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Heartbeat Love Game Android Download

Game type: cosplay
Update time:2020-11-3 10:37
Picture style: Second element
Gameplay: Maiden
Game size:381.75MB
Game manufacturer: No manufacturer

Game Introduction:

Heartbeat love game is a sweet love simulation to develop the game. The exquisite character paintings, the story of sweet pets, multiple side stories, and the set of male protagonists with different personalities, this is a dreamy love, this is a sweet trouble, and which male protagonist stays with for life is completely up to You can choose, interact and enjoy to your heart’s content. This is a happy love time for players.

Features of Heartbeat Love Game:

  1. Five male protagonists love you, five handsome male protagonists with very different styles, there is always a “him” that meets your expectations;
  2. Sweet interaction to create surprises, original flower room play, experience the joy of cultivation, play with dolls, and create your own little surprises;
  3. You can’t miss the color control and voice control. Massively beautiful characters are drawn in CG, and well-known voice actors will join in to make you feel at the end!

Introduction to Heartbeat Love Play:

  1. Meet the ballet, review the classics, perfectly combine the art of ballet with the game, and learn the little knowledge of ballet at the same time when you are in love;
  2. The ups and downs plot hides suspense, blends ballet art themes and surreal colors, and explores the truth in an unknown dream world. ;
  3. The heartbeat dating is a romantic upgrade, exclusive to you and his heartbeat time, feel the blush and heartbeat in the interaction, and record every memory.
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