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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 29 Recap

The two armies faced each other, and Li Qian and Jin Xiao jointly fended off the enemy and coordinated to repel the enemy. On the other hand, someone from Zhao Xiao’s family asked for help and asked Zhao Xiao to return to Nanmin to save Jing Haihou. It turned out that the army salary that Hou Ye distributed to Zhao Xiao was used to suppress pirates, but this year the pirates came early and the coastal areas have been suppressed No longer, and Jing Haihou was also seriously injured, and time is running out.

Li Qian intuitively felt that it was unreasonable for the soldiers of the Yongqing State to be easily repulsed. At this time, the officers and soldiers came to report to the Yunlin Pass to leave their posts without permission and leave their resignation to return to Nanmin. Li Qian and Jin Xiao rushed to help Yunlin Pass. In Li Mansion, Bao Ning begged the Buddha to bless Mu Anguo, the country, and the people, so that her husband Li Qian could return safely. To protect the safety of the house, Baoning then urged the housekeeper to strengthen the defense of the nursing home.

Yongqing State broke through Yunlin Pass and rushed all the way towards the capital of Mu’an State. The pirates in Nanmin continued to make chaos. Mu’an State was full of guns and smoke, and the capital was in jeopardy. Every place is rushing to urge the imperial court to send troops for reinforcements. The emperor ordered the town’s official to lead troops to help. The capital now has no soldiers available. Zhao Yi was short of soldiers and food, and he was burnt, and Fang Yi also took the prince Zhao Xi back to the palace from Wanshou Mountain to accompany the emperor.

The officers and soldiers of Yongqing State entered the city to kill innocent people indiscriminately, and secretly rescued the separated people in the winter solstice. Li Qian and Jin Xiao led the enemy forces to retreat into the city, and ordered to rush to the capital immediately after the city was closed. The mansion of Li was invaded by thieves, and a group of old and weak women and children in the mansion could not resist. Baoning took out a new weapon developed to deter the thieves, and finally let the thieves retreat. But the new weapons were too powerful and there were too many uncertain factors. Baoning had to let his lover put them away so as not to be used by those who wanted to cause trouble.

Zhao Yi was talking with Fang Yiru in the bedroom, and the queen beat Fang Yiru with jealousy, which made Zhao Yi very angry. At this time, Empress Dowager Cao came to reprimand the empress for being out of form, and she was also taken away by Fang Yiru. Zhao Yi had been estranged with the Queen Mother and was cautious about the Queen Mother. Seeing the emperor like this, the Empress Dowager Cao had no choice but to confess that she had no intention of being in politics. She only hoped to bring up Zhao Xi, and also hoped that the emperor would take good care of his health, be a Mingjun, and not disappoint the people of Mu Anguo.

With internal and external troubles, Zhao Yi’s body also went from bad to worse, so she let people go to Jinxi to send a letter to Baoning in private. Zhao Xiao hurried back to Nanmin, but finally missed the last sight of Jing Haihou. Zhao Xiao blamed himself for incriminating the Zhao clan by making mistakes, and vowed not to let the Zhao clan sacrifice in vain. Father Du came to Jinxi with the imperial decree to meet Baoning. The only person Zhao Yi trusted was Baoning, so he had to set up an edict and entrust him to Baoning. Seeing that Zhao Yi had made a will, Baoning ordered the people to prepare a carriage to the capital.

Winter Solstice sneaked into the Yongqing State Garrison and wanted to take Qing’an away, but he was surrounded by officers and soldiers of Yongqing State. Qing’an was controlled and killed the Winter Solstice. Fortunately, the double eagle ring on the hands of the Winter Solstice restored Qing’an for a while. Conscious, the Winter Solstice took the opportunity to flee here with Qing’an.

Li Qian learned that Baoning hurried to the capital after receiving the imperial decree, and was very worried about the safety of Baoning. And Baoning not only received the emperor’s decree, but also a decree that if the emperor’s eldest son is killed, the emperor’s throne will be passed on to the emperor’s uncle in Sanfu. Baoning secretly scolded the emperor for being confused, hid the imperial decree, and disguised himself as an edict to the King of Qin. Later, Baoning arranged for Xiaoman to take the edict of King Qin to Beiji to ask for help from Yang Jun to rescue the capital.

On the way to the capital, Baoning ran into the winter solstice and Qingan. Hearing about Qingan and the winter solstice, Baoning also sympathized with them. Qingtai is conceited, not only to capture the Queen Mother Cao, but also to attack the Mu’an Palace. Zhao Yi was dying, and even the imperial physician was unable to do anything. At this time, the capital was besieged. Lord Xiong, Lord Zhen Guo and others defended the city gate, but they lost to the enemy, and Lord Xiong made a heroic sacrifice. The father and son of Zhenguo entered the palace to guard the emperor, and Wang Jidao ordered everyone to guard the palace gate.

The people of Yongqing led troops into Wanshou Mountain, and the Queen Mother Cao was unwilling to be taken away by captivity, and simply killed herself. The people of Yongqing took away the body of the Queen Mother Cao, and Fang Yiru also appeared to protect the prince and was killed. Baoning brought people to Wanshou Mountain and found dead bodies everywhere. Finally, he found the hidden prince Zhao Xi in the Empress Dowager’s temple. From the eunuch, he learned that both Cao and Fang Yiru had sacrificed to protect the prince.

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