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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 13 Recap

Wanqing told Xu Bojun and Tan Xuanlin that she seemed to know the identity of the gangster. That day, Wanqing overheard the gangster’s dialogue. Although they were saying many things that outsiders could not understand, Wanqing knew that this was shop jargon. And they also said that their bosses are people who deal with fools, so this group of people must be related to pawnshops. Xu Bojun was a little flustered and opposed a thorough investigation of the pawnshops in Shanghai City. But it couldn’t hinder Fei Anton’s face, so he could only keep silent.

On this day, there was a lot of noise outside. Many people held up banners and shouted “Get out of Shanghai”. Tan Xuanlin told everyone that this kidnapping case was not the work of Tan Jiajun, and he already had clues. I believe he will give you an explanation soon. Unexpectedly, someone suggested that the militia was formed by stragglers from horse bandits, which is equivalent to installing a time bomb in Shanghai. Tan Xuanlin explained that the Tan Jiajun has strict military discipline and never disturbs the people. The kidnapping case must have been intentional. But those people were still reluctant and reluctant to believe in Tan Xuanlin no matter what, and even made the noise even more fierce.

Xu Bojun proposed to dissolve Tan Jiajun to quell popular grievances, or he might not be able to keep Tan Xuanlin’s throne as the king of Shanghai. Fei Anton shirked his responsibilities, saying that he originally wanted to do a good thing for the British concession, and only then agreed to form a militia, but now things have become like this, and he is also very embarrassed. Subsequently, Wu Xiangying came with the refugees. The refugees said that they were all displaced people in the world. Fortunately, Tan Jiajun took in and protected them, and this allowed them to have a shelter in this prosperous Shanghai city. The troublemakers were embarrassed and had to leave in grief.

Knowing that Tan Xuanlin had found the pawnshop, Min Dacheng burned the evidence at night, but Tan Si caught him right there. Tan Xuanlin forced Min Dacheng to ask who the child in the photo was. Although his head was held by Tan Xuanlin’s gun, Min Dacheng was still reluctant to answer, even holding the gun in his backhand, trying to commit suicide by swallowing it. Unexpectedly, Tan Xuanlin didn’t load the gun, Min Dacheng breathed a sigh of relief, and hummed a little song on the ground.

Xu Guangyao finally woke up, holding Wanqing’s hand, not feeling the pain at all. He told Wanqing that when he was performing the operation, he dreamt in a dazed dream that Wanqing begged herself not to leave. Wanqing felt a little embarrassed and drew out her hand awkwardly. Seeing this, Tan Xuanlin interrupted them hurriedly. Wanqing was about to feed Xu Guangyao with water, but Tan Xuanlin suddenly rushed over and took the responsibility of feeding the water. Wanqing was helpless. After that, as long as Wanqing wanted to take care of Xu Guangyao, Tan Xuanlin always rushed over in time to stop him.

Cui Jie was kicked out by the casino again with a bruised nose and swollen face. Unexpectedly, someone was guarding him at the door and kidnapped him. It turned out that Min Dacheng learned about the temple last time and planned to blame Cui Jie for kidnapping Wanqing with the gang. Just burn Cui Jie and a few guns of the militia together, and that’s the end of the matter. Unexpectedly, Cui Jie woke up early and ran away when he heard this. Fortunately, they ran into the street and met a few officers and soldiers, and then they escaped from the tiger’s mouth. Unexpectedly, he was taken back to prison by officers and soldiers, and he was also locked up in a cell with Min Dacheng. Cui Jie collapsed to the ground as if he had seen Lord Yan.

Tan Xuanlin investigated that Min Dacheng had served as a soldier before and also served as an adjutant to Governor Luo. He was suddenly disbanded and returned to the field ten years ago and opened a pawnshop. Tan Xuanlin hurried to investigate the case, so Gu Yueshuang had to stay and see Wanqing and Xu Guangyao. Gu Yueshuang didn’t want to stay as a light bulb, but because it was Tan Xuanlin’s request, she also had to do it. In the ward, the three people were speechless, and the atmosphere was very embarrassing. On the other side, Tan Xuanlin had just arrived in the cell and saw Cui Jie being killed by Min Dacheng. Min Dacheng raised his handcuffs, showing off his face. Tan Xuanlin gritted his teeth with anger.

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