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Why didn’t the Ming Dynasty move south after the Tumubao change?

Speaking of the transformation of Tumu Fortress, this matter is actually quite interesting, because after a coup, the Ming Dynasty regime was in great crisis, and the elite armed forces have been exhausted. Then we might as well ask. The Ming Dynasty could choose to move south, so did the Ming Dynasty have such an idea at that time?

The situation after the Tumu Fortress was very critical. The elite armed forces of the Ming Dynasty suffered heavy losses in the war, and Beijing’s defense was empty. Under such circumstances, the hearts of the people are unstable, and there are indeed some people who propose to move south.

For example, a fan of astrology, Hanlin Xu Hui of the Ming Dynasty was one. He was not optimistic about the situation at all. He sent his family back to the south for refuge in secret. “Only moving south is right.

This Xu Hui is Xu Youzhen in the Change of Seizing the Door.

This kind of remarks that shook the military’s mind made people panic, and some of them probably believed in his evil, but fortunately there were still many sober people at that time.

The refutation of the Shangshu of the Ministry of Rites at that time was that the emperor’s tomb was in Beijing and could not be moved. You have destiny, I have ancestral system.

The famous minister Yu Qian naturally also tried his best to oppose moving the capital. At the time, Yu Qian was the minister of war. He believed that if he moved south, he would repeat the tragedy of the Southern Song Dynasty. Beijing is the foundation of the world. If there is any further southward move, behead directly.

Under strict restraint by Yu Qian and others, no one was mentioning the move to the south.

In addition to foreign ministers, some eunuchs also expressed their attitudes. The “Guo Dynasty Contribution Records” records that eunuch Jin Ying told everyone that if the capital is moved again, his majesty will kill him without pardon. Of course, this must be the attitude of Emperor Jingtai.

Although Yingzong was captured, his mother, the Queen Mother, was as influential as the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother was very hesitant to stay in Beijing and asked Li Yongchang, the eunuch at the time, the eunuch. Li Yongchang took the shame of Jingkang in the Southern Song Dynasty as an example and persuaded him. Queen Mother.

It can be said that some people must have made the mistake of surrenderism at the time, but in the end they still advocated sticking to one side and winning.

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