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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 27 Recap

In order to strengthen Baoning’s body, Li Qianmao urged Baoning to get up in the morning to practice martial arts. Although Baoning was unwilling to exercise, he had to follow Li Qianchen to practice martial arts for the family rules agreed by the two. From then on, Li Qian started the course of Master Devil, taking Baoning in the morning running and horse riding, making Baoning miserable. Afterwards, Baoning took advantage of Li Qian’s departure to go to the kitchen to find food, but was criticized by Li Qian for being lazy. Baoning complained that he was hungry, so Li Qian had to make a portion of noodles for Baoning.

After the meal, Li Qian took Baoning to lajin, and the guards came to report the military affairs. Li Qian had to leave for the military camp. When leaving, he told Baoning not to be lazy and left the guards to supervise the training of Baoning.

After a day of training like this, Baoning had a sore waist and back pain, but in order not to violate the family rules and avoid punishment, Baoning thought of letting the lover pretend to train for herself the next day. The next day, the lover wore Boring clothes and pretended to train. Boring was fortunate to be caught by Li Qian, who had escaped the training, and was caught being lazy. Later, Boring, the lover, and the guard were punished by Li Qian for three hours. step.

In order to be lazy, Baoning secretly gave a laxative to the guard who was supervising him, but Li Qian did not expect to see it. Li Qian also told Baoning to evaluate Baoning three days later. Baoning had no choice but to pretend to be sick to avoid training. Seeing that Baoning was like this, Li Qian only wanted her to exercise and strengthen her body, and ordered the guards to not supervise Baoning’s training. Early the next morning, Li Qian made a special detour to buy cakes for Baoning, and asked Mrs. Wei to bring back a roadside flower and plant it at the training place in Baoning. I didn’t expect Baoning to see flowers and sprained his ankle carelessly, which made Li Qian feel distressed when he heard the news.

Jin Xiao came to tell Li Qian that the follow-up matters of the shantang had been dealt with. Taking this opportunity, Li Qian could accompany the princess well. Jin Xiao teased Li Qian that only when the princess gave birth to a child could Li Qian be able to rely on his son. He also told Li Qian that there was a temple fair in the Daxiangguo Temple, and that the delivery of children there was very effective. Although Li Qian was joking, he took Bao Ning to the Daxiangguo Temple to ask for a child in a blink of an eye.

After the couple worshiped the Buddha and asked for a child, Baoning actually drew a lottery, which made Baoning unhappy and worried about the body of the Queen Mother. Li Qian persuaded Bao Ning Mo to disturb his mind because of a lottery. In order to thank Li Qian for looking for someone to go to the capital to inquire about the news, Bao Ninghao spent a lot of money to buy a lot of toys for Li Qian to satisfy his lifelong wish of honoring him, which made Li Qian dumbfounded.

Uneasy due to the lottery, Baoning took his lover to Daxiangguo Temple to add sesame oil the next day, hoping to save money and avoid disaster. On the way back to the house, Baoning happened to ran into Zhao Xiao who was drunk and begged for money. Out of good intentions, Baoning helped Zhao Xiao to get out of the siege. The drunk Zhao Xiao entangled Baoning. This made Li Qian who came to find Baoning to see that the two of them fought again because of Baoning, but Baoning persuaded him to fight but was accidentally injured. For this reason, Bao Ning was very angry and ignored Li Qian after returning home. Li Qian was helpless but was able to plead guilty for violating family rules. Seeing that Li Qian admitted his mistakes with a good attitude, Baoning also forgave Li Qian.

He Cuihua saw Li Qian’s attitude towards the princess envious, so she asked Li Changqing to wash her feet and wait for herself when she returned at night. He also asked Li Changqing to be gentle with herself, which made Li Changqing unspeakable. The next day, Li Changqing called Li Qian specifically to teach him to be manly and not to be afraid of being inside. On the contrary, Li Qian believes that the real way for couples to get along is not to deter with majesty, but to love and support each other. And the male husband should be more tolerant of each other, and should not care about trivial matters. He Cuihua, who overheard, praised him.

Zhao Xiao came to apologize for accidentally hurting Baoning because of drunkenness. It was a misunderstanding that Baoning did not meet Zhao Xiao directly, and asked his lover to return the jade pendant that Zhao Xiao gave that day. This made Zhao Xiao feel very disappointed. Missing Baoning has made Zhao Xiao no more greedy in this life. After leaving the Li Mansion, he threw the jade pendant returned by Baoning to the beggar. Zhao Xiao ran into Cai Shuang in the city. Because of Cai Shuang’s cheating of the army’s salary, he tried to teach him a lesson.

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