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How many senior civil servants of the Ming Dynasty died in the Tumu Fortification

On August 15th, he also sent an envoy to make peace in advance to paralyze the Ming army. Ming Yingzong summoned Cao Nai to draft an edict and dispatched two generalists (translated) and the Wala envoy back. Wang Zhen urgently ordered the relocation of the camp, and the army marched into chaos. The Ming army traveled three or four miles south, and the Wala army suddenly turned back, “When the camp started, there were bright helmets and bright armor men and horses on the south slope to greet them, suspected to be warriors.

The sentry horse was not equipment, so the defeated army was trapped.”, “All around. “Offensive”, high-level spies “Limply and defeated by civil engineering, that is, assisting the captives to counterattack, shooting inside to make Li Ding.”, “The war, the army reverses, and oneself is ruined.” The Ming army “soldiers rush to escape, and the momentum cannot be stopped. “. Wala cavalry entered the Ming army and shouted that those who took off their armor and discarded their weapons would not kill. Many of the Ming army died naked.

Taishi British Minister Zhang Fu, Taining Hou Chen Ying, Du Ma Du Du Jing Yuan, Ping Xiang Bo Chen Huai, Xiang Cheng Bo Li Zhen, Sui An Bo Chen Xun, Xiu Wu Bo Shen Rong, Du Du Du Liang Cheng, Wang Gui, Hu Secretary Wang Zuo, Shang Shu Kuang Ye of the Ministry of War, Secretary Zuo Shi Lang and Bachelor of the Imperial Academy Cao Nai, Right Servant Ding Xuan of the Xing Department, Master Yong He of the Right Servant of the Ministry of Industry, Deng Li, Right Deputy Du Yu Shi of the Imperial Court, Zhang Li, Attendant of the Imperial Academy Yi, Secretary of General Administration Zuo Tongzheng Gong Quanan, Taichang Temple Shaoqing Huang Yangzheng, Dai Qingzu, Wang Yiju, Taipu Temple Shaoqing Liu Rong, Shang Bao Shaoqing Lingzhu, Bao Liangzuo, Yao Xian, Bao Hui, Yu Gong, Pan Cheng, Qian Yu from Zhongshushe, Supervisory Yushi Zhang Hong, Huang Chang, Wei Zhen, Xia Cheng, Shen You, Yin Hong, Tong Cunde, Sun Qing, Lin Xiangfeng, Langzhong Qiwang, Feng Xueming, Yuanwai Langwang Jian, Cheng Siwen, Cheng, Lu Duan, principals Yu Jian, Zhang Tang, Zheng Xuan, Dali Temple deputy Ma Yu, pedestrian Sizheng Yinchang, pedestrian Luo Ruyong, Qin Tianjian Xia Guanzheng Liu Xin, preface Li Gong, Shi Yu All the fifty-two officials who followed Ming Yingzong’s expedition died in the melee.

Only Dali Temple Yousi Cheng Xiao Weizhen, Li Zuo Shi Lang Yang Shan, Wen Xuan Lang Zhong Li Xian and other people escaped by chance, and high-ranking civil servants suffered heavy losses.

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