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Qianlong out of the abyss, Shen Qingcang

Qianlong out of the abyss, Shen Qingcang
Other Name: 潜龙出渊沈擎苍, The Qianlong Out of the Abyss and Shen Qingcang

Genre: Novel, Online Urban Essay, Fantasy
Author: Matcha Herring
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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It was: Shen Qingcang, called the Lord Shen Jun by his subordinates, was the leader of the Sky Army of the First Legion in the Summer. As everyone knows, such an outstanding man was once just a wealthy and abandoned young man!

In the beginning, Shen Qingcang was framed by someone’s design and was eventually kicked out of the house. After years of bloody struggle, he finally became a real big man! This time, he returned to the city with the ashes of his good brother, just to make the leaves of his good brother return to his roots…

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After seeing the youth, the four great clans instantly became excited.

“Boy, you said you broke our company? Who are you?”

Patriarch Huang pointed at the young man and scolded.

With that said, he seemed to be going up to the youth desperately.

However, he hadn’t waited for him to walk in front of the youth.

The young man slapped the head of the Huang family to the ground.

Directly smashed a table.

Everyone was shocked and angry.

The bodyguards who had been waiting around immediately surrounded the youth.

The young man ignored these bodyguards and looked quietly at the four powerful people on the court.

“Who am I? Don’t you remember?”

This inexplicable remark made the people of the four great clans startled.

What does this mean?

Don’t they know this young man?

Huo Tao was also frowning at the young man in the field at this time, but did not speak.

The young man smiled faintly at the puzzled faces of the four great families.

“It seems that you really forgot. Okay, then I will kindly remind you.”

“Seven years ago, on a stormy night, your four great tribes united and completely broke an innocent family. Do you still remember this incident?”

The young man’s mouth looked at the four people on the high platform with a smile and asked. Although he said with a smile, everyone could hear a cold murderous aura in his tone.

“Seven years ago, on a stormy night…” The four of them were slightly startled, and then suddenly raised their eyes as if they were thinking of something, and said in horror: “You are talking about the Shen family? Is it possible… ……..You are the Shen family!”

The young man smiled faintly.

“It seems that I remembered it, yes, I am Shen Xingheng’s son…Shen Tianlin!”

Shen Qingcang’s murderous aura burst out with a bang.

“What? You…you are God Tianlin!”

The four of them didn’t know if it was because they were frightened by Shen Qingcang’s murderous aura, or because they were guilty of being a thief, and they all sat on the ground.

“Shen Tianlin!”

“How is it possible, isn’t Shen Tianlin dead? How could he still be alive!”

“That’s right, Shen Tianlin was burned to death in the fire that year, what is going on!”

And some people who knew some inside information back then, when they learned that the young man in front of them was actually the son of the Shen family, they all opened their eyes wide.

Shen family…..

The Shen family has disappeared for seven years.

Is it going to come back strongly?

But Huo Tao on the high platform was dazed.

Shen family?

What is the Shen family?

Although Huo Tao was twenty-seven this year, he had no idea what happened back then. To be precise, he didn’t even know that the Huo family was involved.

“What’s the source of this Shen family?”

He looked at the four powerful people next to him and asked.

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