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Love in Shanghai 两个人的世界 Episode 1 Recap

April 2003, Shanghai. Atypical pneumonia is raging. Xu Dongyang, a young man from the northeast of Shanghai, was interviewed on the street just when he arrived in Shanghai. He greeted his parents in front of the camera in a northeastern dialect. After getting on the bus, Xu Dongyang noticed the girl Li Wenjia who was wearing a mask and earphones beside him. Seeing that a thief wanted to attack her, Xu Dongyang coughed and sneezed.

As a result, many passengers were scared away. Li Wenjia also looked disgusted when he saw this. After getting out of the car, Xu Dongyang hurriedly got out of the car and wanted to explain, but Li Wenjia thought he wanted to strike up a conversation, and gave him a pack of masks, saying that it is not ethical not to wear masks during the epidemic. Xu Dongyang was not angry either. Seeing that she was looking for a job with a bunch of resumes, Li Wenjia wanted to be a company. Li Wenjia left looking insane.

Li Wenjia speaks Shanghainese, but he borrowed to live in Maimai’s house. Aunt Nongtang was beating him because the child broke his vinegar, so Li Wenjia gave her a bottle of her own. After returning home, Li Wenjia carefully took the things he bought to the maid Li Baoying. She stayed in Li Baoying’s house for half a year and didn’t find a job, so she was very unwelcome. She was stigmatized by cooking just now and asked her to find a job with a dormitory.

Just now, because Li Wenjia gave her a bottle of vinegar, the aunt enthusiastically gave Li Baoying a pack of Banlangen. Li Baoying said to praise her on the surface, and turned her head to face Li Wenjia again. Li Wenjia explained that she had passed the initial test while cooking, and that she would definitely make up for the accommodation and food expenses when she found a job.

When Xu Dongyang was staying at the hotel, he found out that his wallet was gone, and he was dumbfounded. Li Qi at the front desk drove him out ruthlessly. There was a sudden power failure. Li Wenjia was boiling water below to prepare for a bath, and quickly repaired the fuse. After the repairs were completed, Li Baoying again said that Li Wenjia shouldn’t take a bath all day, and he was partial to her son Jialiang, and her good wife did not dare to say anything. When Xu Dongyang ran to take a bath, he said that he was going to Beijing when he chatted with his master. The people in the bathhouse panicked and ran away.

After Xu Dongyang talked about the Beijing dialect, he found out that the person was gone. Then the medical staff in protective clothing came in and said that there was a suspected case on the 109th road that had been sitting in the morning, and he would be taken to isolation. Li Wenjia was also taken away and quarantined, and the good wife chased her very reluctantly. The isolation point is the Huayi Hotel where Xu Dongyang did not live in. Xu Dongyang and Li Wenjia met in the lobby and wanted to explain the bus, so Li Wenjia turned around and left. It is not a coincidence that Xu Dongyang would encounter the thief as soon as he turned his head.

The medical staff announced with a serious face that they would be quarantined for two weeks, and everyone in the hall realized the seriousness. Li Wenjia came to Shanghai with the idea that her mother must go out of this expectation. Shanghai is the place where her father was born. Xu Dongyang asked Li Wenjia to borrow the mobile phone and said he wanted to tell her parents that he was safe. Li Wenjia gave it to her suspiciously. But because of the crowd, he broke the phone and Xu Dongyang said that he would repair it before giving it to her.

My good wife was always worried about Li Wenjia and couldn’t get through her phone, so she took a lot of things to go out to see her, and ended up in a car accident when she was crossing the road. Xu Dongyang repaired his mobile phone, and felt very sad when he remembered the scene when his parents sent him away before leaving. Xu Dongyang called the front desk to have a screwdriver to repair the phone. Li Qi was very impatient, but he still brought the tools.

After working all night, Xu Dongyang finally repaired the phone. Li Wenjia got the phone and received a message asking her to go for an interview, but she can’t go anymore in the current situation. . Li Wenjia called her good wife to report her safety, but she did not expect Li Baoying scolded her and said that her good wife had been in a car accident. Li Wenjia was anxious to leave, and Xu Dongyang kindly blocked him and used it as a vent tool. The entire floor was sealed, and Li Wenjia couldn’t get out, so he could only go back to the room bored.

The good wife didn’t have any major issues, but was frightened and twisted her feet, but Li Wenjia didn’t know that she was in a bad mood in the isolation hotel. Xu Dongyang called Li Qi to help him find a wallet and even borrowed money from him. Although he was impatient, Li Qi did so. The person in the room with Xu Dongyang coughed and developed a high fever, and was soon taken away by an ambulance, making everyone panicked for fear of being taken to an infectious disease hospital. Jialiang sent a message to tell Li Wenjia that she was okay, but Li Baoying confiscated her mobile phone and Li Wenjia became happy. The guy who was carried away was diagnosed with SARS, and Xu Dongyang needs to be further isolated.

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