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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 2 Recap

Mo Lingze took the elevator away with an imperceptible smile. Xu Qingyou wanted to smash his head in annoyance and embarrassment. Xu Qingyou wanted to contact and return the room fee, but the other party ignored it, and Xu Qingyou had to go up. The Internet cafe I met last time, but still didn’t see Mo Lingze, Xu Qingyou simply put the money in the bar and handed it over.

Fan Yunxi asked Xu Qingyou to meet in the new house, explaining that this derailment was just an episode in life, and hoped that Xu Qingyou could give her a chance. Everything in this new house was decorated in the way Xu Qingyou liked, and the two of them were about to go. Dream life. Xu Qingyou broke the group photo of the two and insisted on breaking up. Fan Yunxi looked at Xu Qingyou’s leaving back and vowed that he would never break up.

When Xu Qingyou went to work, he ran into Mo Lingze at the elevator entrance. While no one was there, Xu Qingyou reminded Mo Lingze to forget what happened before, as long as nothing happened. Mo Lingze satirized Xu Qingyou for being a man. In the mid-skills, Xu Qingyou did not admit defeat and returned Mo Lingze to each other. But Mo Lingze discovered that Xu Qingyou’s ears were red. Although his mouth was hard, his body was very honest. This also made Mo Lingze more and more interested in Xu Qingyou.

Xu Qingyou found at the desk that the money given to Mo Lingze had been returned, for fear that Mo Lingze would threaten her to come up with a solution by using the two of them to stay in a hotel. Mo Lingze invited Xu Qingyou to a duel in the game again to completely resolve the matter, but because Xu Qingyou was more flustered, he did not clear the level this time.

A rich lady, Lin Siyu, fell in love with the handsome boy Mo Lingze who sang and played the piano, so she deliberately booked the bar for a masked party. She specifically called the bar owner’s sister and told the handsome singer to be there. Miss Rich is planning to create a couple game between her and Mo Lingze in the game link.

Xu Qingyou’s best friend Fang Qi came to Xu Qingyou early in the morning and invited her to go to the masked party. The person who opened the door was Xu Qingyou’s younger brother Xu Wei. Xu Wei was an excellent student, and it took him three years to finish her studies. The four-year course graduates one year earlier, and the goddess Xu Wei has a crush on is Fang Qi. Xu Wei was very excited when he saw Fang Qi from the cat’s eye, but he didn’t dare to open the door immediately. Fang Qi naturally grabbed Xu Wei’s collar and smelled it, teasing Xu Wei that it smelled bad. As soon as Fang Qi came upstairs to Xu Wei’s room, he saw an unfinished portrait of a woman. Fang Qi was curious to see clearly but was snatched by Xu Wei. Fang Qi just thought Xu Wei might have a girl he liked, but didn’t think too much. . Because Fang Qi has always regarded Xu Wei as a little brother, he never thought that Xu Wei would like himself one day.

Xu Qingyou refused to get up in bed, Fang Qi pretended to be pitiful, for fear that he was beautiful and drank too much and was bullied. Xu Qingyou could not help but agree to go with him. Xu Wei offered to join the party with his sisters, if he really drank too much. He could still be a flower protector, but Fang Qi decisively refused.

The rich lady never thought that there was a malfunction in the game link. She was waiting for her corresponding lover number holder Mo Lingze to appear, but the lady boss found that the lottery hand used to create a relationship was upside down. Lin Siyu should be holding ninety-nine but sixty-six, and the ninety-nine is in Fang Qi’s hands. Fang Qi didn’t hesitate to give the opportunity to his good girlfriend Xu Qingyou, and pushed her. Going out, Mo Lingze on the other side also had to step onto the stage under all eyes.

At the request of everyone, the couple who were caught temporarily hugged and played the guitar on the spot. Lin Siyu was so angry that Lin Siyu wanted to tear down the place, and was hugged by Wang Ji. After the game was over, Xu Qingyou mistakenly thought that Mo Lingze was playing tricks on her deliberately, and asked what Mo Lingze wanted to do? Mo Lingze asked Xu Qingyou what else happened that night?

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