Li Wenjia came home from get off work, but Mo Wanxiu didn’t say a word, looking a little angry.

Li Baoying was busy cooking in the kitchen. Seeing Li Wenjia came back and asked her to go upstairs to have a look, Mo Wanxiu spread all over the floor with big bags. Chen Jialiang said exaggeratedly that Mo Wanxiu came in in large and small packages today, scaring the entire alley, and Li Wenjia was no stranger to it. In order to welcome Mo Wanxiu, a lot of dishes were cooked at home, and the good wife kept helping her with the dishes, but the atmosphere on the dinner table was strange.

Li Baoying asked Li Wenjia to go to the hotel to open a room for Li Baoying, but Mo Wanxiu said that it was not a day or two that she had come to stay in a hotel. Li Baoying was naturally unwilling. The house was so large that it could be crowded. Li Wenjia took the initiative to give in, but Mo Wanxiu’s attitude was that she had to live at home. Li Baoying was unhappy, so she pulled her face back to the room without eating.

Mr. Xu Dongyang accompanies Mr. Bai to socialize. The men in the business field are drinking Mr. Bai one by one. Xu Dongyang can’t stand it and hastened to help block the wine but was cancelled. Mr. Bai quickly explained that he was his assistant and he was invited for a big price. Talents. Those people are even more bullying, and Xu Dongyang will have to drink three cups for them.

Xu Dongyang simply took a whole bottle of wine, and poured it down in front of everyone apart from anything else. Xu Dongyang said that he was trained by his father since he was a child, and this wine is nothing at all. At this time, Xu Dongyang received a phone call from his mother saying that he had received the money from him, and a doctor Chen was flying over from Shanghai to perform surgery on his dad.

Xu Dongyang looked puzzled, but the mother thought that his son was on the phone. Exceedingly happily. President Bai drank a lot of wine, and Xu Dongyang and her sent the bosses together before calling the car to leave. Mr. Bai leaned on his shoulder and fell asleep. Xu Dongyang guessed that she was helping him, but Mr. Bai regarded him as a friend, because he treated himself sincerely, so she didn’t understand why Xu Dongyang had difficulties at home. Will stand idly by.

Early the next morning. Mo Wanxiu entered the house swaggeringly with the decoration worker. Chen Jialiang and Li Wenjia were awakened and wondered, and they didn’t know what she was going to do. Mo Wanxiu directed the workers to work, saying that it was inconvenient to pull the curtain between the two children when they grew up, so she helped make the decision to change to two rooms. Li Baoying is in a hurry, why does she make the decision for herself? Li Baoying and Mo Wanxiu quarreled, and Li Wenjia was caught in the middle, crying without tears. Finally, after going to work, Gina was told that she was expelled. Li Wenjia disagreed. According to the company’s rules and regulations, Gina had no right to expel herself directly.

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