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The Unknown: Legend of Exorcist Zhong Kui 问天录 Episode 3 Recap

Ding Xiaofeng told Ding Gang that Yang Tiemei had agreed to cooperate with Zhong Yunfei. When Ding Gang refused to admit defeat, he told Ding Xiaofeng that he would welcome Zhong Yunfei to pick someone at any time. On the fairy castle side, Yang Hongxue and Di Renfei were unwilling to come out to practice the combination of two swords, so Yang Tiemei had to force Liu Que and Dai Zhi to practice swords.

Unexpectedly, the two of them were ready to practice. They were really connected. Both Dai Zhi and Liu Que were very surprised, but both of them were not high in cultivation and needed to be trained to develop their potential. They went to the Nanhai School to select two more disciples, and the two agreed to see who trained the better disciple.

In the evening, Dai Zhizheng was happy that he was suddenly assassinated when he was selected, and Liu Que was also attacked on the other side. Fortunately, Liu Hanyan arrived in time to save Liu Que’s life. Yang Tiemei was a little surprised to learn about this, but the assassin was a martial artist in the human world. Liu Hanyan suspects that the people of Xianbao did it, but Yang Tiemei said that the people of Xianbao were all cultivated since childhood and there is absolutely no possibility of spies. .

Liu Hanyan told Zhong Yunfei and Wang Fuqu about the matter with Feiying, and said that Di Renfei was suspicious. When Zhong Yunfei dispatched people in the South China Sea, the Demon King suddenly ordered the tree demon to attack the disciples, but was repelled by them. The Gorefiend wondered why the Demon King would take the initiative to attack.

The Demon King said that he wanted to divert Zhong Yunfei’s attention, making them think that he was trying to prevent the two swords from combining. Zhong Yunfei was thoughtful and did not easily believe that the Demon King was just to stop the two swords. He Bi only attacked the South China Sea faction, and felt that the blood demon’s current behavior was very wrong.

Liu Que was very close to Liu Hanyan because Liu Hanyan saved herself. Liu Hanyan took the opportunity to ask Liu Que if there were any herbs in the fairy castle that could make people switch gender. Liu Que was surprised. Liu Hanyan quickly said that Wang Fuqu wanted this. Planting medicinal herbs, Liu Que said that there was no such thing in the fairy castle, but he would ask for help. After Liu Que left, Zhong Yunfei and Wang Fuqu also came. Zhong Yunfei turned into a blood demon to test Di Renfei, but Di Renfei did not hesitate to kill the blood demon.

Zhong Yunfei believed that there was no connection between him and the blood demon. When the people in Xianbao descended the mountain the next day, Liu Que asked the herbal seller about sex-changing drugs. The man said that there was a herbal medicine called Huanxisang that could cure all diseases, but the side effect was to change the sex of a person, so Liu Que got rid of him. Found this herb, but what she didn’t know was that this person was controlled by the Gorefiend.

Di Renfei and Ding Xiaofeng met on the street, Ding Xiaofeng deliberately avoided, but Di Renfei refused to give up, and deliberately blocked the way. The two competed on the street. When they refused to yield, Yang Hongxue rushed to separate the people on both sides. , And reprimanded Di Renfei for causing trouble again, Di Renfei had to let Ding Xiaofeng go.

Ding Xiaofeng gave Yang Hongxue a wink when he left. After Di Ren flew away, Yang Hongxue went to find Ding Xiaofeng. Ding Xiaofeng really waited in the alley. Ding Xiaofeng thought that Yang Hongxue would blame him for the conflict with Di Ren. However, Yang Hongxue said that Ding Xiaofeng worked hard to resolve the conflict. When the two were chatting, Di Renfei attacked with a hidden weapon and fought Ding Xiaofeng. Yang Hongxue protected Ding Xiaofeng. Ding Xiaofeng was unwilling to fight Di Renfei. He hurriedly left.

After Ding Xiaofeng returned to the South China Sea faction, Wang Fuqu knew about it and said that Ding Xiaofeng’s injury was a good thing. After looking at what happened today, Yang Hongxue must have Ding Xiaofeng in his heart. Ding Xiaofeng said that the two factions are in constant disputes, and now there are blood demons in chaos. Think, Wang Fuqu said that Yang Tiemei can control Yang Hongxue but not Ding Xiaofeng.

Ding Xiaofeng rushed to the fairy castle at night to visit Yang Hongxue. Yang Hongxue asked him how he was injured. Ding Xiaofeng took out the nourishing pill that Yang Hongxue had given him before, saying that with her medicine, she would be fine, and this medicine bottle was also fine. It meant a lot to them. The two were talking, but they heard Yang Tiemei’s voice outside the door. Yang Hongxue quickly let Ding Xiaofeng hide in her bed, but Yang Tiemei still found Ding Xiaofeng.

Yang Tiemei was so angry that she was about to kill Ding Xiaofeng. Yang Hongxue and Liu Hanyan who had come after hearing the news stood in front of Ding Xiaofeng, but Yang Tiemei was angry and would not listen to anything, and said Liu Hanyan had promised not to interfere. Resentment, Liu Hanyan had no choice but to save Ding Xiaofeng, Yang Tiemei sealed Yang Hongxue’s acupuncture points and put her under house arrest.

On the second day, Zhong Yunfei and Wang Fuqu came to apologize for Liu Hanyan. Zhong Yunfei proposed to replace Ding Xiaofeng and Yang Tiemei in a battle. If he wins, he hopes that Yang Tiemei will continue to cooperate and fight against demons regardless of previous suspicions. Under Wang Fuqu’s radical method, Yang Tie Mei agreed to Zhong Yunfei’s proposal.

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