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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 31 Recap

Lord Yun went out to buy gifts for Ling’er, Qin Yuning injured the coachman and hijacked the carriage. On the carriage, Lord Yun asked her why she had come, and Qin Yuning said that Rong Jing wanted to see him.

After Yun Qianyue returned to the Cloud Palace, Yun Xianghe came to see Ling’er. Yun Qianyue jokingly asked Yun Xianghe for a meeting. Yun Xianghe asked Yun Qianyue, who was the queen, to marry herself and Nan Lingrui and laughed. He said that he would bring the baby back from Nanliang to Ling’er. Yun Qianyue asked about the whereabouts of Lord Yun, Yunxianghe realized that Lord Yun had not returned for a long time.

At this time, the injured driver returned to the house to report, and the three learned that Lord Yun had been kidnapped. After the coachman reported the letter, he fainted. When the three of them were at a loss, a flying arrow hit the pillar of the corridor, and the note on the flying arrow indicated an address.

Qin Yuning stunned the old prince Yun and sent it to Rong Jing’s residence. Leng Zhaozhuo questioned Qin Yuning’s actions. He suspected that these were all instigated by Ye Tianyi. Qin Yuning said that he acted in this way for the purpose of breaking Rong Jing and Yun Qianyue. , She wanted Rong Jing to taste the feeling of turning his head against her beloved. Leng Zhaozhuo felt that Rong Jing would not kill the old prince Yun, and Qin Yuning smiled and said that he had already given the old prince Yun a poisonous needle.

Seeing Lao Wang Ye waking up, Rong Jing asked him if he framed General Murong and killed Murong Mansion. Lao Wang Ye accused General Murong of false surrender, in fact, he wanted to take the opportunity to restore the country, and what he did was just for the saint of heaven. It is also the responsibility of being a minister to lose a person with wolf ambition.

Enraged, Rong Jing drew his sword to face each other, but suddenly realized that it was strange that the magnanimous Old Prince Yun wanted to die like this. Old Prince Yun smiled and said that Rong Jing was the smartest person in the world. The old prince Yun broke that Rongjing was the prince of Qi country. He believed that the past is no longer chasing. If his death can let the people of Qi country lay down their hatred, then he is willing to die.

The old prince Yun suddenly vomited blood as he spoke. He knew that his life was not long before, but Yun Qianyue was most worried about him. He told Rong Jing to take good care of Yun Qianyue and hoped that the two could restore the old. Old Lord Yun died in Rong Jing’s arms. Yun Qianyue, who was found according to the address, saw this scene. Yun Qianyue lay on Old Lord Yun and wept bitterly. Yu Luoyao and others appeared. Yun Qianyue asked Rong Jing if he was the old prince Yun he killed. In front of everyone, Rong Jing could only admit it, and Nan Lingrui, who rushed over afterward, knelt beside the old prince Yun and shed tears.

Qin Yuning informed Chen Liu of Rong Jing’s residence. When Chen Liu arrived, Rong Jing had already left for a long time. There was grief inside and outside the Yunwang Mansion. Yun Qianyue took off her makeup and hair, and knelt in front of the spirit of Old Lord Yun. Yunxianghe sent food several times. Yun Qianyue did not eat. Yunxianghe asked Nan Lingrui to persuade Yun. Qianyue, Nan Lingrui understood that Yun Xianghe should not disturb Yun Qianyue. Nan Lingrui was worried about whether Yunxianghe could support the huge Yunwang Mansion in the future. Yunxianghe detailed the matters that he needed to pay attention to and said that he would try his best to do it well.

Nan Lingrui learned from the coachman that it was the old master Yun kidnapped by Qin Yuning. The resentful Nan Lingrui stunned Qin Yuning. Qin Yuning woke up to argue that these were all Rong Jing instructed him to do. Nan Lingrui threw her into the brothel alone. After leaving, Qin Yuning will face countless lustful men.

Ye Qingran picks up Yun Qianyue from Yunwang’s Mansion. Yun Qianyue wants to stay and accompany Mr. Yun more, but her Ye Qingran leaves Chen Liu to guard Yunwang’s mansion. Yun Qianyue cut her hair and put it in a box for Cailian to give to Rong Jing. Cailian used the crossbow sent to her by Xiange to send a signal, Xiange came to inquire and took the box away. Rong Jing looked at the green silk in the box and understood Yun Qianyue’s heart breaking with him. In the box, Yun Qianyue left a word for Rong Jing to meet in the bamboo forest.

Taking advantage of the darkness, Yun Qianyue left the house for the appointment, Chen Liu quietly followed, and ordered someone to inform Ye Qingran.

Rong Jing waited for Yun Qianyue in the bamboo forest. Yun Qianyue appeared and asked him why he approached him. Rong Jing said that he really owed Yun Qianyue an explanation. Yun Qianyue was heartbroken because of her love killing her close relatives, she drew her sword and pointed directly at Rong Jing, when Ye Qingran suddenly appeared.

Yun Qianyue was very surprised by Ye Qingran’s appearance. Ye Qingran said that he would help her get revenge, and then Rong Jing was imprisoned. Ye Qingran enters the prison alone to meet with Rong Jing. He thinks that Rong Jing still has feelings for Yun Qianyue. Rong Jing laments Ye Qingran’s growth. Ye Qingran ironically said that it was Rong Jing’s departure that made him and Yun Qian perfect. moon.

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