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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 1 Recap

Some people say that time will invisibly put an invisible shackle on thirty-year-old women, making them obsessed with their own appearance, and they will even be cautious about every choice. What should you live like? Xu Qingyou has her own answer. She just wants to live what she wants. Xu Qingyou is also a woman who is about to thirty years old, and she is the operation director of Lemi e-commerce department.

The sun gradually rose to the sky, and a ray of sunlight shone on Xu Qingyou’s face through the window. In a high-class hotel, Xu Qingyou was awakened by a ringing phone call. The reception of the hotel called and told Xu Qingyou that it was from Mr. Mo Her customized eight o’clock wake-up service. Looking at the messy clothes, Xu Qingyou suddenly became conscious, thinking of the man who kissed him, Xu Qingyou hugged his head in annoyance.

Time went back to one day ago. Early in the morning as a lawyer, her boyfriend Fan Yunxi called the video, hoping that Xu Qingyou could resign and go home and get married with peace of mind and be his wife, instead of working hard every day. In Fan Yunxi’s opinion, women are all women. The same, they all like to sit back and enjoy their achievements. But in Xu Qingyou’s opinion, this is a man’s conjecture. In fact, she hopes to be self-reliant.

Mo Lingze received a call from his secretary Wang Ji while driving. He was worried that the project was pried away. Zhao Lei, who pried the project away, was looking for Jarvis with the agreement, but Mo Lingze was not in a hurry. The project can’t run, just notify the secretary to locate the address to meet.

In order to find Jarvis Mo Lingze and his secretary came to a street. At this time, Jarvis always had breakfast in the same place, but it was on this street that Mo Lingze ran into Xu Qingyou and mistakenly thought Xu. Qingyou is the opponent of Zhao Lei, who wants to talk to Jarvis about business. In order to escape and not be caught, Jarvis pushed Xu Qingyou into Mo Lingze’s arms, and it happened that Xu Qingyou’s lipstick was printed on Mo Lingze’s snow-white shirt. Jarvis was just about to escape and was captured by Wang Ji. Mo Lingze and Wang Ji satirized that Xu Qingyou’s routines were too old. Xu Qingyou obviously didn’t understand what the two said, but they didn’t overdo it. Ask.

Mo Lingze came out of the horse and achieved results. He negotiated with Jarvis in front of Zhao Lei and made clear the stakes. Jarvis finally fell to Mo Lingze.

The cosmetics sold by Lemi e-commerce were accused of fakes on Weibo, and dozens of inspection reports were published. Beauty has always been processed by one section. Therefore, Xu Qingyou hurriedly dealt with the problem and ordered everyone to temporarily deny permission. Reply to any questions. At this moment, a good girlfriend sent a photo of Fan Yunxi hugging another woman, yelling that Fan Yunxi was a scumbag. Xu Qingyou was sad when she saw the photo, but she didn’t want to be seen and hid in the bathroom. Fan Yunxi’s call was timely. Called and invited Xu Qingyou to eat at the lovers’ restaurant after get off work. Xu Qingyou agreed without any emotion in her voice.

After Xu Qingyou came out of the bathroom, she still handled the company crisis calmly. The two met in the restaurant after get off work. Fan Yunxi explained that she was just drinking too much. She was so angry that Xu Qingyou poured a glass of red wine on Fan Yunxi’s face. She couldn’t accept what was coming. The marriage partner cheated, no matter what the reason.

Xu Qingyou was in a bad mood and drank too much before he knew it. Playing games in the bar broke Mo Lingze’s record keeping. The bar owner said that according to the rules, Xu Qingyou could make a request to the former record holder. Mo Lingze also came to the bar at this time and also went on stage to sing a song. Xu Qingyou continued to drink under the drunken stage, waving the light stick and shouting for Mo Lingze on the stage, Mo Lingze shot from time to time. This girl who broke her own record.

The bar was about to close, and the waiter urged Xu Qingyou to leave here to check out as soon as possible. He also took Xu Qingyou’s cell phone and wanted to call his address book dear, Xu Qingyou snatched it over and threw it into the ice bucket. Mo Lingze took the initiative to persuade Xu Qingyou to leave, but Xu Qingyou reminded Mo Lingze that he was willing to accept the bet and that Mo Lingze would listen to her tonight.

Mo Lingze offered to send Xu Qingyou home, and the painful Xu Qingyou shouted out that her boyfriend who had been in love for ten years had cheated, and she didn’t want to go home. In the end Xu Qingyou fell on Mo Lingze’s shoulder. Mo Lingze seemed to feel the girl’s pain and sent her to the hotel. When Xu Qingyou woke up the next day, she found a mess in a place, and the shattering of her stockings made her more sure that she must have done something extraordinary with Mo Lingze.

Xu Qingyou’s assistant Mengmeng investigated that the person who broke the news on Weibo that the fake was a professional peddler, Xu Qingyou put forward evidence and pointed out that the person who broke the news had more than a dozen Weibo accounts and targeted many companies in the past few years. Extortion, the news broke that those people are guilty of conscience and willing to give money, he has no shame in his heart. Xu Qingyou secretly taped the conversation between the two and warned the whistleblower to delete the video and publicly apologize, otherwise legal measures will be taken to send the whistleblower to prison. Regarding beauty products, Xu Qingyou also expressed confidence that she can accept investigations and inspections.

What Xu Qingyou did not expect was that the boss of beauty products turned out to be Mo Lingze. Mo Lingze led a team to the Lemi e-commerce department to check the processing results. After Xu Qingyou’s investigation, the truth became clear. Mo Lingze told Xu Qing You also looked at it differently. However, Xu Qingyou looked a little embarrassed, and had not dared to face Mo Lingze, but Mo Lingze quietly reminded Xu Qingyou that the room fee had not been returned to her.

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