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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 36 Recap

Before Li Qian left, he told Bao Ning Gao Miaorong to stay with the Queen Mother, so Bao Ning beware of it. Bao Ning ignored Li Qian’s kind reminder. Baoning asked the maid who worked at Cining Palace and inquired about Gao Miaorong’s situation. In Ci Ning Palace, Queen Mother Han was humiliated by the Empress Dowager Gao Miaorong, and Gao Miaorong quickly showed her loyalty to Queen Mother Han. Zhao Xiao made an appointment to see Gao Miaorong, but Queen Mother Han became suspicious and suspected that the two were engaged in private affairs, so she followed Gao Miaorong.

On the other hand, it was Jiang Baoning who used Zhao Xiao to meet Gao Miaorong. Baoning didn’t want Gao Miaorong to stay in the palace and wanted to drive her out of the palace. Queen Mother Han came forward to stop her. The two were at war because of Gao Miaorong’s swords, and the Queen Mother Han ridiculed Bao Ning as a woman who was driven out by a man. Unexpectedly, the empress dowager heard these words. The empress dowager asked Baoning Han Tongxin whether it was true. Baoning was guilty and kept silent. The empress dowager knew the matter was true at first glance, and she sent Queen Dowager Han. He returned to the palace and held Gao Miaorong down.

The empress dowager interrogated Gao Miaorong in court and wanted to kill her. Jiang Baoning couldn’t bear to intercede for Gao Miaorong, saying that he didn’t want the empress dowager to bear infamy, so he saved Gao Miaorong’s life, and put her in the Department of Sentences. The empress dowager only then asked about Baoning and Li Qian, and Baoning had to tell the empress dowager about the two of them. The Queen Mother Han told Li Lin about Gao Miaorong’s detention. Li Lin hurried to the Shen Xing Department to visit Gao Miaorong, but Gao Miaorong didn’t resent the Empress Dowager. She only felt that she was to blame for everything.

She envied Jiang Baoning for someone who loved someone. She protects her, but because she has Li Lin, she doesn’t envy others at all. She regrets not being able to be with Li Lin earlier, and Li Lin vowed to save Gao Miaorong out. Empress Dowager Han sent someone to find Gao Miaorong to let her divorce Li Qian and his wife. If successful, she would send someone to rescue her. Gao Miaorong believed it was true. She told Han Tongxin that the empress dowager did not have much time and came up with a way to divorce her. Li Qian and his wife.

The winter solstice complained that Li Qian surrendered his military power not only could not protect Jinxi, but also could not coax his sister-in-law back. In the shantang, Qin Yu was teaching Qing’an to peel beans. Qin Yu turned around and ran into a man. She recognized this man as the one who wanted to kill herself at a glance. She immediately hugged her head and begged the other party not to kill herself. It turned out that this person was Cao. The guards of the queen mother disguised as victims of the shantang. Qingtai learned that Li Qian had surrendered his military power.

The old witch suggested that Qingtai take the opportunity to kill Li Qian, but Qingtai felt that the matter was not easy, but the old witch was confident that he already had a way to deal with Li Qian. Qingtai handed over his guard to the old witch. At first, the old witch felt that this was not feasible and worried about Qingtai’s safety, but Qingtai felt that no one in Yongqing dared to assassinate him. Unexpectedly, Siqin sent his subordinates to hide in the dark and pretend to be guards to ambush beside Qingtai, and report Yongqingguo’s intelligence to Qing’an to organize the troops to resist Qingtai’s tyranny.

Steward Li took the winter solstice out to buy to teach him the steward. She was not interested in the winter solstice. When she saw someone like Qing’an on the street, she immediately followed up. She didn’t expect to admit the wrong person, but turned around Qing’an and appeared next to her. The winter solstice Qing’an, who is dragging him away, hopes that this is a peaceful time, and he is just an ordinary businessman. On the street, Jin Xiao was pestering Dong Shanhu again, and said that he regarded Shanhu as a brother. Dong Shanhu got angry and left when he heard it. Jin Xiao lamented how difficult it was to confess.

Qing’an met with Siqin late at night, and Siqin told Qing’an about Qingtai sending Wu Manlai to deal with Li Qian. Siqin suggested that Qing’an take the opportunity to overthrow Qingtai’s tyranny, and Qing’an agreed. Qing’an told Siqin to be careful not to be discovered by the winter solstice when meeting in the future, but Siqin said that it would be better to tell the winter solstice if the paper could not contain the fire, but Qing’an worried that once he regained his status as the second prince, it would be impossible with the winter solstice. Wu Man pretends to be a bewildered housekeeper and enters Li Mansion.

Li Qian told Jin Xiao to keep him an important checkpoint. Jin Xiao asked him about Baoning again. Li Qian was silent for a while and didn’t know where to start. Li Qian dreamed that Baoning said to himself that he could not let go and still love himself, and Li Qian’s dream awakening was very bitter. Zhao Xiao found a talking parrot to make Baoning happy. He asked Baoning and Li Qianhe to marry her into the Hou Mansion immediately. Baoning said he was just unwilling.

In the middle of the night, the Queen Dowager Cao’s secret guards rushed into Li’s study to steal pictures of weapons of gods and ghosts. Butler Li subdued him and controlled him with Wu Man’s witchcraft to tell the truth. When Li Qian came back to the house, he met butler Li. Butler Li cheated Li Qian into the study and stabbed him. It turned out that it was Wu Man who was dressed as a steward Li and assassinated Li Qian. Fortunately, Qing’an appeared in time to rescue Li Qian and Li Qian took the opportunity. Killed Wu Man. In Yongqing, Siqin led the troops into the palace quietly.

Qingtai was still having fun in the palace. At this time, the guards came to report that someone had come in. Qingtai immediately planned to escape from the palace when he heard it. Qing’an left Li’s house and didn’t expect Dongzhi to follow her and recognize her. Qing’an planned to avoid the winter solstice but tore off his mask. Qing’an apologized to Dongzhi, saying that he was afraid of leaving the winter solstice to hide the winter solstice. After the winter solstice pulled Qing’an, he kissed him and said that he would not care about his identity, and the two embraced deeply.

Li Qian rescued the steward Li, and the doctor came to treat Li Qian. Dong Zhi brought Qing An into Li Qian’s room and said that he wanted to be with Qing An. Li Qian asked Dong Zhi how to face his father and how Qing An faced the raging relationship between the two countries, but the two had to face everything. Together, Li Qian saw that the two had to agree to his sister and let Qing’an take care of his sister. Li Qian drank alone in the room, feeling that it was ridiculous that a little girl could do it by himself but couldn’t do it.

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