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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 14 Recap

Gu Yueshuang suddenly received a call claiming to be Tan Xilin, but as soon as the call was connected, the other party hung up. In fact, Tan Sangyu specifically called to inquire about the situation. When she heard Gu Yueshuang’s voice on the other end of the phone, she made sure that her brother was not there. When Gu Yueshuang returned to the ward, she rolled her eyes helplessly when she saw Su Hongchen and Pei Shaojun also. When Su Hongchen saw Gu Yueshuang, he looked like a male cat in heat, following Gu Yueshuang closely. Pei Shaojun teased that Su Hongchen was really too much debt. But as soon as the voice fell, Tan Sangyu rushed over with a bunch of flowers.

Min Dacheng told Tan Xuanlin that he could get nothing from him, and even angered Tan Xuanlin and killed himself. But no matter what Tan Yunlin said, Min Dacheng still refused to admit that he kidnapped Wanqing. Tan Xuanlin exposed his disguise and bluntly said that he was looking for Cui Jie as a scapegoat, just because he wanted to get acquitted by his behind-the-scenes boss. Min Dacheng was shot at the door of his life, not as arrogant as he was just now. Tan Xuanlin said that he already had evidence, but he didn’t want to make it public, but planned to make a deal with his behind-the-scenes boss. Then this kidnapping case is counted as Min Dacheng alone.

Tan Xuanlin rushed back to the ward, but saw that the chaos inside had turned into a pot of porridge, so she sternly drove out the busy people. Gu Yueshuang left in a huff, and Su Hongchen hurriedly followed. Gu Yueshuang wanted to call a rickshaw, but a car suddenly drove behind him. Seeing this, Su Hongchen hurried forward and hugged Gu Yueshuang. Under inertia, the two fell to the ground together. Gu Yueshuang couldn’t help but remember that at the banquet last time, it was Su Hongchen who had protected herself. After recovering, Gu Yueshuang was a little flustered, and hurriedly got on the rickshaw and fled the scene.

Wanqing got up to get the infusion sheet, hoping that Xu Guangyao could finish the infusion soon and get a good rest. Tan Xuanlin stepped forward and grabbed the infusion sheet, asked her to leave these things to herself, and asked her to pick up the documents in person, and then just go home. But Wanqing insisted on coming back to take care of Xu Guangyao, and Tan Xuanlin was very helpless. Upon seeing this, Xu Guangyao asked Wanqing to go home early to rest.

After hearing this, Wanqing didn’t say much. Tan Xuanlin caught up with Wanqing and was angry about why she insisted on staying. Wouldn’t it be possible to stay here overnight? Unexpectedly, Wanqing was also aggrieved, and yin and yang strangely questioned him whether she also looked to Gu Yueshuang from time to time. Hearing that Wanqing was jealous, Tan Xuanlin was delighted in her heart and her face was refreshed.

At night, Tan Xuanlin actually played cards with his subordinates in the ward, and it was so noisy. Xu Guangyao was disturbed, so how could he rest well? It wasn’t until the nurse came in to remind them that the few people dispersed and the whole ward became quieter.

The sun slowly entered the ward, and Xu Guangyao gradually woke up. Xu Guangyao felt very thirsty when he just woke up. He glanced at the empty cup beside the bed, and he couldn’t help sighing. I wanted to wake Tan Xuanlin for help, but the other party was screaming and sleeping, nowhere could I hear him. Xu Guangyao had to do it himself, but the kettle was too far away, and he couldn’t reach it with all his strength.

Fortunately, Wanqing arrived in time, and Xu Guangyao quenched his thirst. Tan Xuanlin was awakened by the movement of the two and got up impatiently. Seeing that it was Wanqing, he sat in a precarious manner. Wanqing was annoyed in her heart, and stepped forward to ask why Tan Xuanlin hadn’t taken care of Xu Guangyao. Unexpectedly, Tan Xuanlin was aggrieved, and blamed Xu Guangyao for not calling herself in time and making a small report with Wanqing.

Tan Xuanlin told Wanqing the information he had investigated. Wanqing looked back at the various things she had encountered before, and couldn’t help but be sure that Cui Lianfeng was going to put herself to death, and even the deaths of her mother and brother could not be separated from her. If her brother really killed her, then she not only owed Wanqing a family, but also Wanqing’s life. Wanqing swears that she must pay her blood. Tan Xuanlin felt very distressed and put Wanqing in her arms. Xu Guangyao confessed to Wanqing that when he saw her car sinking into the water, he was really terrified, so he wanted to protect Wanqing for the rest of his life. Wanqing withdrew her hand, expressing that she and Xu Guangyao are just friends.

Tan Xuanlin sent the document to Xu Bojun, indicating that the case could be closed. Xu Bojun was very angry and immediately sent someone to kill him to prevent Tan Xuanlin from finding the warlord’s mansion.

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