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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 8 Recap

On the day of the scientific examination, Fanghai City should write a discussion on the pearls on the subject of “policy and questions”, reprimanding the corruption of the current dynasty, harsh government and fierce raging waves, and the taxation of pearls overwhelming the people. Su Ming was furious after the view, thinking that Fanghai City’s demon words deceived the crowd, or acted at the will of others, and wanted to present Di Xu to blame Jifeng Pavilion.

Unexpectedly, Di Xu didn’t condemn the crime, but praised Fanghai City’s Wensi agility, every word of pearls, and bestowed the name of Yijia. In a blink of an eye, above the court, Emperor Xu was furious, and his courtiers were frightened. At the beginning of the Yiwang Rebellion, Emperor Xu, in order to restore the people’s livelihood and national strength, specially decree to increase the bead tax.

But now that the bead tax is issued, instead of acting in accordance with the order, the local officials, in the name of Dixu, levied the bead tax ten times a hundred times, and the common people, such an innocuous act, is really irritating, if not Severe punishment is not enough to anger the civilians. Because of this, Di Xu publicly decreed that Ting Wei Yao Jie went to Yuezhou to conduct a thorough investigation of the Pearl Injury in the southeast coast. As for the officials who neglected their duties and deceived the monarch, they were all convicted.

With the release of the essay test list, Fanghai City lived up to expectations and won the first place. Her commentary on Shizhu also caused an uproar in the ruling and opposition parties, and Di Xu liked it very much. Fang Jianming entered the palace under the edict and admitted that many years ago, officials from various places were known to have not acted. The reason why he would not report it was that he was investigating secretly and collecting evidence one after another.

Originally, Di Xu wanted Fang Jianming and Yao Jie to go to Yuezhou together, but Fang Jianming did not agree. He believed that the imperial examination was happening right now, and the city of Apocalypse was complicated. He wanted to stay to protect Di Xu, so Fang Zhuoying was sent to supervise it. After so many things, Di Xu inevitably felt a little emotional. Looking across the entire city, it seemed that besides Fang Jianming, he could not find a second trustworthy person.

As he was talking, Di Xu suddenly discovered that Fang Jianming had a purse around his waist that did not match the temperament of his clothes. In particular, the embroidery on it was crawling like a centipede, making him unable to help but complain that it was both ugly and weird. Because it was embroidered by Fanghai City himself, Fang Jianming felt that it was more pleasing to the eye after seeing it for a long time.

After the preliminary examination, Fanghai City took advantage of the rest period to return to Jifeng Hall to visit Master. He complained to his seniors by the way, saying that the imperial examination hall was noisy. Those men were like stinky pigs in the quagmire. Yashi is different. Since Fang Zhuoying was going to Yuezhou to investigate the pearl damage, before leaving, Fanghai City asked him to bring something to A-niang, and at the same time learned that Master had been thinking about the people.

Fang Jianming had seen the shark pearls and was very pleased with its content. He thought that he was going to test the horse riding and shooting in a few days, so he chose a good finger from his personal belongings and gave it to Fang Hai City. She cheered up and encouraged. That night, Fanghai once again dreamed that he was riding a horse with his master, and he was very embarrassed about it.

Soon the day of the martial arts test came. At first, everyone took the test normally. When it was Fanghai’s turn, there was an accident. Ma Er was suddenly frightened and went crazy, shocking the examinees present. Fanghai noticed something was wrong, but the situation was critical now. Suddenly he thought of Master’s advice to her, so he tried his best to stay calm and completed the exam with a grade beyond ordinary people. Not only did he win the top one again, but it was also a reward. There are countless fans.

After the two rounds of examinations are over, the most important palace selection will follow, and Emperor Xu will visit him personally and appoint official positions for the leader. Fang Jianming expected that someone would take advantage of this to kill him, so he was extra cautious. Fortunately, he was also on the spot during the palace election. He could still ensure that Fanghai City was safe. By the way, let’s take a look at how much he can turn out.

Fanghai heard that Tilan’s Dragon Tail God pendant was damaged, so he personally went to the monastery to ask for a peace bead as a gift, and bought a rabbit for Fang Zhuoying to hand it over for Tilan to relieve his boredom. Fang Zhuoying thought that girls might all like rabbits, so she bought another lily and secretly gave it to her. She hid on the roof to observe the other side with joy, and then she left with confidence.

Fang Zhuoying came out of the palace with a smile all the way, even with a sweet smell on her body. Fang Haishi was very curious about it, until she saw him carefully taking out the burrito cake from his arms, and immediately snatched it to eat. This made Fang Zhuoying feel distressed. Just seeing Fang Zhuoying look like this, Fang Haishi guessed that he had a sweetheart, but the more he talked about it, the more he found his brother blushed.

After raising a rabbit in the bedroom, Tiran no longer frowned, and finally smiled. Originally, I wanted to give Fanghai City a reward, but considering that the palace rules did not allow private giving and receiving, so on the suggestion of the maid, it was more appropriate to wait for the imperial examination to give him a reward.

When Di Xu learned of this, he attacked Tilan again and asked her to truthfully explain the gift of beads and rabbits. Although Ti Lan refused to speak, Di Xu, through her expression, had already guessed that this person was Fang Haishi. It just so happened that the palace election was about to be held tomorrow, and Emperor Xu had a whim to let Ti Lan accompany him.

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