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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 2 Recap

Su Hongchen, son of Jinyang warlord Su Jingshan, and Pei Shaojun, son of Pingcheng warlord Pei Xun, have appeared, causing riots. The girls blocked the door, just to get a glimpse of the handsome faces of the two marshals. Among them is the second Miss Tan Sangyu of the Tan Family. When he entered the banquet hall, Tan Sangyu walked forward and handed Pei Shaojun a note, indicating that he wanted to pursue him. Pei Shaojun’s eyes dodge, not knowing what to do.

Su Hongchen on the side scolded Tan Sangyu for violating customs. Who knows that Tan Sangyu disagrees, saying that she is a woman of the new era, with freedom of thought. Su Hongchen was speechless for a while and had to silence.

Yuecheng Warlord Xu Bojun made his grand debut, and everyone hurried out to greet him. The movie star Gu Yueshuang was late and immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Su Hongchen accidentally bumped into Gu Yueshuang, and was about to yell at him, but after seeing the face of the opposite party, his heart suddenly became flustered, and the air around him became abnormally ambiguous. With no one around, Wanqing opened Tan Xuanlin’s box and found a Shanghai defense plan in it. I don’t know who Tan Xuanlin is. At the banquet, everyone deliberately brought together Xu Guangyao and Mu Wanting. But as soon as he saw Wanqing, Xu Guangyao’s eyes were attracted and walked straight towards Wanqing.

While embracing and dancing, Wanqing took the opportunity to inform Xu Guangyao that she found a defense plan in the box. While studying in Japan, Wanqing minored in architecture and recognized the patterns above.

There are contour maps on the defense map, as well as military signs around Shanghai, and the widths of bridges and roads are recorded in detail, which is obviously a military map. However, Wan Qing also noticed that the number of garrisons was marked on the defense map, and there were some arrows, guessing that it was the offensive direction. Xu Guangyao was taken aback and wanted to react, but the crowd suddenly gathered and blocked his way.

Pei Xun stood on the stage and announced that Xu Bojun was elected as the commander-in-chief of the coalition forces of the five eastern provinces. Unexpectedly, Tan Xuanlin smashed out halfway, shouting objections to enter the sight of everyone. After Wanqing hurriedly hid in the crowd, Tan Sangyu also hurriedly hid back. Faced with the ridicule, Tan Xuanlin remained calm and composed, publicly announcing that he had taken over the Shanghai headquarters.

Everyone laughed and laughed, and Tan Xuanlin laughed and uttered wild words. Subsequently, Wu Xiangying led his troops to besiege Mu Mansion. Tan Xuanlin asked Xu Bojun to make a choice, either to be the commander-in-chief of the coalition safely and surrender Shanghai, or he wanted to surrender to the revolutionary army, and everyone would go back to the battlefield together.

Xu Guangyao flashed out of the crowd and quickly took out the gun on his waist and pointed it at Tan Xuanlin. Tan Xuanlin laughed up to the sky, saying that he had occupied all the roads, railways, and piers, and it was difficult for them to fly today. But who knew that Su Hongchen actually launched Tan Sangyu. Tan Sangyu and Tan Xiulin exchanged glances, pretending that they didn’t know each other, and they were able to escape.

Tan Jiajun was cancelled ten years ago, and Tan Xuanlin wandered around with a homeless army. Now Tan Xuanlin has launched a mutiny because he wants Shanghai’s jurisdiction. Xu Guangyao suggested that Tan Xuanlin should join the Xu family so that his father could make him the commander of Shanghai. Tan Xuanlin sneered and refused to give in.

Suddenly, a small pistol was pressed against Tan Xuanlin’s head, and everyone was surprised that it was Mu Wanqing, Miss Mu’s family, who held the gun. The several camps refused to give in to each other. In order to get her mother’s ashes back, Wanqing offered to exchange Xu Guangyao for her as a hostage. After the farce was over, Mu Zhiyuan reminded Xu Bojun that if his daughter was injured by a hair, the military payment would stop.

Being a hostage in Tan Mansion, Wanqing eats and drinks well, and is very pleasant. Tan Xuanlin also knew Wanqing’s life experience and deliberately angered her. Wanqing held back her anger, but was helpless. Xu Guangyao guessed that Tan Xuanlin had no intention of breaking the net, or he could power up the whole country and declare that he would occupy Shanghai. But now that he wants to get his father’s recognition, it means that he doesn’t want to openly antagonize the Warlord’s Mansion and kidnap Wanqing, just want to step down. Therefore, Xu Guangyao visited Tan Mansion in person, trying to gather Tan Xiulin. The night was muddy, revealing an aura of tension.

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