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Out of the Dream 梦见狮子 Episode 1 Recap

The yard was wiped clean and spotlessly clean. A girl bought a bunch of things and went in to find her master. She sprinkled things recklessly. There were not only masters but also master uncles. They were very strict and they were not allowed to be lazy in the exercises. The team, everyone is singing, there is a game player squatting next to him, addicted to it, unable to extricate himself, was discovered by the senior sister.

Li Qin, but also sophistry saying that the master said that you must persevere in everything, the senior sister and him snatched it, finally He also took off his pants, but the elder sister won for him and promised to return the phone to him after he finished training the iron threshold. It turned out that the last time the senior sister returned his mobile phone, she did a little research, and the movements and positions in it were lined up during the rehearsal.

The senior brother said it was not bad, and took the phone away while the senior sister was not paying attention. The sister’s name is Yu Fei, and the master is looking for her, asking her to prepare for a performance, which is very important, and promised to push her to the Qingjing competition. Yu Fei was very happy. Putting on the new bearded mouth given by Master, he ran to find Uncle Master, showed him the new bearded mouth, and told her about the mood along the way.

t the beginning, he always complained about the bearded halitosis, Uncle told him She would have her own horns when she became a horn, but Shishu told her that it was not that she had a horn, but that the horns were worthless, but Yu Fei still talked to Shishu on his own. But Uncle Master seemed to be very indifferent. Suddenly two people came in and talked about Master Uncle’s marriage.

Yu Fei was shocked. She was stunned. Uncle Master’s fiancé was Da Qingyi Shi Meiqing from a Peking Opera family. Yu Fei was shocked and couldn’t believe it. Master told her. Sing well, and I won’t be with her again in the future. There is a new old student in the group. Uncle Master wants to take him. Even if Master wants to play a new play for Yu Fei, even if she becomes a actor, she will not be happy. Because she just wants to be on stage with Shishu.

When it’s time to perform at night, Yu Fei is an old female student. She started studying at the age of 12. She praised her as a good seedling, but she lost her mind when singing duet with her uncle. A mysterious man here also said It didn’t take ten days for him to find the new Liu Xichan. The two of them showed their performance in other ways, but in the end, Yu Fei’s mood was still unstable and even forgot his words, which made the audience very dissatisfied.

The mysterious man pulled down the switch and dragged Yu Fei away, telling her it was time to go to a bigger stage. He needed an actor, but she refused. Master hit Yu Fei with a stick. He was very angry. Even if other people spoke for her, it was useless. Master knew her skills and she would never forget her words. She also admitted that she should hit her if she made a mistake.

I just wanted to ask Master Uncle how she sang and deliberately competed with Master. She also voluntarily admitted that she had committed the five sins. She was moved by Master Uncle, but Master Uncle was indifferent. Yu Fei must speak up, otherwise I’m sorry. Uncle Shi actually asked her to expel her from the teacher’s door, and she was not allowed to appear on stage for three years. Yu Fei’s heart was completely dead, and she was also heartbroken to Uncle Shi.

It started raining, and the wind was blowing like Yu Fei’s mood. She came to Shuji’s house under the rain and gave her medicine. Yu Fei wanted to give herself an explanation because the uncle was getting married tomorrow.

A big show in Suzhou Manzhan is performing in advance, vivid and vivid, and the scene is very vivid and powerful. A woman in red is dancing lightly and charmingly. At this time, the mysterious person who pulled the switch during Yu Fei’s performance was also in the audience, and some people said He is a mysterious planner and one of the two founders of Jiubai Studio. The role-playing name is Guanshan Qiantong.

At this time, Jiuye’s Mai was out of power on the stage, and a new little bee was temporarily prepared. All of this was temporarily changed by him, which distracted the audience and cleverly resolved the crisis.

It turns out that Jiuye is the other founder of the studio. Her focus is on publicity, all for the Suzhou Animation Carnival. It turns out that there are still a lot of things to do here, but he has to choose that one percent. success. Yu Fei was sent home. Her mother also liked Peking Opera so much that she could only lie that she had taken time off.

Jiuye was drinking in a bar, and Yu Fei happened to pass by and caught her attention. She asked for a bottle of beer until she couldn’t stop and sang Peking opera. It happened that Jiuye hadn’t left and heard it and thought it was pretty good, so she recorded it and posted it. It was the mysterious man who gave it to Bai Feili.

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