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People’s Property 突围 Episode 14 Recap

Everyone couldn’t sit still, and Lin Manjiang was willing to come out for the meeting. Qin Xiaochong returned to the Jingzhou Times, rushed into Fan Jiahui’s office, and began acting. He said that he had exposed his identity as an undercover agent by calling him. He also said that it was Niu Shiyan. He was afraid that he would make a big news and grab her position. Fan Jiahui reacted and Qin Xiao rushed out, what should I do with the 30,000 yuan. Qin Xiaochong immediately said that Niu Shiyan should be responsible for the 30,000 yuan.

Fan Jiahui was so angry that he went to the in-depth reporting department for a meeting. When Niu Shiyan saw Fan Jiahui’s angrily look on her face, she was a little puzzled, Qin Xiaochong spoke to her and realized that it was Qin Xiaochong who was instigating the discord. Fan Jiahui asked Qin Xiaochong and Niu Shiyan to shake hands in a friendly manner, not to engage in internal strife, and said that Qin Xiaochong was probably wronged when he went to jail. The organization is already actively collecting evidence for him to clarify. Qin Xiaochong quickly stated that as long as everyone is innocent, It will definitely create greater value for newspapers.

Lin Manjiang had a meeting and said that he had given everyone an hour to take a closer look at the photos placed in the conference room. These are all old photos of Zhongfu Company. Speaking of the history of Zhongfu, Li Gongquan’s grandfather, the two brothers had provided great help to Zhongfu. Fan Jiahui asked Qin Xiaochong to report on Chen Yingcheng’s affairs. When the police suddenly came to the door, Qin Xiaochong and Fan Jiahui were shocked. They didn’t expect Huang Qingyuan to report the case and asked Qin Xiaochong to do the certification.

After Qi Ben’an finished the history, Lin Manjiang was in trouble. Li Gongquan’s ancestors regarded money as dung, but what did he do! Li Gongquan was taken aback, and quickly said he wanted to confess. Qin Xiaochong came to the Criminal Police Brigade and was emotionally charged with Captain Wang that Huang Qingyuan had pitted all his savings, and the two quarreled on the spot. Captain Wang said that Huang Qingyuan was not kind, and Huang Qingyuan took out a 200,000 card and said that as long as Qin Xiaochong helped him testify, he would immediately give him the money.

Captain Wang is the main player and he is now transferring the money, but Huang Qingyuan regrets it again. Captain Wang told them to go back, one by one, don’t make any mistakes, and Huang Qingyuan refused to leave, and was dragged away by Qin Xiaochong. After the meeting, Niu Junjie complained about what kind of a democratic life meeting was. It was obviously the big treasurer who taught the young man. Of course, he was not only scolding Li Gongquan, but he was clearly slaughtering chickens and monkeys.

Mayor Wu held a bank-enterprise coordination meeting and introduced Qian Rongcheng in particular. He hoped that banks would give more money to private enterprises. Lin Manjiang said after the meeting that he would hurry back to Beijing. Qi Ben’an said that there were still some things to report to him. After looking at Shi Hongxing, it was obviously inconvenient to say.

Lin Manjiang didn’t ask Shi Hongxing to go, Qi Benan said that it was Li Gongquan’s matter, and he didn’t know how it would ferment. Lin Manjiang has arranged to bring Li Gongquan back to Beijing to explain, but this incident has never greeted Qi Ben’an, which inevitably arouses speculation. Qi Ben’an took a deep breath and had nothing to say.

Huang Qingyuan repaid Qin Xiaochong’s 200,000 yuan, but he didn’t plan to pay the rest. He really had no money. Of course Qin Xiaochong didn’t agree, and asked him to get out of the IOU. Before Qin Xiaochong didn’t pay attention, Huang Qingyuan ran away. Qi Benan stubbornly wanted to keep Li Gongquan in Jingzhou for investigation, but Lin Manjiang said that he and Wang Ping’an and Li Gongquan had worshipped his brothers in the first place, and he had to avoid suspicion.

Qi Benan had nothing to say again. Lin Xiaowei was going to return to Beijing with Lin Manjiang, but Lu Jiajia was unwilling to leave. Lin Manjiang sighed. This son was raised by Lu Deguang.

Today, Lin Manjiang sent Li Gongquan to the trial stand, but what he created was clearly the Zhongfu Group with one word. Instead, Qi Benan remembered the story of Zhu Changping, the founder of the group. In 1933, in order to rescue Comrade Liu Bicheng, Zhu Changping and his wife Xie Yingzi were forced to sell their ancestral house to others at a low price. They took five gold bars to Chen Yiping, the chief of law enforcement, to save Liu Bicheng.

But immediately after Chen Yiping’s home was stolen and the people were not saved, Li Georgi asked Abao to inform Zhu Changping and quickly called them out to avoid the limelight. On such a snowy night, Liu Bicheng shouted “Long live the Communist Party” and was killed. Zhu Changping sent his wife on the train and hurriedly went to Li George to ask for gold bars, and gave him one according to the prior agreement.

Li George, a person who is unprofitable and cannot afford to pay, unexpectedly didn’t ask for it. He returned it to Zhu Changping and Liu Bicheng wrote before his death. letter. Later, when Zhu Changping’s new store opened, George Li came to give him a big deal and asked him to do business with Qian Fuli. Zhu Changping did not refuse. The revolution requires a lot of funds, and the corruption of the enemy is our opportunity.

The democratic life meeting was not completed, Qi Benan felt that it still needed to be opened so that everyone could understand that he was a Communist Party member first. Niu Junjie called as soon as he got back to the office. Pi Dan said he would leave. He didn’t know how to leave. Niu Junjie asked Qi Benan to come home for dinner, and Qi Benan agreed.

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