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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 8 Recap

Tan Xuanlin took the stage as the host to speak, expressing that he and the Xu family share honor and disgrace. Maintaining the peace and stability of Shanghai is his common aspiration. Tan Xuanlin and the Xu family will definitely live up to his trust and will protect the safety of Shanghai. These words won rounds of applause. Tan Xuanlin called Xu Guangyao onto the stage and asked him to speak. Xu Guangyao, Su Hongchen and Pei Shaojun sang and made peace and forced Tan Xiulin to dismiss Tan Jiajun in front of everyone.

As soon as Wanqing got out of the bathroom, she accidentally ran into a man. Wanqing clearly felt the gun hidden in the man’s body. She had an idea, pretending to be drunk, and escaped. Tan Xuanlin on the stage was struggling to ride a tiger for a while, but she ran over in a panic to let Tan Si pay attention to the mysterious man. But only a wine glass was found on the man, and there was a gun there. Wanqing was shocked. She didn’t understand when it happened, but she was sure that she did touch the gun on the man’s body.

Everyone’s eyes were drawn away, Tan Xuanlin called everyone’s attention back, and said that he promised today that after the Chinese New Year, he would set up the soldiers. Because of emotion and reason, Xu Guangyao had no reason to refuse. Right now the two sides have reached an agreement, but they don’t know that the danger is approaching.

Wanqing thought for a long time, and noticed that she was attracted by another strange man. Some pictures flashed in her mind, and she suddenly realized that she rushed to push the man away. On the stage, Tan Xuanlin also noticed the abnormality. The moment the man took out his gun, he suddenly pushed Xu Guangyao to the ground.

Unfortunately, Wanqing was held hostage by a man. The sniper outside the banquet hall saw this and pulled the trigger, a bullet pierced the window quickly and went straight to the stage. Tan Xuanlin has quick eyes and quick hands, and pushes Xu Guangyao away. Bullets whizzed past their ears, and gun smoke erupted behind them.

Su Hongchen and Pei Shaojun carefully inspected every corner and finally found the sniper’s hiding place. The two cooperated tacitly to subdue the sniper. The gangster took Wanqing to the rooftop, and Xu Guangyao followed up despite the danger. Tan Xuanlin was not idle either. He found the best position and crawled behind the gangster with his bare hands. Xu Guangyao saw Tan Xuanlin, and he knew it. When the two cooperated for the first time, they smoothly killed the gangster and saved Wanqing.

For the rest of his life, Tan Xuanlin couldn’t help but joking. Wanqing was so angry and funny, she couldn’t help but slap Tan Xuanlin on the chest. Unexpectedly, Tan Xuanlin whispered “his”, but still said that he was not in a serious condition. Wanqing was not relieved, so she tore open his clothes. The blood had solidified, and it exuded a oozing scarlet through the white shirt. Wanqing couldn’t bear it and took the initiative to medicate him. Tan Xiulin was so happy that Tan Si quickly withdrew.

Wanqing looked at the scars on Tan Xuanlin’s chest, and couldn’t help feeling shocked. Tan Xuanlin and Wanqing mentioned the story of scars, in a very plain tone, as if they were telling a joke. But in Wanqing’s view, he was just a strong smile. Wanqing couldn’t help feeling distressed, and hurriedly bandaged the wound for him. The two moved closer, so close that they could clearly feel each other’s breathing. Wanqing noticed that Tan Xuanlin was staring at her, so she looked up. But when she and Tan Xuanlin faced each other, her face became hot, and the movement of her hands paused. Tan Xuanlin screamed in pain, but his face was full of smiles.

After the incident, Xu Guangyao and others used the incident to persecute Tan Xuanlin and personally investigated the incident on the grounds of worrying about the security of the headquarters. Tan Xuanlin had no choice but to agree. The assassin insisted that it was Tan Xuanlin who ordered him to assassinate Xu Guangyao, and also showed evidence of being bought by Tan Xuanlin. Afterwards, several people escorted the assassin to Tan Xuanlin’s confession and questioned him.

A smile appeared at the corner of Tan Xuanlin’s mouth. Wanqing on the side stood up to speak for Tan Xuanlin, but Su Hongchen was reluctant. Xu Guangyao exposed the assassin’s lies in front of everyone, and proved Tan Xuanlin’s innocence. In the blink of an eye, the assassin foamed at his mouth and lost his breath. Upon seeing this, Tan Xuanlin flew away and hid Wanqing behind him, for fear that this scene would stain her eyes.

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