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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 15 Recap

It didn’t take long for Huangquan Camp to report that Fanghai City was captured alive by the right part of Huku, but his whereabouts are still unknown. After Fang Jianming learned of this, he was quite nervous and wanted to ask more questions, but he didn’t notice that the people around him were strange. When he reacted, he had already been attacked by the other party.

On the other side, Fanghai City was forced to change into Huku costumes and stood with him on the tower. Below are the warriors and the Kamanites of the Great Crusade. The reason why King Youpudun made his appearance so clearly is to remind Fanghai City that she and the prisoners of war should be attributed to Huku, otherwise if she is still stubborn, no Be willing to obey, if the war starts, those people downstairs will suffer first.

When Di Xu looked through the recent medical records, there was a sudden noise outside the door, asking whether it was the maid from Yu’an Palace who came to see Xiaoguai holding the rabbit. Mindful of Ti Lan’s special cherishment for the little boy, Di Xu ordered Mu Deqing to take care of him personally.

Now Fanghai City has sealed the Dianzhong Lang, and he wants to move into Zhaoyang Palace with his master, so he followed his brother to the official robes of the Lingjin Division. Fang Zhuoying was flustered and did not dare to go with him, so she found a reason to leave. Haishi had to go to Aya Jinsi alone, but she didn’t know that when Fang Hai was measuring the size of the jujube, she accidentally exposed the pearl string on her wrist. Haishi inquired about it and guessed that Fang Zhuoying secretly sent it.

Shinei Palace heard that Fanghai was the lover of Duke Qinghai and greeted her with excitement. By the way, he talked about the marriage contract between Fang and Ju. If it hadn’t been for the rebellion of Yiwang, he would have been married. Fang Haishi mistakenly thought that Master was not close to female sex in recent years, mainly because Ju Dianyi, thinking that the relationship between the two people is deeply rooted, she feels very sad.

The heavy rain fell to the capital at night, and Fanghai City has not returned. Fang Jianming went to find her personally, and finally saw her alone in the rain on the street in a daze. Fang Jianming hurriedly pulled Fanghai City into Zhaoming Palace, wiped her rain with a towel, and reminded her not to take her body seriously because of her youth.

Fanghai City looked down and muttered that the master was obviously a few years older than her, and every time she spoke, she was so sophisticated. If it weren’t for taking care of her and her brother, perhaps Fang Jianming’s child had already been born. It’s a pity that Fang Jianming doesn’t understand the concerns of the youngest daughter’s family and does not want to go into it. He just reminds her to drink ginger soup as soon as possible to get rid of the cold, expressing concern like an old father.

Originally, Fang Jianming instructed Fanghai City to stay in the palace and rest for one night, and asked Fang Zhuoying to send some cold decoctions. Unexpectedly, when Fang Zhuoying came to the room, she found that Haishi had already left alone. The next day, Fang Zhuoying hung on Fang Haishi’s body, and immediately ran to Jifeng Hall to look for her after changing posts, only to realize that she seemed to be worried, as if she had grown up overnight.

In order to ease the depression in Fanghai City, Fang Zhuoying took out the liuhua cake she had always liked. Even though Fanghai City had already seen that her brother liked Ling Jinsi’s Embroidery Lady, she did not make it clear. Instead, she proposed to enter the palace to see Emperor Xu and promised that she would not blatantly assassinate her.

At this moment, Mu Deqing reported to Di Xu that Xiao Guai’s condition had improved. Di Xu was in a good mood and drew two strokes on his face with a pen, and then summoned Fang Haishi to enter the hall. Since Di Xu wanted to marry Fang Jianming and Ju Dianyi, he wanted her apprentice to help persuade Fanghai City to make Fanghai City even more sad. He immediately asked Ying to go to Huangquanguan with the recruits, not afraid of the cold and bitterness of the border. , Imitating the master’s guardian of the great expedition.

Di Xu admired Fanghai City’s youthfulness and did not lose Fang Jianming’s energy, so he immediately promised. How did you know that Fang Haishi had just left, and the eunuch in the palace once again reported that Xiaoguai was sluggish, and he was in a hurry. After all, the doctors don’t know much about animal habits. Dixu saw that the rabbits were not getting better, and was inevitably a little bit distressed. Suddenly he remembered that he had seen Lu Liu also raising rabbits a few days ago, so he ordered her to be declared to the Jincheng Palace and told her Ask how to raise rabbits, and propose to let two rabbits be company.

Fanghai City returned to Jifeng Hall, and took the initiative to say goodbye to Master. Fang Jianming, who was originally smiling, also became serious in an instant. He really didn’t expect that the little disciple who always clings to him on weekdays would turn his temper and go to the border on his own. Because Fang Jianming was deeply puzzled, Fang Hai City had to say the reason, hoping to go to Huangquan Pass to get some exercise. Fang Jianming felt a little unclear in his heart.

Now that Fang Hai has made a decision, this trip will be of great benefit to her future career, Fang Jianming refused, and responded to the other party’s request. It wasn’t until Fanghai City choked to say that she was walking in a hurry and couldn’t eat the wedding wine of Master and Ju Dianyi before leaving, that made Fang Jianming suddenly realize that thinking about all the abnormalities in the past few days, she knew her thoughts.

Fang Zhuoying learned that Haishi was going to the border, thought it was Di Xu who ordered it, and planned to intercede with Di Xu for her and take it back. However, Fang Haishi made up his mind, Fang Zhuoying couldn’t persuade her, so she went to talk to the master, and was eventually driven away by the master, so she came to the roof of Aya Jinsi’s house and silently paid attention to the liu.

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