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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 25 Recap

Li Qian led his troops to warn everyone: Anyone who took the lead in making trouble was arrested and brought to justice. Li Qian felt sorry for Bao Ning’s injury and gave her medicine carefully. Bao Ning apologized to Li Qian for fear that the shantang matter would cause him trouble. Li Qian assured Bao Ning that he would investigate and deal with the people behind the scenes.

Jin Xiao saw that Cai Shuang’s behavior was suspicious, so she quietly followed up and found that this person had met Zhao Xiao and mentioned the military pay. Jin Xiao told Li Qian about this. He felt that there must be an ulterior secret hidden between Cai Shuang’s sneaky and Zhao Xiao. Li Qian felt that the delay in military payment would make the army lose heart, so he asked Jin Xiao to investigate Cai Shuang’s The bottom line, Jin Xiao readily agreed. Jin Xiao followed Cai Shuang and found that he had brought a large sum of silver into the cloth shop.

Dong Shanhu was very guilty to come to visit her when he heard that Baoning was injured because of the shantang incident. Dong Shanhu felt that the victims did not know what is good or bad, but Baoning felt that the dead child was only six years old. It is understandable that the mother lost the child to do so. Dong Shan could not understand why mildew rice and cotton mixed with sand appeared. Baoning said that he was also responsible for poor supervision. The materials purchased by Shantang and the materials donated by the squire were not distinguished. After investigation, he could not distinguish. Did all the materials in question come from one person?

Baoning asked Dong Shan to go to the shantang for himself because it was not convenient to go out. Baoning asked Dong Shanhu to start with the clue that Jinxi’s merchants and officials went privately to the bank to release the money, and gradually found out the forces behind it. Baoning suspected that these things were implicated. Dong Shanhu also heard about these things early in the morning and tracked down some eyebrows secretly, but he didn’t dare to stun them, so Baoning asked her to let her go to investigate and act as a backer for her himself.

Jin Xiao was chased and beaten by his father because he refused to get married. Jin Xiao fled to meet his subordinates. He thought it was Cai Shuang who had acted. However, his subordinates investigated and found that someone had set up an underground privately in Jinxi. The bank, the host behind the bank is a very powerful woman, Jin Xiao immediately took people to the cloth shop. As soon as Jin Xiao led the people into the cloth shop, he found that Dong Shan was burning something. He immediately stepped forward and grabbed Dong Shan.

He thought that Dong Shan was the master of the bank and tried to burn the account books. Dong Shan explained that the account books were not his own, but Jin Xiao Feeling she was arguing, people immediately took Dong Shanhu away. Jin Xiao interrogated Dong Shanhu and found that her mouth was very stiff. Dong Shanjue’s Jin Xiao arrested herself without knowing the cause and effect, and asked Jin Xiao what law she had committed. Jin Xiao said that since she was a young girl in business, there was no woman in Dong Shan who had the ability to commit an underground bank.

Dong said that she had never involved an underground bank in business since she started doing business. Jin Xiao asked her why she didn’t even have a shopkeeper. Dong Shanhu explained that the shopkeeper burned the account books and ran away. Jin Xiao obviously didn’t believe it. Xiao suddenly panicked. At this time, his subordinates reported that the county lord of Jianan personally asked him to release Dong Shanhu, but Jin Xiao had to release it.

Li Qian and his wife invited Jin Xiao and Dong Shanhu to their home. Baoning explained to Jin Xiao that he had asked Dong Shan to investigate the moldy rice in the shantang. They did not expect Jin Xiao to have a misunderstanding.

Li Qian asked Jin Xiao to apologize to Dong Shanhu, and Jin Xiao reluctantly apologized. As a result, the two of them quarreled again with each other, but Li Qian and Baoning felt that they were flirting. The two disliked each other. The four of them sat together and chatted about the underground bank. It turned out that Dong Shan had been to the cloth shop before and found that the lady boss was very problematic, because the lady boss recommended fake official embroidery to her. Dong Shan drove out.

After driving away Dong Shanhu, the proprietress burned the account books in a panic, but Dong Shan broke in to stop her. Dong Shanhu took the half-burnt account book to Baoning. After reading the account book, Baoning found that the shopkeeper used thirty thousand taels to buy less than one thousand taels, which shows that the boss is making false accounts. You can find out the supply based on the remaining account books. The source. Li Qian asked Jin Xiao to arrest some of the principals for separate interrogation and let them identify each other to find the culprit.

Zhao Xiao asked his subordinates to observe Li Qian and Jin Xiao secretly to find out what the two were doing. The wife of the underground bank found Gao Miaorong for fear that she would be implicated because of the cloth, but Gao Miaorong was not in a hurry.

She reminded his wife that the underground bank was investigated because of the county lord of Canaan and asked her to give her husband’s brother Zhuangli A copy of the book, because Zhuang Li is the proudest student of Wang Jidao, the first assistant, Wang Jidao is highly regarded by His Majesty, and Wang Jidao can participate in the book of Canaan County Lord before His Majesty. Wang Jidao and Zhuang Li participated in the event that Baoning used the status of the princess to set up a shantang privately in Bingzhou. At this time, the empress dowager heard that someone had framed Baoning and wanted to kill Baoning and came to question the emperor. The emperor told the empress dowager not to listen to slanders.

The Empress Dowager asked Zhuang Li why he convicted Baoning based on one-sided words. Relying on the reckless behavior of Wang Jidao’s proud disciple, she also asked why Wang Jidao had to kill Baoning. Empress Han rushed to feel that the empress dowager favored Jiang Baoning and disregarded the people of the world. The empress dowager asked whether the empress Han had proof, but the empress Han said that she was a queen and naturally had the right to judge Jiang Baoning. Stimulating the emperor to say that Jiang Baoning was already someone else’s woman, the emperor slapped the queen in anger into anger.

Empress Han was so angry that she wanted to put her under house arrest on the grounds that the empress dowager was too old, and the empress dowager was dizzy. Empress Han returned to her bedroom and blamed Jiang Baoning for everything. Empress Han ran to the queen dowager and asked for forgiveness. The empress dowager reminded her that she needs to be a competent queen if she wants to be favored.

Baoning learned that the Empress Dowager was angry with Empress Han. It turned out that Zhuang Li had participated in the book in front of the emperor. The lover suspected that it was because of Mrs. Zhuang, and Baoning suspected that there were other reasons. Baoning wrote a safety letter to the Queen Mother so as not to worry about her. Li Qian said that one of the people caught before was named Sun Laosan, the treasurer of the cloth shop called Lu Wan. Lu Wan had been setting up a bank in private to launder money, but Lu Wan was careful and would not show up easily.

Sun Laosan confessed to Lu Wan. Li Qian was about to arrest him at the Fortuna Inn in the west of the city. Baoning feels that Lu Wan must have the mastermind behind the scenes. Li Qian wants to catch Lu Wan for interrogation, but Baoning is worried that she will startle the snake, but Li Qian is worried about the damage to her reputation because of Zhuang Li’s suing Baoning and wants to solve it immediately. Baoning wanted to use herself as a bait to lure the master behind the scenes, but Li Qian did not agree to be persuaded by Baoning.

When Baoning came to the inn, Li Qian pretended to be a servant and followed to protect him. Baoning deliberately led out the shopkeeper. Lu Wan recognized Baoning at a glance. Baoning said that he wanted to make a deal with her. Lu Wan hesitated at first and finally Baoning. Lu Wancai nodded after taking out the silver million. Baoning wanted to see the manager, but Cai Shuang didn’t expect it to be.

When Cai Shuang saw that the incident was revealed, he stabbed Lu Wan to death and took the opportunity to escape. Li Qian immediately chased him out. Unexpectedly, Zhao Xiao suddenly appeared and caught Cai Shuang. He threatened that Cai Shuang was under his own jurisdiction and would not need Li Qian to be nosy. When the people scuffled together in the street, Cai Shuang took the opportunity to escape, and Bao-ning came forward to chase people and was stunned by the drug.

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