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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 8 Recap

Xu Qingyou hurriedly took a taxi to the printing factory, but found that the printed USB flash drive was full of files without pictures. Xu Qingyou remembered that he might have taken the wrong USB flash drive when he collided with Mo Lingze. When Xu Qingyou was anxious to call Mo Lingze, Mo Lingze magically appeared behind him and gave the USB flash drive in time, but the printing also took a long time. Xu Qingyou insisted on waiting until it was printed. Mo Lingze had already asked that he would come out at 8 o’clock tomorrow, and offered to send Xu Qingyou back, but Xu Qingyou refused. Mo Lingze didn’t say much, and drove away.

After Fang Qi went back, he thought about Qu Kai’s affairs today. At the time of the divorce, he was divorced with a smile, but in fact he was suffocating in his heart. Unexpectedly, Qu Kai found his partner so quickly, Fang Qi was not reconciled to admit defeat and simply went around looking for the men who had previously refused, only to find that they either got married or had a girlfriend.

Mo Lingze couldn’t bear to leave Xu Qingyou alone in the countryside, then turned the front of the car and returned, and put his coat on Xu Qingyou’s lap. Xu Qingyou wanted to refuse and said that he was not cold, Mo Lingze But he insisted that he had no place to put hot clothes. In this way, Mo Lingze stayed with Xu Qingyou all night. Early the next morning, on the way back, Mo Lingze looked a little sleepy. Xu Qingyou also gave Mo Lingze his own candy to refresh himself. Mo Lingze and Xu Qingyou smiled unconsciously. There are strange feelings in my heart.

Lin Siyu was worried that he could not get Mo Lingze’s heart. Wang Ji thought that Mo Lingze didn’t eat hard and it was really not easy to start. Wang Ji thought that the bar owner Sa and Mo Lingze had a good relationship, so Lin Siyu put down her body and went to find Sa. Sister thought of a way, starting from the people around Mo Lingze, Lin Siyu suddenly enlightened.

This time the advertising campaign for Xu Qingyou’s work was very successful, and Xu Qingyou also happily announced that he could get a reward from Zhai. Everyone was very happy. When Xu Qingyou stepped out of the office building, she saw Fan Yunxi coming oncoming. Fan’s mother came to see Xu Qingyou specially. She was also very satisfied with Xu Qingyou’s daughter-in-law. As soon as she met, she shook hands and asked questions about her length.

Suddenly she discovered that Xu Qingyou did not wear a ring. , Fan’s mother blamed Fan Yunxi for not paying attention to buying the ring, and Fan Yunxi immediately said to buy it as soon as possible. Fan’s mother found that Xu Qingyou’s troops seemed to be unhappy all the time. Fan Yunxi had to comfort her mother and explained that Xu Qingyou might be too busy. Fan’s mother once again reminded Fan Yunxi to make good preparations for the wedding and not to delay.

Fan Yunxi met Mo Lingze when buying a wedding ring and deliberately told Mo Lingze that it was a wedding ring, hoping to invite Mo Lingze to the wedding. But when Fan Yunxi gave the ring to Xu Qingyou, Xu Qingyou was not as happy as he thought.

Fan Yunxi deliberately sent Xu Qingyou to work. Mo Lingze saw Xu Qingyou coming from the window. He deliberately pretended to meet Xu Qingyou at the elevator entrance and said congratulations. After faintly saying thank you. Xu Qingyou watched Mo Lingze’s elevator door close, and she seemed to let go of her inner defenses and let out a long sigh of relief.

In the evening, Xu Qingyou offered to talk to Fan Yunxi. Fan Yunxi lied that important customers had not been able to rush over. Xu Qingyou angrily called Fan Yunxi and pointed out Fan Yunxi’s true thoughts. At the same time, Xu Qingyou also knew that all of Fan Yunxi’s things were within the plan, and things were not allowed to jump outside the plan. Therefore, she believed that there were no customers around Fan Yunxi, but she did not dare to talk to her.

Fan Yunxi knew what Xu Qingyou would say. It took a long time for Fan Yunxi to let Xu Qingyou agree to give him another chance since the last derailment. In fact, Xu Qingyou did not solve the knot and Fan Yunxi moved out. The mother even gave the ring to force Xu Qingyou to marry, even in Xu Qingyou’s opinion, their marriage was only part of Fan Yunxi’s plan, and this plan was not allowed to go beyond the plan.

Xu Qingyou left the restaurant angrily, feeling very sad, and Mo Lingze was also sad. This night Mo Lingze was sad thinking about the ring, thinking that Xu Qingyou was about to get married with Fan Yunxi, and Mo Lingze could not accept.

The next day, when Mo Lingze went to inspect the factory building, he happened to see Xu Qingyou holding the box in the rain. The boxes were scattered all over the place due to anxious answering the phone. Mo Lingze took the umbrella from Wang Ji and rushed to Xu Qingyou. Mo Lingze helped Xu Qingyou pick up things and hugged them in his arms. Xu Qingyou silently watched without saying a word, followed Mo Lingze from the side, and the two held an umbrella together.

Mo Lingze also suddenly told Xu Qingyou that he regretted his original decision.

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