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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 1 Recap

In Shanghai in 1926, Mu Wanqing sat at a table and wrote a diary. It has been ten years since I left Shanghai, and now the sporadic news in the newspapers is pieced together, and it is a Shanghai where people’s hearts are floating and the situation is turbulent. But her father, Mu Zhiyuan, became the president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce at the cusp of the storm. In that familiar Mu’s mansion, there was already a new mistress.

Even the daughter of a Shanghai tycoon, but at this point in Xingwen, Mu Wanqing couldn’t help but frown, thinking of her mother. Mu Wanqing put the diary into the box, regaining her smile and stroking the yellowed photos, which contained her family members. But when she saw the woman whose face was crossed in another photo, her smile froze and her eyes were full of disgust.

Cui Lianfeng, the new mistress of the Mu family, is directing the maidservant to place furniture in the mansion. The butler found Cui Lianfeng and said that he wanted to send a car to the dock to meet Mu Wanqing, but he had no choice but to have no car. But Cui Lianfeng didn’t care much. The housekeeper had no choice but to sigh and leave.

Long ago, her mother had told Wanqing that if she had a bad time at Mu’s house, she could sell her dowry and stand on her own. Wanqing held her mother’s belongings tightly and vowed to live on for her mother and brother. On the ferry back to Shanghai, Wanqing was disturbed by the sound of the glass breaking. She turned her head to see that a man was hugging a woman’s waist.

This man is Tan Xuanlin, the marshal of Tan Jiajun, and the woman is Tan Xuanlin’s confidential secretary Xu Man. Seeing Xu Man insisted on leaving, he had to let go of his hand. When Xu Man walked away, Tan Yunlin changed her appearance as a dude, with a murderous look in her eyes, and quietly followed. As expected, Xu Man was quietly prying open Tan Xuanlin’s box. Seeing Tan Xuanlin coming in, a trace of panic flashed in her eyes.

Later, Xu Man brushed Tan Xunlin’s body with a slender hand, saying that he did this to prevent him from making a big mistake. Tan Yulin pretended to be entangled with Xu Man, and when he was not using the other party’s hidden weapon, Xu Man fell to the ground with a sound.

Wanqing suddenly found that her belongings were missing, so she went back to the room anxiously to search for it. But who knows that the house number is loose, and Wanqing misses and hits by mistake and just sees Tan Xuanlin dealing with Xu Man. Wanqing screamed in surprise, but was stopped by Tan Xuanlin and ordered her not to speak out. I had a relationship with Wanqing on the deck before, and when I heard her and the waiter talk in Japanese, I thought she was also Japanese. Tan Xuanlin was worried about the leak, so she forced Wanqing to stay by her side until she walked out of the dock.

Shanghai defensive commander Wu Xiangying personally went to the dock to greet Tan Xiulin, saying that Xu Bojun had been watching him more closely in the past two days, and wanted his confidant to replace him. Wu Xiangying wondered why Tan Xuanlin disembarked with a strange woman. Tan Xuanlin thought that Wanqing was Japanese, so he didn’t want to pursue it any more. But after thinking about it carefully, I realized that Wanqing was able to understand Chinese. Tan Xuanlin was shocked and hurried to chase after her. It happened to be met on the street, so he took Wanqing into the car without saying a word. Recently, the situation is tense. Tan Xuanlin is worried about Wanqing’s destruction, so she is firmly tied to her side.

Wanqing was forced to follow Tan Xuanlin to a hotel, where she happened to meet Xu Guangyao, the only son of East China Warlord Xu Bojun. Wanqing seemed to have grasped the life-saving straw, and sent out a distress signal several times, but every time she was pierced by Tan Xuanlin. Back in the room, Tan Xuanlin tied Wanqing to the bed and went out alone.

While Tan Xuanlin was not there, Wanqing tried to open the handcuffs and ran out with the box. But what she didn’t know was that she took Tan Xuanlin’s box by mistake. Even more coincidentally, Wanqing actually met Tan Xuanlin at the elevator entrance. Wanqing ran away in a panic, and happened to meet Xu Guangyao, so she took advantage of the trend and hid in his room. It’s a coincidence that Wanqing and Xu Guangyao are also childhood sweethearts, and they are both excited when they meet each other now. Wanqing quickly informed Xu Guangyao of her experience. On the other side, Tan Xuanlin quickly approached Wu Xiangying to discuss the matter and decided to act in advance.

Seeing Wanqing’s return, Cui Lianfeng pretended to be enthusiastic. Wanqing was very unwell, and hurriedly drew out her hand. Cui Lianfeng asked Wanqing’s luggage to be taken in. Xu Guangyao recognized that the box in Wanqing’s hand was Tan Xuanlin’s, and hurriedly took the box and delivered it to the room himself. Xu Guangyao opened the box and was called away by Mu Wanting before he could take a closer look. But he had a hunch in his heart that today’s things must not be simple.

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