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People’s Property 突围 Episode 15 Recap

After recalling the history of the establishment of the Zhongfu Group, Qi Benan discussed with Shi Hongxing to reopen the democratic life meeting. It was necessary to remind the members of the team that they were first and foremost a party member. Pi Dan followed Lin Manjiang to Beijing without saying a word. What should Jingzhou Energy do next, Niu Junjie really didn’t know, so he wanted to invite Qi Ben’an to have a meal. Qi Ben’an has always been a clean government, so he asked him to eat at home, and Qi Ben’an also accepted.

Qian Rongcheng ran to Li Shundong and said that he wanted to convey the spirit of the city government meeting and that he would be given a condolence fee of five million, and the arrears would be written off. Li Shundong doesn’t appreciate it. Qian Rongcheng is a debtor. How can he describe the arrears as condolences. Qian Rongcheng added another one million, and Li Shundong’s attitude remained firm. Qian Rongcheng answered President Wu’s call in front of him, saying that President Wu invited him to dinner. Li Shundong thought he was acting at first, but Qian Rongcheng’s acting became more and more real.

Qi Benan went to Niu Junjie’s house for dinner after work, and asked about Shi Hongxing. Niu Junjie believes that Qi Benan should report to the group leader as soon as possible, even if he had been good friends with Li Gongquan and Wang Ping An before. Niu Junjie said that Qi Ben’an and Lin Manjiang would have a battle, and told him to be careful about Lin Manjiang.

Qi Ben was stupid to install, but Niu Junjie also saw that Li Gongquan had been held in the palm of his hand by Lin Manjiang. Qi Ben’an stated that he is a party member and cadre, not someone’s domestic slave. If he fights for justice, he is willing to persevere to the end. Lu Jianshe was suddenly led by Lin Manjiang alone.

Today, Lin Manjiang didn’t pass Qi Ben’an at all. Li Gongquan was like a hostage. Niu Junjie agreed that as long as Qi Ben’an did something that made him dissatisfied, Qi Ben’an would never get better. . Qi Ben’an was also very awkward, he knew what to do, but he couldn’t be more angry. Niu Junjie is worried that Jingzhou Energy’s solution to the difficulties and Lin Manjiang is also going through the scene, and Qi Ben’an is also worried that he will find his next home afterwards, and the solution cannot be just superficial.

Qian Rongcheng really went to dinner with President Wu, and President Wu said he would save him. President Wu relieved and asked him to go back and make a loan repayment plan. Qin Xiaochong gave Zhou Jieling all the 200,000 he wanted to return. He went to the angels to rush to Huang Qingyuan. Qin Xiaochong wanted to see Weiwei, but Zhou Jieling still only wanted to show him the video. Li Gongquan was taken away by Lu Jianshe to explain. Li Gongquan said he was dragged into the water, saying that it was Wang Ping’an’s idea.

Lin Manjiang told Shi Hongxing not to worry about this anymore, but Shi Hongxing worried that Lu Jiancheng would lure Li Gongquan to frame him. Fortunately, Lin Manjiang used Shi Hongxing’s mobile phone to give instructions to Lu Jianshe. No matter how much he hates Shi Hongxing. Lin Manjiang should also be considered. Zhou Jieling was afraid that Qin Xiaochong would affect Weiwei’s study, even if he knew that Qin Xiaochong had been wronged, he had to prove it. But Qin Xiaochong confirmed that it would take time, and he would be relieved to see Weiwei. Zhou Jieling let her go, and let Weiwei and Qin Xiaochong video meet once a week, and she also had to dress up like they were in the United States.

Qi Ben’an started to think about what he had in the meeting at the beginning of the third tour. Why did Wang Ping’an and Li Gongquan want to go to give gifts. Fortunately, he had received it by mistake, otherwise he would have been sitting in the car for a review in Beijing. Shi Hongxing filed a complaint with Lin Manjiang over there, saying that Qi Ben’an was about to hold a democratic life meeting. He changed his face as soon as he had the right. Lu Jianshe asked Li Gongquan to think carefully about giving gifts to Qi Ben’an. They did not expect that what Qi Ben’an said at the meeting caused a misunderstanding. They felt that Qi Ben’an was suggesting that an old acquaintance gave him gifts. Qin Xiaochong watched Weiwei’s video again and again, and couldn’t tell the distress in his heart.

Mayor Wu and Lu Deguang reported on the situation of the bank-enterprise cooperation association. The transformation of shanty towns still requires money, which is what they want to discuss. After the shantytown collapsed, some residents were still unwilling to demolish. Only 92% agreed, and only 3% could be demolished. Many residents who agreed to the demolition were caught up by the residents of the nail households, and everyone was very grieved. Qin Jian felt that everyone should mobilize the nail households together. But everyone had waited for five years and didn’t want to wait any longer.

They signed the petition together. Qin inspected Cheng Duanyang and asked her to sign it with less effort. Lv Jiajia and Lin Xiaowei’s love relationship was very interesting, and helped Lv Deguang cook a table of dishes, but the taste was not very delicious. Lu Deguang received a call from Lu Jiajia and quickly ended the meeting, asking everyone to go back and think about how to renovate the shanty town. Li Xuexue believes that the 95% approval rate is lazy, but there is nothing to do with the documents. Lin Xiaowei and Lu Jiajia cooked a table for Lu Deguang, and the family ate happily.

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