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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 17 Recap

Yin Sichen was a little surprised when she saw Ran Xiwei. Ran Xiwei said that she had something to say to him. She said that everything she did was because she loved Yin Sichen too much. Gu Xixi’s appearance ruined her and her. Yin Sichen’s relationship ruined her life, but Yin Sichen said that they had only complied with other people’s misunderstandings before. He had never liked Ran Xiwei. He only liked Gu Xixi alone. Ran Xiwei refused to give up and said Yin Si.

Chen didn’t know what kind of person Gu Xixi was. Yin Sichen interrupted her and said what kind of person Gu Xixi was. Ran Xiwei didn’t need to tell him. On the other side, Gu Xixi also found Mo Zixin and rejected Mo Zixin’s confession, saying that she was very grateful to Mo Zixin for her help, but she could not deceive her heart. She already liked Yin Sichen and Mo Zi. Xin could only make a request to be friends with Gu Xixi in the future. Gu Xixi agreed, and hurried to find Yin Sichen after hurried farewell.

Yin Sichen drove Ran Xiwei away and continued to wait for Gu Xixi, but Gu Xixi was stuck in a traffic jam on the road. When she arrived at the restaurant Yin Sichen ordered, the restaurant was closed. The waiter told her that Yin Sichen had left. , When Gu Xixi was losing, the light on the side suddenly turned on. Gu Xixi looked over there and saw Yin Sichen standing in the light. Gu Xixi couldn’t help feeling his inner feelings, and ran over and rushed over. Yin Sichen kissed him in his arms. Although the restaurant was closed, Yin Sichen still left cakes and surprises. Gu Xixi was very moved, accepted Yin Sichen’s confession, and expressed his heart to Yin Sichen.

When Shang Ke was sweet and sweet to Mu Ruona in the company, he didn’t know that his mother was watching from behind, and even asked for a kiss with Mu Ruona. After Mu Ruona went to the meeting, Shang Ke was still proud of her work. With her sweet wife, she turned around and saw Mr. Shang looking at herself outside the door, and Shang Ke was a little embarrassed at once.

When Ran Xiwei went to the Xixi shop to look for Gu Xixi, she happened to see Yin Sichen also there. Ran Xiwei deliberately pretended to be innocent and apologized to Gu Xixi for what happened in the last interview. Gu Xixi saw that the matter was over and didn’t want to talk to him anymore. Ran Xiwei had too much entanglement, so he asked Ran Xiwei not to have another time. Yin Sichen on the side did not say a word, but deliberately took Gu Xixi’s hand and looked at Gu Xixi, not even giving Ran Xiwei a lot of eyes. , Ran Xiwei asked herself to be bored, so she had to leave. After Ran Xiwei left, Yin Sichen wanted to stay with Gu Xixi in the Xixi shop, but Gu Xixi didn’t want Yin Sichen to skip work, so he let him go to the company.

Yin Sichen finished his official business and wanted to date Gu Xixi. He had no experience in dating before, so he went to Shang Ke to learn from him. Shang Ke gave him a book of love books written by himself, and Yin Sichen had it. It’s all about learning, telling Gu Xixi’s loveliness and watching horror movies with her. As a result, Gu Xixi was not scared, but Yin Sichen himself was scared enough to hold Gu Xixi in the end. Let go, but he still wants to show his face and say that he is not scary. Before going to bed at night, Gu Xixi still comforted Yin Sichen with a kiss. The two people became more affectionate, and the agreed couple finally became true lovers.

When I woke up the next morning, Gu Xixi asked Yin Sichen what he was going to do today. Yin Sichen had already made arrangements. Today I will be dating Gu Xixi all day, but after playing for a day, Gu Xixi accidentally caught a cold and got a fever. , Grandma Yin and Sichen Yin were very worried. Sichen Yin called a doctor to see Gu Xixi, but he was not allowed to go to the store and let her rest at home. Mo Zixin went to the store today and didn’t see Gu Xixi, so he called to ask Gu Xixi what’s wrong. He knew that Gu Xixi wanted to visit after he was sick.

After hearing this, Yin Sichen on the side took the phone and said Gu Xi Xi was about to rest, so he hung up the phone. Yin Sichen brought a bowl of medicine to Gu Xixi, but Gu Xixi thought the medicine was too bitter and didn’t want to drink it, and said that he wanted to drink milk tea. Yin Sichen said milk tea was not healthy enough, so he took a sip of the medicine and gave it to Gu Xixi. , Gu Xixi was worried that Yin Sichen would be infected by herself, so she drank the medicine herself.

Gu Xixi felt much better the next day. Yin Sichen also specially cooked and made healthy milk tea for Gu Xixi. Who knew that Mo Zixin came suddenly, and he learned from Lin Xiaoya that Gu Xixi liked to drink when he was sick. Milk tea, so he brought a cup, Yin Sichen saw that Mo Zixin had foreign aid, and was angry for a while, and asked Gu Xixi to choose one of the two milk teas. Before Gu Xixi could choose, Yin Sichen took Mo Zixin. Mo Zixin drank the milk tea he brought, not to be outdone, and drank the cup of milk tea made by Yin Sichen.

In the evening, Gu Xixi went to the store. Lin Xiaoya told her that the turnover of the store was not very optimistic recently, and that other stores were engaged in marketing and the promotion of her store was not strong enough. Gu Xixi decided to call the shareholders to a meeting. The shareholder is naturally Mo Zixin. After Mo Zixin came, he said that he could directly help Gu Xixi in the promotion without spending money, but Gu Xixi felt that the promotion should be done step by step.

When they were discussing, the light bulbs in the store suddenly When it was broken, Gu Xixi and Lin Xiaoya went to check the circuit. Mo Zixin changed the light bulb in the store. Yin Sichen came halfway through the change. When Mo Zixin came down, Yin Sichen reached out and helped. Just when Lin Xiaoya and Gu Xixi came back, they were a little surprised to see that the two rivals were holding hands. Yin Sichen and Mo Zixin also quickly let go of their hands.

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