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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 10 Recap

Xu Guangyao was lying on the table, unconscious, Fei Anton made up a graceful idea, implying that if she wants to ask herself for help, she must accompany her to drink. Wanqing had no choice but to follow suit. With just a sip, Wanqing realized that it was wrong. The bottle in front of her was clearly water. Wanqing didn’t think too much, pretending to be choked by alcohol, launched a fierce offensive to get Fei Anton drunk.

Seeing Fei Anton being helped away by someone, Tan Xuanlin hurried to the private room to check. Seeing that Wanqing was taking care of Xu Guangyao who was drunk, Tan Xuanlin felt a little annoyed. Tan Xuanlin questioned Wanqing. She had just mentioned to Fei Anton about the formation of the Chamber of Commerce and civic groups, and she followed Xu Guangyao to an appointment with Fei Andun. Could it be that she wanted to destroy her own good deed.

Wanqing wanted to explain, but was so dizzy by Tan Xilin’s words that she picked up the real wine on the table and drank it. But where the eldest daughter of the aristocratic family had any amount of alcohol, with only one drink, Wanqing was dizzy and almost fell. Seeing this, Tan Xuanlin hurriedly stepped forward to help. Wanqing was anxious and threw the wine glass to the ground, pushing Tan Xuanlin away. The two confronted each other and finally separated.

Tan Xuanlin was angry and left straight away. But as soon as he got into the car with his front foot, he still felt uneasy, so he hurried back. Unexpectedly, there is only Xu Guangyao who is drunk in the private room. At this time, Wan Qing was being helped to lie down in the Fei Anton room. Fiandun saw a graceful beauty lying next to him in a daze, so he leaned in his mouth and wanted to do something wrong. Fortunately, Tan Xuanlin arrived in time to pick up Wanqing.

Looking at the unconscious Wanqing in the car, Tan Xuanlin couldn’t help sighing heavily. Unexpectedly, Wanqing was so drunk without a trace of consciousness, she hugged Tan Xuanlin tightly and fell asleep. Tan Si saw from the rearview mirror, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rise. But how did he know that Tan Xuanlin, who was calm on the surface, seemed to be turbulent inside at this time. Tan Xuanlin carried Wanqing back to her room and took care of her personally.

The drunk Wanqing only felt hot all over, and unconsciously unbuttoned her clothes. Tan Xuanlin had no choice but to bring boiled water. Unexpectedly, Wanqing held Tan Xuanlin’s face and kissed it suddenly. Tan Xuan Lin was on the spot, not knowing what to do for a while. When he reacted, he hurriedly pushed Wanqing away, thinking that Wanqing had mistaken herself for Xu Guangyao.

Tan Xuanlin was so angry that she poured a basin of cold water from her head and forced herself to calm down. Although she was annoyed, Tan Xuanlin was still worried that Wanqing’s absence at night would cause people to gossip, so she hurriedly called the Mu Mansion and lied that the translation office needed to work overtime collectively. Mu Zhiyuan didn’t think much about it, but Cui Lianfeng felt that things were strange.

Tan Xuanlin guarded Wanqing without closing his eyes overnight. What lingered in my mind was the kiss from last night. Just thinking about it, Wanqing woke up slowly. Tan Yunlin hurried out of the room, pretending to be working all night. Wanqing was worried that she was drunk and talking nonsense last night, so she asked Tan Xuanlin early in the morning whether she was talking nonsense. The events of last night are vivid and vivid, Tan Xuanlin remembers clearly.

Wanqing, who had drunk, flushed and her eyes were blurred, and she took the initiative to kiss him. Tan Xuanlin came back to her senses and said bluntly that Wanqing did not speak nonsense last night, but she got into trouble. Wanqing was annoyed by Tan Xuanlin’s indifferent attitude, emphasizing that the two were just partners. After she calmed down, Wanqing suddenly remembered what happened last night and couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

Mu Wanting brought Tang to the headquarters to find Xu Guangyao, but she did not expect to see Wanqing in his bed. Mu Wanting yelled at Wanqing, insulting her as a slut. Wanqing didn’t slap her with anger, and slapped her severely. Mu Wanting was angry and anxious, just about to fight back, but Wanqing pinched her hand. Wanqing warned Mu Wanting that if she provokes herself again, she will repay it twice. As soon as the voice fell, Wan Qing pushed Mu Wanting down on the sofa.

Xu Bojun had already transferred Xu Jiajun back to Shanghai from the front line. Wanqing hurriedly informed Tan Xuanlin about this and persuaded him to put Tan Jiajun down for the time being, and never hit the rocks with pebbles. Tan Xuanlin thought over and over again and decided to act according to what Wanqing said. But Tan Jiajun was all the brothers who were born and died with Tan Xiulin. How could he bear to let the brothers carry sandbags on the dock? Tan Xuanlin asked Xu Guangyao to treat Tan Jiajun well.

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