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List of dramas “Love at first sight” and “Deadly Wish” have been finalized. “Hello, Sharpshooter” and “The rest of the future” are expected to be broadcast

November is coming!

At present, in addition to the fixed files “At first sight” and “Deadly Wish”, “Hello, Sharpshooter” starring Hu Yitian and Xing Fei, Zhang Yujian and Peng Guanying starring the suspense crime type “Backlighter”, Jin Chen and the prince “We Who Don’t Love Those Who Don’t Love” and “The Rest of the Future” co-produced by Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran are expected to be broadcast in November!

1. “Love at first sight”

Starring: Chen Xingxu, Zhang Jingyi, Lin Yanjun
Premiere Date: November 9
Broadcasting Platform: Youku

Love at first sight” is really calling for thousands of calls, and finally it’s scheduled to start broadcasting on November 9. The hero and heroine of the Republican romance drama “At first sight” starring Chen Xingxu, Zhang Jingyi, Lin Yanjun, Chen Xinyu, Cai Yuhang, and Ma Yue. The protagonist’s superb appearance and super handsome military uniform shape make many fans look forward to it.

The story tells the story of Mu Wanqing (Zhang Yi), a wealthy daughter who has been studying abroad for many years because of her parents’ split. She had to defect to her father because of her mother’s sudden death. Having been squeezed out by the upper class from a humble background, Tan Xuanlin proposed to cooperate with Mu Wanqing to get what he needs in order to investigate an old case related to the Mu family. They thought that they were just using each other, but gradually fell in love in the process of getting along. .

2. “Fatal Wish”

Starring: Feng Shaofeng, Wen Qi, Fan Chengcheng
Premiere Date: November 3
Broadcasting Platform: iQiyi

“Fatal Wish” starring Feng Shaofeng, Wen Qi and Fan Chengcheng is announced to start broadcasting on November 3rd! Many fans of the drama were surprised. Feng Shaofeng’s style is also amazing. He subverts the previous image, his skin is dark and uncut, and his eyes under black-rimmed glasses reveal vigilance and suspicion, which makes the character intriguing. Just looking at his character poster can make people feel full of suspense!

“Fatal Wish” is about an app called Wisher, which appears on the mobile phones of a group of college students without warning. As long as you make a wish to it and complete a simple randomly assigned task, your wish can be realized. These young people can’t stand the temptation, just like signing a contract with the devil, becoming dominoes under the control of desire. Behind all this is controlled by a mysterious organization.

The relationship between Naduo (Feng Shaofeng), Lu Li (Wen Qi), and Qiu Wendong (Fan Chengcheng) in “Fatal Wish” is intricate, and their wishes are intertwined. A game about wishes is about to begin. Who will be the last one to do so? , Who will pay a heavy price?

3. “Backlighter”

Starring: Peng Guanying, Zhang Yujian
First broadcast date: November 20
Broadcasting platform: Mango TV

The suspenseful crime drama “The Backlighter” is adapted from the popular classic novel “In the Darkness” by Jin Shichai and is expected to be broadcast on November 20. The story tells that Xie Lanshan (played by Peng Guanying) and Shen Liufei (played by Zhang Yujian) have established a strong relationship at the police academy, and the two vowed to become excellent anti-drug police officers. Therefore, Xie Lanshan decided to join “Operation Backlight” as an undercover agent, and step by step became the left and right arm of the big drug lord Mu Kun; Shen Liufei relied on his own efforts to become an anti-drug police. The two met again a few years later, but Shen Liufei was shocked to find that Xie Lanshan not only completely lost his memory, but also had a heart transplant.

4. “Hello, Sharpshooter”

Starring: Hu Yitian, Xing Fei
Broadcast Date: Expected November Broadcast Platform: Tencent

With Hu Yitian, the first male protagonist of the “To Us” series, partnered with the second-generation female protagonist Xing Fei, what kind of sparks will come out of the encounter between “Jiang Chen” and “Situ Mo” is definitely the audience’s greatest expectation. This urban youth drama with shooting as the theme, released its first trailer without warning on October 18th, which made the fans extremely excited. The sweet atmosphere in the trailer attracted the audience to knock on the bowl and shout “Hurry up and fix it.” File it!” The news pointed out that the show is expected to be broadcast in November!

The hot-blooded and competitive youth sweet pet drama “Hello, Sharpshooter” is adapted from the popular novel of the same name written by Lian Mu Chuguang. The plot tells the story of the shooting team captain Shen Qingyuan (played by Hu Yitian) and the new host Tang Xin (Xing Fei). Actress), the story of this pair of “old lovers” re-encountering each other in the mists of suspicion of past relationships.

5. “We Who Don’t Love”

Starring: Jin Chen and Wang Ziyi
Premiere Date: Expected November
Broadcast Platform: Youku

“We Who Will Not Love” is the official debut of the limited boy group NINE PERCENT, Wang Zi Yihe, guest starring Yang Yang’s girlfriend “Xia Qing” and “Xu Fengqiao” in “Yulouchun” Jin Chen in “You Are My Glory” Co-starring, is a romantic love story about a race car driver and a female president, sister and brother love so much!

Although there is news that Jin Chen and Wang Zi’s urban emotional drama “We Who Will Not Love” will be broadcast at the end of October, there is still no news! I believe it will be set in November!

The plot tells how talented Gu Jiaxin (played by Wang Ziyi), who has no intention of inheriting the family business, is arranged by his mother to be Zhao Jiangyue (played by Jin Chen). Dream story.

6. “The rest of life in the future”

Starring: Zhong Hanliang, Li Xiaoran
Premiere Date: Expected November
Broadcasting Platform: Youku

“Jade Hearts Are Like Jade” “Hou Ye” Zhong Hanliang’s new drama is coming! expect.
“The rest of the future” is adapted from the online novel “Love you is the best time”. Zhong Hanliang, who is known as the “treasure man”, is found, and after “It’s too late to say I love you”, they will partner with Li Xiaoran, the goddess of freezing age. After 10 years, we will cooperate again, and this time Zhong Hanliang’s original voice will appear!

The plot tells about the heart surgeon Nie Yusheng (played by Zhong Hanliang) meeting again after 7 years the old lover Tan Jing (played by Li Xiaoran) who is now a single mother and only son with congenital heart disease. Be attracted to each other again, face the destiny hand in hand, usher in the story of a happy life.

7. “When the night is dark”

Starring: Zhang Yuxi, Liu Xueyi
First broadcast date: Expected November
Broadcasting platform: Mango TV

The urban emotional drama “Dark Night” starring Zhang Yuxi and Liu Xueyi is expected to be broadcast in November!

The story tells the story of an independent and honest working woman Xu Qingyou (Zhang Yuxi) discovers that her boyfriend is cheating before marriage. By chance, she meets the shrewd and decisive investment banker Mo Lingze (Liu Xueyi). Her fast and ruthless outlook on love has overturned Xu Qing.

Yu’s step-by-step standardized life, on the one hand, is a strong but just right care, on the other hand, it is ten years of emotional but blunt salvation. Xu Qingyou is puzzled whether he should jump out of his comfort zone and choose an unknown relationship that is not favored by everyone?

8. “Two Undoubted”

Starring: Zhang Haowei, Song Yanfei
First broadcast date: November

The ancient-style fantasy romance drama “Two Doubts” is adapted from the script of Luye Qianhe and the comic of the same name with a dumpling. The plot tells the story of Emperor Wenzhi Xiao Jinyun (played by Zhang Haowei) and the queen Xu Yu (played by Song Yanfei) who is the daughter of the general ), because of an accidental exchange of bodies, the two people who originally did not trust each other gradually understood each other and solved their misunderstandings in the process of playing each other. The husband and wife worked together to resolve a series of crises. To Enailiang

9. “Heartbeat Love”​​​

Starring: Su Xiaotong, Zuo Linjie
Broadcast Date: Expected November Broadcast Platform: Youku

The fantasy romantic drama “Heartbeat Love” starring Su Xiaotong and Zuo Linjie is also a sugar-exceeding standard, sweet love is worth looking forward to!

The comic Mary Su girl Bai Su Ji (played by Su Xiaotong) meets An Yufeng (played by Zuo Linjie), a high-cold student who is extremely rational and physics. Two people with opposing worldviews fall in love with each other across the dimension. The sweetness and fun are perfect. This pair of high-sugar CP flowers The jokes are endless!

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