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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 16 Recap

Following the arrest of President Qiu, the police found that he had graduated from a prestigious university before committing the crime and had never had a criminal record. Later, due to indulging in gambling, he eventually lost his net worth. Even if he has been caught now, it is difficult to get the company’s money back. After all, there are still many victims waiting in line for the letter.

At the same time, Lu Keying left home to live in a hotel with anger. Song Tongyi was drunk at home. After seeing Lu Keying’s circle of friends, he continued to pick up the bottle and continue to drink until he finished drinking. Then he went to the hotel to look for it. she. On the other side, Lu Keying received a call from Zhao Yunshen and quickly apologized to him, but Zhao Yunshen was not angry, and instead invited her to be a guest at her home.

Lu Keying was invited to buy ingredients and went over. Seeing Zhao’s villa and comparing it to the basement where he lived, it was inevitable that there was a gap in her heart. Originally, Lu Keying was still worried that she was not good at cooking, but Zhao Yunshen’s cooking skills were quite good. The two had lunch together in the kitchen, and the atmosphere was very warm.

Zhao Yunshen talked about Song Sole’s relationship with Lu Keying, so he asked her for confirmation. Lu Keying did not deny it, but asked Zhao Yunkun how he views love. Compared with Song Sole’s arrogance and naivety, Zhao Yunshen’s view of love is more mature, and Lu Keying agrees with many of his views.

Song Youyi staggered to the hotel and was about to pick up Lu Keying home, but the front desk insisted that he had no right to disclose the guest’s privacy and tactfully refused to give the room number. Because of this, Song Soli made a big fuss, even pushed the female front desk, and was finally sent to the police station.

Lu Keying, who received the call, had to rush to the police station and happened to see Song Siming spend money to keep Song Youyi out, especially when she heard that he was still complaining, she was so angry that she no longer wanted to talk to the man. After returning home, Lu Keying explained the cause and effect to Song Siming, and Song Siming did not agree with Song Only’s approach.

Never thought that Song Only showed impatience, and even stood up and yelled at Song Sining, leaving aside the relationship between brother and sister. Lu Keying couldn’t listen, slapped Song’s only slap on the spot, and asked him to apologize to Song Siming, otherwise he would get divorced. Under Lu Keying’s threat, Song Only reluctantly apologized, and at the same time it broke Song Siming’s heart. When Li Junlong came back to reconcile the relationship between several people, Song Sining accompanied Lu Keying to the supermarket to buy food, obviously feeling that she was getting more mature.

Chen Songying won the big order for the company, and he was finally proud. Because of the success of the project, Wu Zhiguo had to praise Chen Songying at the meeting. Song Sining thought of her husband’s recent frown, so she wanted to ask Chen Songying to find Guan Zheng to support Li Junlong. Chen Songying readily agreed, and it happened that Guan Zheng called Chen Songying to have lunch.

The two went back after eating and met a little girl selling flowers on the road. Chen Songying was also touched when Guan Zheng couldn’t hide his love for children. However, Chen Songying felt that she was already an older woman and there would be risks if she had a baby. She couldn’t make up her mind, so she revealed her concerns to Song Sining. Song Sining believed that the two should have a child.

Now that the company has not improved, Li Junlong is very anxious about this, but he does not want to let his wife know, so as not to worry about it. Lu Keying received his salary to buy clothes to reward himself, so he went shopping with Song Sining after get off work. During the period, he said that when he was in his hometown, he thought that Song Zhiyi was very good, but only when he came to Beijing, he found someone outside.

It took half a month’s salary to buy an expensive dress. Lu Keying went home happily to try it on, but Song Youyi wanted to get close to her but was refused. Because in Lu Keying’s view, apart from playing games at home, Song Only was thinking of messy things. He wanted Song Only to find a job, but the other party’s attitude was extremely perfunctory.

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