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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 7 Recap

In order to please Lu Keying, Song Youyi promised to accompany her to repair the phone, but he wanted to use the worst accessories to fool around. Lu Keying considered that he had already found a job and it was time to move out of her eldest sister’s house, so she proposed to go to the agency to check the rental information, but Song Youyi refused, and his unrealistic ideas and lazy attitude made Lu Keying angry.

Song Sining, at the request of his father, promised to conceal his brother’s visit to Beijing for him, so he didn’t notify his mother. Unexpectedly, when Dora was in the video with her grandmother, she accidentally revealed that her uncle and aunt were living at home. These words made Song’s mother alert. Song Sining knew her mother’s temper and was worried that she would come to her door, so she hurriedly asked Song Only and Lu Keying to pack up and go to the hotel for two days.

When everyone was about to leave, they found Mother Song was standing at the door, and immediately reprimanded Song Sining. Song Sining said that she felt that her father was very pitiful, so she wanted to help, but in Song Mu’s opinion, the old man was unfaithful to the family and cheated first. Song Only heard the insulting mother in Song’s words, and immediately quarreled with her and almost started to move. Song’s mother was angrily and fainted on the spot.

The whole family rushed the elderly to the hospital. Fortunately, there was no serious health problem, and they quickly regained consciousness. Mother Song was still angry and didn’t want to see Song Siming, so Song Siming asked Dora to persuade her to eat. After Song’s father received the news, he rushed to Beijing as soon as possible and took the initiative to admit his fault to his former wife.

However, Song’s father’s appearance made Song’s mother very emotional, scolding the other party for harming herself and her daughter, and showed her police aura before retiring. At the same time, the old couple of Li family also came to the hospital and asked how long Song Youyi would stay. The meaning was obvious, but Song Youyi was still sullen and annoyed with Li’s mother.

Li Junlong heard that his father-in-law and mother-in-law were arguing in the ward, so he asked Li’s mother to reconcile. Li’s mother emphasized that Song Only could only live for another month. Song’s father agreed, but Song Only continued to pretend to be a rogue, claiming that he had no money in his hands and would definitely not be able to move out.

In the end, Song Sining made a speech to let Song Sole live until the end of the month, and she would personally supervise the couple moving after the end of the month. Seeing her daughter’s firm attitude, Song’s mother no longer cares. In order to avoid parental quarrels, Li Junlong and Song Sining were with the two elderly people. Song’s father frankly admitted that Song’s only mother died when he was born, so he spoiled this son very much.

Father Song booked a room near the train station and planned to return to her hometown tomorrow morning. Song Siming was concerned about her father’s health and wanted him to live in her own home, but Father Song politely refused and took her car to the station. On the other hand, Song Youyi was still complaining all kinds of things after returning home. Lu Keying was disappointed when he saw that he had no repentance.

The next morning, Li Junlong went to the hospital to feed Mother Song, and found that Mother Song was gradually relieved and understood her daughter’s idea of ​​helping her younger brother. Song Sining asked the company to go to the hospital to take care of her mother. Hearing her praise of Li Junlong, she felt sweet. Mother Song urged her daughter to cherish Li Junlong, and at the same time indicated that Song Youyi should move away as soon as possible. She could see from last night that her in-laws already had opinions, and she must not cause dissatisfaction with her family because of her younger brother.

In the following days, Lu Keying formally devoted himself to work, because he cherished this hard-won opportunity very much, and the whole person was like a chicken blood, full of energy. Compared with Lu Keying’s efforts, Song Youyi was simply too ridiculous. He had nothing to do at home all day, except sleeping and playing games. Even in the face of the eldest sister’s accusations, he ignored them, and even ridiculed Song Sining.

Because of Song’s only attitude, Song Sining was completely disappointed in him. After getting Li Junlong’s support, Song Sining gave a sum of money to Lu Keying for them to pay the rent. Lu Keying had already planned to take time out of work to check the listing, but Song Youyi deliberately found an excuse to delay, so she went to the agency alone.

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