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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 6 Recap

Xu Guangyao tied Cui Jie back to Mu Mansion and talked about what happened yesterday. Cui Lianfeng pretended to be shocked and denied that the incident had anything to do with him. Mu Zhiyuan knocked hard on the crutches and handed Cui Jie to Xu Guangyao’s disposal. Cui Jie was in a panic, and he spoke the truth without hesitation, saying that it was Mu Wanting who hinted at him. Mu Zhiyuan was so angry that he beat Cui Jie with crutches. Mu Wanting denied repeatedly, saying that she only met at the casino and paid him back the money. Mu Zhiyuan did not want the farce to continue, so he advocated that Wanqing should not have the same knowledge as Mu Wanting. At this point, Wanqing couldn’t touch her father’s face.

Xu Guangyao saw the tiger-wolf attitude of Cui Lianfeng’s mother and daughter, worried that their wolf ambition would be disadvantageous to Wanqing, so he planned to take Wanqing out of Mu’s house. At the moment, I can only ask Tan Xuanlin to let Wanqing serve as her foreign secretary. Tan Xuanlin certainly agrees. But Mu Zhiyuan wanted Wanting to follow Xu Guangyao, claiming that this was Tan Xuanlin’s idea. Wanqing heard that she was unhappy, but she couldn’t refute face to face.

It turned out that long before this, Mu Wanting had personally found Tan Xuanlin and won the position of Xu Guangyao’s secretary for 50,000 yuan. But Tan Xuanlin knew that this was what Mu Wanting thought of, but he actually had this intention. Wanqing asks Tan Xuanlin to go out to inquire about the crime. Tan Xuanlin looked indifferent and admitted that he had been bought by Mu Wanting.

Wanqing was so anxious that he could not think that he was such an ungrateful person. Wanqing was really unwilling to continue to cooperate with him, and left without looking back, and threw the peace tokens he had obtained for him at the temple that night on the ground. Tan Xilin picked up the peace symbol, frowning, and feeling a little flustered in her heart.

Tan Xuanlin handed over the tickets for Gu Yueshuang’s new movie to Xu Guangyao and invited him and Wanqing to go with him. Xu Guangyao can’t guess what medicine Tan Xuanlin sells in the gourd, and it is obviously his intention to let Mu Wanting replace Wanqing as his secretary. Tan Sihu smiled, indicating that what Tan Xuanlin promised him would be done, but that he could not head-on with women. Xu Guangyao immediately understood, admiring Tan Xuanlin’s thoughtfulness in his heart.

Although she was Xu Guangyao’s foreign language secretary as she wished, Mu Wanting is really not good at foreign languages, let alone translating those military documents. Mu Wanting had an idea and found a full-time translator. When they were meeting at the headquarters, the guards suddenly stepped forward and arrested the two for leaking military secrets.

The night is dim, and the beautiful music is particularly charming. Xu Guangyao rushed to the cinema with Wanqing, and happened to meet Tan Xuanlin and Gu Yueshuang at the door. Wanqing was still angry, so she became more intimate with Xu Guangyao, holding him past Tan Xuanlin. A trace of displeasure flashed across Tan Xuanlin’s face, and an inexplicable sourness rose in her heart. Unexpectedly, Gu Yueshuang also arranged a couple seat for Wanqing and Xu Guangyao, and Tan Xuanlin couldn’t hold back anymore, and his face was obviously angry.

There is only the light from the screen in the cinema. Wanqing and Xu Guangyao talked and laughed, and they were very harmonious. Tan Xuanlin couldn’t help looking in their direction with her eyes, and seeing their pleasant and affectionate appearances, she couldn’t help but darken her face, and did not care about Gu Yueshuang aside. It is said that a woman’s intuition is terrible, and only in this moment, Gu Yueshuang understood Tan Xiulin’s thoughts. When she was about to say something, Tan Xuanlin caught up with Wanqing who had left. Seeing that the side of Gu Yueshuang was empty, Su Hongchen hurried forward. On the other side, Tan Sangyu’s eyes suddenly lit up, and she quietly sat next to Pei Shaojun.

At the end of the movie, the little girl at the door came up to sell flowers. The little girl called Xu Guangyao Wanqing’s husband. Xu Guangyao was delighted when she heard that she squatted down and bought a stick. Tan Xuanlin also walked forward when she saw this, and bought all the flowers in the little girl’s hand. Gu Yueshuang held the flowers, really happy.

Didn’t notice the secret confrontation between Tan Xuanlin and Wanqing. Tan Xuanlin didn’t want to talk more, so he wanted to leave. Gu Yueshuang familiarly put her hand on Tan Yunlin, and slowly disappeared into the night. An inexplicable emotion arose in Wanqing’s heart, and she was awakened by Xu Guangyao before she could judge what kind of emotion it was.

After waiting for a long time, he finally returned. However, it was not Xu Guangyao who was thinking about it, but Tan Xuanlin. Mu Wanting was even more annoyed and hurried home to complain to her mother. Knowing that Xu Guangyao and Wanqing went to see the movie, Mu Wanting was almost furious. It just so happened that Xu Guangyao and Wanqing returned home in great fun, and Mu Wanting was about to go up to vent her anger, Cui Lianfeng hurriedly stopped her and told her not to act impulsively. After this incident, Wanqing became Xu Guangyao’s foreign language secretary logically. Early in the morning, Tan Xuanlin sorted it out and waited to greet him at the door.

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