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I don’t deserve your love

I don’t deserve your love
Other Name: 你的情深我不配

Genre: Novel, Romance, President
Author: Love Jane
Year: 2021
Chapter: unknown
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“Youth Travels 3” recommended hot urban romance novels! After three years of hidden marriage, he handed her a divorce agreement, saying that his Bai Yueguang wanted a perfect ending. She said yes, but he regretted it after signing it!

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Chapter 1 Divorce Agreement

From going abroad on the second day of marriage to coming back now, it has been three years.

I was able to come back this time because her mother found out that her lung cancer was at an advanced stage.

After three years of marriage, he sent her out of the country on the grounds of allowing her to continue her studies, only because she was afraid that she would disturb the world of Bai Yueguang and him.

At night, she accompanied her parents-in-law and old lady to dinner in the old house, and returned to the wedding room where they had never lived.

The once arrogant little princess had already put away her sharp claws.

After returning from this trip, she had a very strong hunch that it was time for them to end this nominal relationship!

He came back from the outside, dressed in a neat black suit, and there was a message that strangers shouldn’t get close all over his body.

He is a perfectionist!

It is also a severe cleanliness patient!

Zhuo Jian stood by the window at a distance, every time he took a step closer, her heartbeat would speed up by one point!

In the past three years, he has become more handsome and domineering.

He just walked to the sofa and stopped, loosened his tie and sat down.

She lowered her eyes in loss.

“Have you seen your mother-in-law?”

He asked her faintly, but didn’t look up at her.

Zhuo Jian placed her hands behind her back habitually, like a good baby, and like a quiet subordinate, nodded: “Yeah!”

“Look at this.”

He suddenly leaned forward and took out a document from the drawer under the table and placed it on the tabletop.

Zhuo Jian just glanced at it and knew that his thoughts had been verified.

Not long ago, she saw news about him going to order a wedding dress with Bai Yueguang on the Internet, and they were married in a hidden marriage.

She walked over to pick up the file and opened it to look at it.

The five big characters of the divorce agreement were displayed impressively.

She was thankful that she had made preparations, and smiled slightly: “I agree.”

Fu Yan looked at her with breathtaking eyes, “Sit down and say.”

Zhuo Jian just sat down on the single sofa diagonally across from him.

He drank, not in a good mood, and pulled his tie again.

Zhuo Jian insisted on trying not to make him feel uncomfortable as much as possible, and silently read the divorce agreement.

He also gave her two properties, which was pretty good to her.

Zhuo Jian smiled and asked him after reading it, “Do you have a pen?”


He turned his ears slightly, as if he didn’t hear her clearly.

“Sign it.”

Zhuo Jian always returned his words with a gentle smile.

Fu Yanye stared at her black eyes for a long time, and then bent over again to open the drawer and take a pen for her.

Without any hesitation, she wrote her name under the agreement, “Okay.”

“Ruxiang can’t hold her body any longer, she wants a perfect ending.”

Fu Yanye suddenly explained.

Zhuo Jian’s hand holding the pen tightened, and her heart hurt again.

He can sacrifice everything for that woman.


Zhuo Jian nodded sensibly.

Fu Yanye was silent for a while, until she sent the agreement to him, he took it, but when he was about to sign it, he looked up at her again: “If you have any requests you can ask, I will try my best to satisfy them. you!”

“This way, I’m very satisfied, and I also want to thank you for paying for my mother’s medical bills.”

Zhuo Jian answered him.

Fu Yanye felt like he was suffocating. He lowered his head and saw her beautiful handwriting under the agreement, and suddenly put the agreement aside in annoyance: “You will meet Ruxiang tomorrow!”

Zhuo Jian saw that he put the agreement aside without signing, and lowered his eyebrows and agreed: “Okay!”

“If she asks if you have someone you like, you just say yes!”


“It’s about making her believe and making her happy!”

He said!


Zhuo Jian responded numbly, and couldn’t help but look at the agreement beside him again.

At that moment, she had a kind of absurd idea, or he was also unwilling to give up this marriage?

“Can you put in the bath water for me?”

He suddenly asked coldly.

Zhuo Jian was surprised at first, but when he saw the indifference on his face, he finally realized his self-love, long eyelashes hung down to conceal the blur of his eyes, and went upstairs to help him put the bath water.

She couldn’t help laughing at herself, what on earth was she thinking about?

He is full of that woman, without you!

Going into the dark upstairs, I warned myself over and over again to be rational and clear up my emotions before opening the door.

Except for the wedding night, this is the second time she has entered this bedroom.

I don’t know why, there is a sense of taboo to break into other people’s world.

But inside, the simplistic decoration as downstairs, white walls, black floors, a bed, bedside cabinets, sofas, nothing else.

He slept on that sofa the night of the wedding, and that was the only night they spent alone.

She went into the bathroom and put the bath water for him.

Suddenly, I remembered what the seriously ill mother said in her ear during the day in the hospital: “He probably wants a divorce. He only thinks of his white moonlight. Why doesn’t he think of you as a married woman? How easy is it for the child to remarry?”

She didn’t want to remarry at all, she was just distressed, and she would never be able to be side by side with his name anymore.

Zhuo Jian sat on the edge of the bathtub, gently holding the warm water in her hand. She remembered that he had been sitting in front of her three years ago, when her father had just committed suicide, and her mother was diagnosed with cancer and was in need of help… …


Suddenly there was a cold voice behind her, and she turned around conditionedly, but unexpectedly slipped her hand and fell into the bathtub just filled with hot water.


Suddenly, there was an aura of embarrassment in the space.

Zhuo Jian was wearing black knickers and a white shirt, all drenched, especially the upper body, looming.

He saw all the black underwear in her.

He is obsessed with cleanliness. You don’t need to look at her to know how disgusting and disgusting he is at this time. He even wants to change the bathtub and bathroom.

While Zhuo Jian quickly got up from the bathtub, she was thankful that the tears on her face had also flooded into the water just now, retaining the last bit of self-esteem. She stood beside herself with her arms and apologized humblely: “Yes! I’m sorry! “

Fu Yanye didn’t come close, but only faintly said, “Go and change it!”

Zhuo Jian bowed his head and walked out, avoiding him when he reached the door.

However, when encountering water, the perfume she had rubbed on her body seemed to evaporate, making him unconsciously stagnant.

Zhuo Jian went downstairs to open the suitcase, hurriedly found out his clothes from inside, looked at several rooms on the first floor in a blink of an eye, ran into one and changed it.

Fu Yanye walked a little away from the bathtub and stopped, and stood outside the splashing water.

He won’t step in, he just stared at the bathtub for a long time.

Zhuo Jian hurriedly caught up again: “Ye Shao… hug, sorry!”

She thought he must be anxious. For severe cleanliness, people would never be allowed to dirty his bathroom, but when she changed his clothes and hurried up to try to clean him up, she found that he was undressing.

Zhuo Jian was dumbfounded for two seconds, then immediately turned around and stood outside the door.

Fu Yanye leaned against the wall and took off his pants, and took them out at will: “Help me put them up.”

Zhuo Jian looked at the clothes with the belt in front of him awkwardly, and took it hesitantly.

“Want to keep watching?”

There was another question behind him.

Zhuo Jian quickly took his shirt again, then turned and ran.

Fu Yanye suddenly groaned and did not close the door as usual, just walked to the shower and boiled water.

Zhuo Jian folded his clothes beside the bed, and then went downstairs.

He is probably going to live here tonight. When she was thinking about whether to sleep here or go to the hotel, suddenly her mobile phone rang and she picked it up: “Hello?”

“Will you come back this time?”

Greetings from friends over there.

“Well! I should be unable to leave for the time being.”

“I still lack someone here, if otherwise you come and help me for a while?”

The friend said again.

Thinking of her current situation, Zhuo Jian agreed without surprise: “Okay.”

“Fu Yanye is going to marry Ruxiang, don’t you know?”

The friend suddenly changed the subject again.

“Well, he said.”

Zhuo Jian walked to the window with her mobile phone, leaned against the window lattice and looked out into the darkness.

“Ajian, do you still love him?”

The friend suddenly asked her with extreme restraint.

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