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People’s Property 突围 Episode 2 Recap

Pi Dan wanted Cheng Duanyang to open his mouth to Lin Manjiang to change his position, but Cheng Duanyang would not recommend him, a Buddhist cadre who can only mess around. Pi Dan refused to continue cooperating with Niu Junjie, saying that he would fight for everything and would not work with him anymore. Pi Dan wanted to do insurance, but Cheng Duanyang was unwilling to talk about it, and he persuaded him to seek political affairs in his place. Pi Dan couldn’t listen to it and was ready to leave. He didn’t expect to see Niu Junjie coming from a distance, and quickly dragged Cheng Duanyang in to hide.

Niu Junjie and two came to Cheng Duanyang’s house to block Pi Dan, and Pi Dan quickly let Cheng Duanyang go in and hide, and deal with it by himself. Niu Junjie said that he wanted one hundred and five hundred million, but Pi Dan thought many ways but failed. After Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing left the show, they went to Lin Manjiang’s home to cook, and the three siblings had a meal together.

The relationship between Qi Ben’an and Lin Manjiang and Shi Hongxing is well known to everyone in the group. Now that Lin Manjiang sends him to Beijing Zhongfu as chairman and party secretary, he will certainly inevitably talk about it. Those who can’t get up will scold Lin Manjiang for opening Lin’s shop. , But he can’t just explain it in person. Lin Manjiang heartily told Qi Ben’an that decision makers must take responsibility.

Niu Junjie was a cadre who came up from the well. He couldn’t watch the workers bleeding and sweating down the well. Pi Dan said he wanted to solve it. Lin Manjiang, Shi Hongxing, and Qi Ben’an talked about the apprenticeship. At that time, Qi Ben’an was thin and small, and he was nicknamed “Skinny Monkey”. He was often bullied. Seeing Shi Hongxing was like seeing a big tiger. Shi Hongxing called Qu and said that it was the rascals in the blacksmith class who were bullying Qi Ben’an.

As soon as the master heard that he picked up a wooden stick and rushed into the men’s bathhouse to save Qi Ben’an. Qi Ben’an hurriedly called to a halt. In other words, Cheng Duanyang was only in his early thirties. He was really a lover of a disciple.

Cheng Duanyang hid in the kitchen, looking at the photos taken with Lin Manjiang and Shi Hongxing before. Several people talked about Master’s respect. In order to promote Lin Manjiang, Cheng Duanyang gave up the number of national labor models and made Lin Manjiang a provincial labor model. This is the first step to join the party and start a political life. To Lin Manjiang, Cheng Duanyang is a father and a mother. Cheng Duanyang was also good to Shi Hongxing and Qi Benan. Shi Hongxing was recommended by Cheng Duanyang to come up. Qi Benan also asked Lin Manjiang to help and support him.

Niu Junjie played fiercely and asked Pi Dan to call Shi Hongxing to borrow money, otherwise he would ask Lin Manjiang to borrow money. Of course, Pi Dan would not, and the two of them couldn’t fight each other. Lin Manjiang urged Qi Ben’an to pay attention to establishing a good relationship with the local party committee and government during his trip to Jingzhou. Lu Deguang is a tough leader, and Mayor Wu Xiongfei also has his own ideas. Shi Hongxing quickly took out her notebook and began to record. Lin Manjiang reminded her again that Qi Ben’an had been in Jingzhou for special talks. Shi Hongxing had to put her position in the right position and figure out who was in charge. Shi Hongxing quickly expressed her position.

Lin Manjiang received a call from Cheng Duanyang. Cheng Duanyang said that something was going to happen in Jingzhou. He called today to help Jingzhou Energy to ask for money. Lin Manjiang promised that she would do it. After hanging up the phone, Cheng Duanyang asked Niu Junjie to go back, and the matter would be resolved. The three of them knew that Niu Junjie had forced Cheng Duanyang onto Cheng Duanyang’s head without even thinking about it. Lin Manjiang was determined to investigate him, and even persuaded Shi Hongxing to do so.

Niu Junjie also knew that he came to force the palace, Lin Manjiang could not spare himself, but he felt that at most it was dismissal, and he wished to get out soon. But he didn’t expect that Lin Manjiang wanted to open a hole from him and rectify Zhongfu in Jingzhou. Shi Hongxing made a statement to Qi Ben’an, even if he checked Niu Junjie upright, she would not say anything, and would definitely not relent. Lin Manjiang also asked him not to be soft-hearted, to stick to his stand, be responsible, and not to cherish his feathers. Niu Junjie has already thought that the money must be actually distributed to the workers when it arrives, and it must not be used for other purposes, but it is fulfilling his duties.

Tong Huage returned with Lin Xiaowei, had a face-to-face meeting with Shi Hongxing and Qi Ben’an, and they left. Before leaving, Lin Manjiang told Qi Ben’an that they don’t have to worry about their children and there is nothing wrong with going to an international school. of. On the way, Qi Ben’an called Fan Jiahui to make her temper, saying that her life would not go on, Shi Hongxing almost laughed out of her voice.

The two of them were playing around, but Shi Hongxing really couldn’t stand Niu Junjie. Qi Benan just refused to answer Fan Jiahui’s call, saying that he would set rules for her when he was going back to Jingzhou. In the message of apology from Fan Jiahui, Qi Benan deliberately lowered his voice seriously, and Shi Hongxing complained about the thief. Qi Benan ridiculed her that she was not fuel efficient. Lights.

Shi Hongxing and Qi Benan arrived at the airport with their suitcases. Speaking of Lin Xiaowei coming to Jingzhou in a few days, because his girlfriend Lv Jiajia is also in Jingzhou, Lv Jiajia is Lv Deguang’s daughter. However, Lin Manjiang seemed unsatisfied, and privately confessed that Shi Hongxing would stare a little bit for help. Lin Manjiang is too familiar with Lu Deguang.

He loves feathers too much, and even his wife doesn’t care if he is a daughter and son-in-law, so Lin Manjiang thinks this is not a good marriage, and he reminds Lin Xiaowei to pay attention to the bottom line. Lu Deguang is indeed a conscientious leader. Lu Jiajia often complains that his home is arranged like an office. He does not separate work and life. He has the whole world in mind, except that he has no wives and daughters.

His daughter Niu Shiyan complained about Niu Junjie when he was kneeling on the washboard. Niu Junjie retorted, and soon he hurried over after receiving news that the mine was flooded again.

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