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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 7 Recap

When passing by the back garden, the whispers of the maids came into their ears. The content was probably that Princess Tilan and Tang Qian had met since childhood, and the two were as close as brothers and sisters. It’s a pity that these words had a different meaning in Di Xu’s eyes. Now that Tang Gan was about to leave the city for Huangquan Pass, he deliberately ordered Tilan to see off in person.

The maid knew that the imperial concubine was not allowed to move with the foreign ministers, and persuaded Tiran to avoid suspicion as much as possible. Therefore, after careful consideration, Tilan soaked in cold water that night and poured it from beginning to end again and again until she caught the wind and chill.

On the day of his departure, none of the courtiers and hundreds of officials came to see him off. It was because Tang Gan had followed Wang Chang to make a comment very early on, so many others were taboo. Di Xu was very surprised when he learned that Tilan was in a hug, but he did not express his concern, but gloated over misfortune. He also ridiculed that Tilan had to take time when she was infected. It seemed that he should find a chance to send her out of the palace.

Tilan admits that he and Tang Gan are in the old days, but they have absolutely no selfish feelings between each other. In order to prove her innocence, Tiran asked herself to go to the inner prison, and at the same time begged Emperor Xu not to anger others. Di Xu was very boring, so he didn’t pursue it any more, but turned and left Yu’an Palace.

In the past few days, Fanghai City has been practicing hard and preparing for scientific examinations every day. If that was all there was to it, however, Fang Haishi wanted to pester Fang Zhuoying to ask questions, and eventually, he was overwhelmed and couldn’t help complaining to Master. Fang Jianming asked Fang Zhuoying to enter the palace with peace of mind, and he personally guided the sea market to accompany the practice.

Aya Jinji had already prepared the official gowns to be picked up, Fang Zhuoying was ashamed to go to see the liu, so Fang Haishi went into the palace with him, and then lied about the stomachache and slipped away, but let Fang Haishi pick the gowns for him. At this time, Zheliu was practicing a blind show, guessing from his footsteps that Fanghai City should be a girl, but when he took off the blindfolded cloth, he found that the person was actually a man.

Fang Hai City explained his intentions, and occasionally saw that the purse in the frame was very delicate, and he couldn’t help but look at it more. When Zheriu came to the official gown, Fang Haishi got up to say goodbye. Ju Dianyi witnessed the whole process next to him, curious to ask why Zheliu called Fang Haishi a girl. Zheliu explained the reason, presuming he was guessing wrong, but he did not know that the speaker had no intention of listening and the listener had the heart, and Ju Dianyi had his own mind.

After returning to Jifeng Museum, Fang Hai City has never forgotten the craftsmanship of the Liu Xiu Niang and even praised her for her pretty appearance. On the contrary, it made Fang Zhuoying a little jealous. . But in a blink of an eye, Fang Zhuoying took out the official robe embroidered with the durian, and kept smirking in her arms, quite like an idiot.

Originally, Fang Hai City had prepared dinner to be sent to Master, but since Fang Jianming noticed his gaffe, he also deliberately avoided Hai City. Fang Zhuoying thought of seeing Haishi’s soul not staying at home during the meal, and she couldn’t help but feel a little worried. However, when she came to the room, she found that she was learning to embroider a purse. The twisted stitches were really unsightly, and she laughed at her for a while.

After a whole night of hard work, the results of the purse are not remarkable, it is still a bit crude. Fang Hai city lingered outside the Master’s door with his purse, until Fang Jianming exited the door, and then hesitated for a long time, and directly stuffed his purse to the other side and ran away shyly.

As the scientific examination approaches, Fanghai City will face a physical examination. After all, she is a daughter, so she can only ask Fang Zhuoying for help, planning to let him replace her. Originally, Fang Zhuoying refused to agree. After all, he had participated in the imperial examination three years ago. It is inevitable that there will be acquaintances present, and complained that Fang Hai City was favoring one another, and he was obviously ashamed to tell his master, but he pressed harder.

Although Fang Zhuoying was determined, he was forced to agree under the threat of Fanghai City. Sure enough, the medical examiner was still the old man from three years ago, and he recognized Fang Zhuoying on the spot and gave him various compliments. Fang Zhuoying insisted that he was Fanghai City, and he had an imperial examination roster in hand, and those adults were not held accountable anymore and reported truthfully to Su Ming afterward.

Because Fang Zhuoying was the imperial order officer, Su Ming did not dare to offend him easily, so he arranged for his subordinates to continue to stare at Fanghai City and find opportunities to start from other places. Fang Zhuoying passed the medical examination and gave the voucher to Fang Haishi, telling her to rely on herself next, use the knowledge she has learned in the past, and don’t rush to win and demand stability.

Soon Fanghai and the candidates entered the examination room and arranged to live in the same dormitory. The scholars found that Fanghai City in front of him looked different from the person who had undergone the physical examination, and believed that he was relying on a straw bag that came in through the back door, taunting the poor students in disguise, which made other people angry and quarrelsome.

Seeing that the scene was extremely chaotic, Fang Haishi blocked it, saying that there was no need to succumb to it for a while, and his fists and feet would be true. In Jifeng Hall, Fang Jianming arranged a whistle to keep an eye on the election situation at all times, so as not to be secretly entrusted to Fanghai City.

That night, Fanghai City could not sleep in the dormitory, and simply went to rest in the corridor outside the door. When the scholars saw this, they wanted to sneak out, but this group of idle boys, how could they be Fanghai City’s opponents, ended up with a bruised face. The supervision came to understand the situation, and a scholar named He Chong spoke up for Fang Haishi’s righteousness, and the matter was not resolved.

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