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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 9 Recap

On the day of the palace election, Dixu had an extra competition to compete for the stage in order to increase the interest. In the middle of the garden pond, there is a pillar with a height of more than ten meters, and a movable wooden cage is hung on the top. If anyone can obtain the silk book in the cage, he will be the leader of the imperial examination this year. , Fought to climb the commanding heights.

Fanghai City had a drowning experience in her childhood, which left a deep shadow on her. She could only bite the bullet to deal with it. She didn’t notice other people’s deliberate targeting. She almost fell into the water several times, but fortunately, she was shocked. On the other hand, several other little fans were overwhelmed and lost one after another. Di Xu found that Ti Lan was extremely concerned about the nervousness of Fanghai City, so naturally he was a little unhappy.

He Chong proposed to join forces with Fanghai City to shoot down everyone one by one, and then secretly deceived and threw a poison needle to lock the acupuncture point in Fanghai City, causing it to fall into the bottom of the water. Fang Jianming, who was originally watching the battle on stage, rushed out without hesitation, and regardless of the mask falling, he lifted Fanghai City out of the water and went out of the palace to seek a doctor.

Everyone present had recognized Fang Jianming, shocked and puzzled, and couldn’t figure out why the little boy who died in the frontier war would come back to life. The adults in charge of inspecting the scene made new discoveries. They found residual blood stains from the place where they fell into the water, and speculated that Fanghai City was poisoned by people based on the color of the blood stains. Emperor Xu was furious when he heard this, and ordered the entire Shuangping Lake and the imperial examination hall to be sealed off, and asked the whistle to thoroughly investigate all those who participated in the palace election today.

Ju Dianyi observed that the gullet was embroidered by Fanghai City, wondering why the pattern was a flower, not a beast. Zheliu believes that the mayor of Fanghai is clear and graceful, and his figure is much lighter and more vigorous than most men. In her opinion, the beast looks a little pompous, and only the magnolia flower is more suitable for setting off.

Because of this, Ju Dianyi thoughtfully, in order to verify his inner guess, simply used the belt as an excuse to personally go to the Jifeng Museum. Fang Jianming found that the sea city was seriously poisoned, and he could no longer consider the difference between men and women, so he could only take off his clothes to suck the toxin from his shoulders. This scene happened to be hit by Ju Dianyi, and the whole person was hit like five thunders, and then he left Jifeng Hall in despair.

At that time, the palace was heavily guarded, and the guards were ordered to look after the students and were not allowed to walk around at will. He Chongwei committed suicide and left a suicide note, mainly explaining why he murdered Fanghai City and the process of poisoning, without mentioning who was instigated. Although the matter was strange, the key clues were interrupted and the investigation could not be resolved. Fang Jianming saw that the other party was going to abandon his pawn to protect his commander.

Emperor Xu secretly summoned Fang Jianming into the palace and asked him what he thought of the palace election. Fang Jianming thought that the poison in Haishi’s body had been resolved, and he had his own plan, so he didn’t want to embarrass Di Xu. Now that Fang Jianming’s identity has been exposed, it is not suitable to continue to hibernate in the dark, so Di Xu informed him to move Jifeng Pavilion into Zhaoming Palace, and he can also take off his mask in the future and live honestly.

Thinking that the day of Ju Dianyi’s departure from the palace was approaching, Di Xu urged Fang Jianming to marry her as soon as possible, but Fang Jianming’s attitude remained the same, and he vowed not to marry for life, and loyal to Dazheng. That night, Ju Dianyi sat alone in the courtyard, sad. Considering the coldness of the night, Zheliu took the initiative to take a robe and put it on her aunt, and listened to her confession, thus eliciting an unintentional old story about the concubine’s lover.

At that time, the two families of Fang and Ju were family acquaintances, and each had children of the same age. It was Fang Jianming and Ju Qiqi. Two childhood sweethearts, who grew up, reached the age of marriage, and they entered into a marriage contract through their elders. Unexpectedly, Fang Jianming had no love for Ju Qiqi and refused to obey his father’s arrangements. Originally, Ju Qiqi thought that the young man’s temperament was unstable. Maybe after a long time, this marriage would be a matter of course. Unfortunately, she entered the palace and sat in the position of Dianyi, still did not get Fang Jianming’s heart, and only now began to question whether her choice was correct.

In the court hall the next day, Di Xu made a decision on the case of He Chong’s poisonous killing of Fanghai City, and reprimanded Su Ming as the chief examiner of this year’s imperial examination. Relegated to Lieutenant Captain of the Northern Army. In addition, Emperor Xu Xuan called Fang Jianming Shangdian, inherited the title and fief, and stayed in Zhaoming Palace.

The ministers at the scene knew that Zhaoming Palace was once the residence of the Third Highness, and now it was given to Fang Jianming, enough to see that Emperor Xu treated him seriously. Su Ming resented that Fang Jianming had gained the power to recover his identity, and it would be difficult to kill him in the future, but Fang Jianming came to his door to warn Su Ming not to move his people, otherwise he would never show mercy next time.

After several days of recuperation, Fanghai City gradually regained consciousness. When she saw the master standing next to her, she instantly remembered the scene before the coma. At that time, she thought that her life had come to an end and that she would still be able to see Master when she died, so when she realized that she liked Master, she kissed her desperately, but accidentally tore off her mask.

Tilan was worried about the situation in Fanghai City, so she sent her maid out of the palace to inquire, and happened to ran into Di Xu. Facing Dixu’s questioning, Tilan explained that Fang Haishi had a life-saving grace for herself, and even lied that she only had Dixu in her heart, in order to please the other party. Di Xu made it clear that Ti Lan would be in bed tonight. Even though Ti Lan was extremely reluctant, she still washed and went to Di Xu’s bedroom. During this period, Ti Lan deliberately angered Di Xu, claiming that she could act as a purple hairpin to please him, but he completely angered Di Xu and ordered Ti Lan to be sent into Nangong.

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