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Out of the Dream (2021) 梦见狮子

Out of the Dream
Other Title: Dreaming of a lion, ประตูสู่วันฝัน

Genres: Drama, Romance
Huang Yingxiang
Zhang Han
iQiyi, Tencent
Release Date:
 Oct. 28, 2021
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  • Yao Chi as Bai Feili
  • Chen Yu Si as Yu Fei
  • Zhang Shang Ming Zhu as Yu Fei (young)
  • Fu Jing as Guan Jiu
  • Xie Xing Yang as Dao Ge
  • Wu Yu Heng as Hao Shi
  • Sun Zhen Ni as Ling Jiu
  • Shi An as Ni Lin
  • Sheng Gang Shuai as Shu Ji
  • Jing Yan Jun as Xiao Zhu
  • Feng Bo as Yan Peishan


The TV series “Dreaming about Lions” is directed by Huang Yingxiang and starred by Yao Chi, Chen Yuzhen, Fu Jing, Xie Xingyang, and Wu Yuheng. SNH48-Sun Zhenni, Shi’an especially starred in a modern urban romantic drama. The play is based on Xiaohu Ruwei’s novel of the same name, telling the story of the love conflict, cultural conflict, and artistic concept conflict between the young Peking opera female veteran actor Yu Fei and the two-dimensional stage drama producer Bai Feili, growing up and breaking through the conflict. The story of the self.

The old Peking opera female student Yu Fei studied under the “light boat” and was expelled from her teacher for making a mistake; while the antique stage play producer Bai Feili was looking for actors with Peking opera skills for the new play, and the two met. Yu Fei’s bright voice in Peking opera made Bai Feili’s stage play famous inside and outside the circle, but the two broke contact because of her mother’s death. When I met again, Yu Fei was already preparing for the professional drama school, and Bai Feili’s drama club was also facing a crisis of new projects.

Yu Fei entered Bai Feili’s house because of a part-time job, and Bai Feili concentrated on preparing for Yu Fei’s make-up lessons; her in-depth understanding made her think about his home. With the assistance of her grandpa and grandmother, the two finally fell in love. In order to allow Yu Fei to concentrate on the Peking Opera career, Bai Feili told her to break up when she was most desperate; but after knowing the truth, Yu Fei chose to help Bai Feili’s drama company complete the performance. In the end, Yu Fei sang a different “Wu Zixu” on the stage of “The Prosperity of Spring and Autumn.” Bai Feili also made the premiere of the new drama “Nan Ge Like a Dream 2” full, and the two entered the marriage hall hand in hand.

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