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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 15 Recap

Tan Si and the owner of Zuixianlou confirmed that the messenger was knocked out on the road. What is strange is that why Min Da became an order for outside meals. Now there is no clue, so I have to keep staring at Min Dacheng to see what tricks he is doing.

Tan Xuanlin found Wanqing and reminded her that it was time for her to settle her grudge with Cui Lianfeng. Wanqing returned home and informed everyone that the murderer had been found, but had nothing to do with the family. Cui Lianfeng was a little nervous. When she heard Min Dacheng’s name from Wanqing, her heart suddenly became nervous, and she hurriedly lowered her head to drink porridge to avoid everyone’s sight.

Mu Wanting went to the hospital to visit Xu Guangyao, and was diligent in every way to express her concern for Xu Guangyao. Mu Wanting pretended to let Wanqing go back to rest so that she could stay in the hospital to take care of Xu Guangyao. Xu Guangyao refused decisively, implying that Mu Wanting was an outsider. Mu Wanting was angry in her heart and cast all her anger on Wanqing. Mu Wanting used the matter of Wanqing and Tan Xuanlin as a threat and told her to act carefully, but don’t think Xu Guangyao didn’t know. Wanqing smiled coldly, turned her head and left. Xu Guangyao was worried that Wanqing was being bullied by Mu Wanting, so she persuaded her not to have the same knowledge as Mu Wanting, but Tan Xuanlin knew that no one in this world could bully her Mu Wanqing.

Tan Xuanlin sent a letter asking Xu Bojun to go to Shanghai to hear the case in person. Tomorrow is the day of interrogation, and Tan Xuanlin deliberately invited the Mu family to go. When Cui Lianfeng heard the news, he almost collapsed to the ground in fright, but he could only pretend to be indifferent and express that he would be there.

Once Xu Bojun arrived in Shanghai, he had to interrogate Min Dacheng alone and isolated Tan Xuanlin. Seeing Xu Bojun, Min Dacheng was panicked. Xu Bojun threw a stack of documents on Min Dacheng’s face, angry that his subordinates had already given him out. Although Tan Xuanlin handed these to Xu Bojun, he did not say it bluntly, and made it clear that he wanted to make a deal with Xu Bojun. As a result, Xu Bojun was in a dilemma and had to reconsider the establishment of a militia. Min Dacheng suddenly knelt down, repeatedly confessing his mistakes. Xu Bojun gently patted Min Dacheng on the shoulder, hinting that he would do the next thing well.

On the day of the trial, Min Dacheng admitted that he kidnapped Wanqing. Cui Lianfeng sat uncomfortably underneath, pretending that his stomach was uncomfortable, got up and left, but he was stopped by Tan Xiulin. Tan Xuanlin asked whether Cui Lianfeng was uncomfortable because of drinking herbal tea. It was also because Mu Wanting was uncomfortable to drink herbal tea that day, so Mu Zhiyuan left Wanqing alone. Afterwards, the maidservant at Mu Mansion, the buddy at the herbal tea shop, and the doctor at the clinic went to court to testify one by one.

Cui Lianfeng was very nervous, and took Mu Zhiyuan’s hand to show that he did not know these things. Tan Xuanlin took out a handkerchief, and Cui Lianfeng said the design of the handkerchief without even seeing it. But the handkerchief in Tan Xuanlin’s hand was not what Cui Lianfeng described, and everyone was talking about it. Tan Xuanlin then took out another handkerchief. This is exactly the pattern Cui Lianfeng just described, and it is also what Tan Xuanlin found in the food he gave to Min Dacheng.

Tan Xuanlin took advantage of the situation and took out the list of Cui Lianfeng’s hometown, indicating that Cui Lianfeng and Min Dacheng knew each other. Cui Lianfeng knelt down and begged Mu Zhiyuan to believe in himself. Xu Bojun on the side had to put pressure on Min Dacheng. Helpless, Min Dacheng could only identify Cui Lianfeng in court, and everything was instructed by her.

After returning home, Wan Qing took out a piece of talisman paper that superseded the dead, with Cui Lianfeng’s name on it. Tan Xuanlin has also investigated that this piece of talisman paper to be superseded is a baby who unfortunately died ten years ago. Ten years ago, it was the year of the murder. The evidence was conclusive, Cui Lianfeng was in a rush, admitting to everyone that he had been raped by Min Dacheng in the first place.

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