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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 23 Recap

Although Qing’an is reluctant to break with the winter solstice, he is currently in a difficult situation and is unwilling to drag the winter solstice down. After Qingtai ascended the throne, he was ambitious and wanted to provoke disputes among countries. Qing’an did not want the people to suffer, and summoned the secret members of King Qing to overthrow Qingtai’s tyranny.

In order to find her husband in the winter solstice, He Cuihua wanted to take her to a banquet to meet young talents. He did not want to go to the winter solstice, so He Cuihua simply put her in the house. Fortunately, Li Changqing found that she secretly let the winter solstice go. For this reason, He Cuihua cursed Li Changqing.

He Cuihua was even more angry when she packed her clothes and left home during the winter solstice, threatening not to recognize her daughter when she came back from the winter solstice. Baoning promised to find the winter solstice, but also let He Cuihua promise not to force marriage to the winter solstice, so that the winter solstice can find someone she likes. Under the persuasion of Li Changqing and Baoning, He Cuihua agreed not to force marriage after returning from the winter solstice.

Baoning learned from Ling’er, the handmaid of the Winter Solstice, that the Winter Solstice had left home and went to a place she was familiar with. On the other hand, Siqin reminded Qing’an to have fun in time when he was alive. Qing’an wanted to understand that he had to find the winter solstice to explain clearly before returning to Yongqing.

During the winter solstice, he came to the brothel that he first met in Qing’an to look for Qing’an, but he didn’t know that he was seen by Qing’an who was looking for the winter solstice. Qing’an quietly followed the winter solstice and knew that the winter solstice was because of forced marriage at home and ran away from home. Hearing that the winter solstice was going to find her aunt’s house, Qing’an quietly followed the winter solstice to protect her.

Baoning asked Li Qian to call back to find out where to go in the winter solstice. Li Qian knew that the winter solstice must have been to the aunt’s house he had visited when he was young. Baoning worried about the safety of the winter solstice and asked Li Qian to accompany him to retrieve the winter solstice.

During the winter solstice, I was drinking tea on the side of the road when I was resting. I didn’t expect my wallet to be stolen by accident. After Qing’an found out, he secretly taught the thief a meal, asked the thief to return the wallet to the winter solstice, and asked the thief to conceal his whereabouts. Unexpectedly, in the winter solstice, seeing the thief’s face being beaten, thinking that Qing’an was around, but unexpectedly admitted that the wrong person lost the folding fan specially bought for Qing’an, but the folding fan was accidentally picked up by Qing’an.

On the other side, Li Qian accompanied Baoning all the way to find the winter solstice. The two saw many victims along the way, and Baoning shared the money and food among the victims. Unexpectedly, the charity of the two people led to robbery. Baoning saw that these robbers were helpless victims of the disaster, and all they asked for was just a meal. Baoning asked these people to go to Bingzhou Shantang with her own seal. She was willing to give them a place to stay. Seeing this, the robbers knelt down and thanked the county lord Jianan for great grace.

The winter solstice arrived at the aunt’s house smoothly, Qing’an saw that the winter solstice was safe to the end, and finally chose to leave silently.

Then Li Qian brought Bao Ning to here, and the siblings bickered as soon as they met, making Bao Ning helpless. Li Qian remembered that his aunt had made some medicinal recipes, so he asked his aunt to adjust the body of Baoning so that the two could get a full house as soon as possible.

Baoning learned that there was no one to plant the medicine in his aunt’s home, and suggested that the homeless people outside come to plant it, so that they have been provided with food and lodging, and the medicine can also be planted. Even after the disaster year, these people can grow medicinal materials and sell medicinal materials to make ends meet. Hearing this plan in the winter solstice, they hurried to find helpers.

Several people stayed in the pharmacy for a few days. Baoning persuaded him to go home during the winter solstice, and even told that He Cuihua would no longer be forced to marry. Early the next morning, several people packed their bags and prepared to return to Bingzhou.

Because of the disaster situation, various places asked for relief silver taels, and the Queen’s birthday is approaching, and there are a lot of silver taels needed. In order to reduce expenses, Zhao Yi reminded the Ministry of Rites and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to reduce expenses when the Queen was reasonably compliant.

The birthday is approaching, and the Queen has urged that the valuables needed for the birthday have not been purchased. Officials of the Ministry of Etiquette shied away on the grounds that the valuables need to be priced at a price. Seeing that the officials did not cooperate, Queen Han Tongxin came to look for Zhao Yi to be the master. Zhao Yi was very angry, but finally let the queen try to solve it on the grounds of busy business affairs.

Baoning and Li Qian played against each other. In order to win the game, Baoning played all kinds of tricks to win. The lover came in a hurry and brought the news that the Queen Mother was seriously ill in bed. Baoning heard the news, and hurriedly packed up and informed Li Changqing and his wife that they left for Beijing. However, Li Qian’s military camp had so many affairs that he could not accompany Baoning back to Beijing. He arranged for his guards to escort Baoning back to Beijing and promised to catch up with Baoning after he finished his official duties.

Baoning went back to the palace to visit her grandmother. She heard that her grandmother had suffered a cold wind only because of the change of seasons, and that she has been getting better after receiving medical treatment. When Zhao Yi learned that Baoning had returned to the palace, he hurried to visit the sick empress dowager. The empress dowager knew that the news of her illness did not come from the Shoukang Palace, so she tried to find out who the emperor passed the news to Baoning.

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