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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 13 Recap

The lover heard that Mrs. Ho was born in a small family, and her personality was eager to be petty and cheap, and the dowry Boring brought was naturally alluring. Baoning knew that Li Changqing was a smart man, so he wouldn’t let He Cuihua do the foolishness of coveting her daughter-in-law’s dowry. Baoning asked the lover to send the antique calligraphy and painting not listed in the dowry to Li Changqing, saying that it was the mother-in-law who took the gift to show fairness, and then gave the gift to the father-in-law Li Changqing.

After Li Changqing got the gift list, he found He Cuihua and accused him of coveting the princess’s dowry and embarrassing the Li family, and ordered him to return the princess’ dowry as soon as possible. Gao Miaorong saw Li Changqing leave in an impulsive manner, and then heard He Cuihua complain about the situation. He immediately provoked the relationship between He Cuihua and Baoning, thinking that Baoning deliberately embarrassed He Cuihua in this way. He Cuihua sighed that Baoning had a deep mind. Under Gao Miaorong’s deliberate provocation, she decided to deal with Baoning carefully in the future, and even took the opportunity to demonstrate the identity of the hostess of the Li family.

Then He Cuihua deliberately pretended to be unwell and did not attend the pre-arranged family banquet. Baoning knew that He Cuihua was angry because of what she had done. Li Qian comforted Baoning. What she did was not wrong. Her mother He Cuihua was greedy for petty pets and coveted the princess’s dowry. A warning is also right. Later, Baoning asked Li Qian to buy some gifts to honor his mother on the grounds that he was not familiar with his birthplace in Bingzhou.

For this reason, Li Qian went to the directors’ firm to buy skin care products for He Cuihua. In the evening, Li Qian specially handed over all the property including the bank note and land deed to Baoning. Baoning was very happy to be treated like this by Li Qian. Li Qian is very sorry for making Baoning face some right and wrong that should not be faced. Baoning is very considerate of Li Qian, husband and wife are one, she will be tolerant of Li Qian’s family.

When Zhao Xiao saw Baoning marrying Li Qian, he was unwilling to drink alcohol all day long. Jing Haihou reprimanded Zhao Xiao for being so unbearable for a woman, forgetting his responsibilities. But Zhao Xiao never pursued a great cause, only wanted the happiness of a family that he had never had before. Jing Haihou was so angry that he gave birth to such an unbelievable son, but Zhao Xiao was still unwilling, so he decided to enter the palace and beg your Majesty to transfer himself to Jinxi Suibian Camp.

Susu sought medical treatment for gastrointestinal discomfort, but unexpectedly learned that the disease was caused by body cold, and his body cold was severe, even affecting future children. I begged the doctor to treat myself to the symptoms of body cold, so I was willing to endure the painstaking ancient medicine bath. Later, she saw Cao Xuan, who was waiting for her medical treatment, playing with children on the side of the road, so she had to temporarily conceal his condition.

Empress Han Tongxin saw that the maidservant was close to the emperor, and would kill the maid on the grounds of charming the emperor. Although Zhao Yi did not deny his decision, he was also dissatisfied with what he did. Although Han Tongxin obtained the honor of the queen he wanted, but the love that belonged to Zhao Yi did not receive, but Zhao Yi likes Baoning equally, and the two quarreled and broke up again.

Zhao Xiao entered the palace for the reason of preventing foreign invasion, please adjust Jinxi to defend his family and the country. At the same time, he said that the county lord Jianan married Li Qian because he was deceived by others. If the county lord can be alert in time, he will bring the princess back to the capital at all costs. For Zhao Yi, who Baoning still had in mind, he naturally agreed to Zhao Xiao’s request.

Because Cao Xuan likes children, she endured the pain of the medicated bath and tried ancient prescriptions to treat body cold. After Cao Xuan found out, she asked Xuan Xue to find out the reason. Cao Xuan feels distressed, and thinks that even if there are no children in the future, only the two of them are okay. In his heart, he is more important than children.

Zhao Xiao came to Li’s Mansion in Bingzhou and brought Emperor Zhao Yi’s imperial decree, and Li Qian was appointed to promote and protect Jiasi, and went to Suibian Camp within three days. The imperial decree had been laid, and Li Qian had to accept it. Li Changqing believed that the emperor transferred Li Qian to the Suibian Camp deliberately to target Li Qian, but Li Qian didn’t want to be an idle minister under the shelter of his father or as a county horse. He wanted to make a future on his own. Seeing that his son had his own plans, Li Changqing had no choice but to express his support and said that he would help his son guard the rear so that he could fight in the front with peace of mind.

When the night came, the lover took Li Qian to the courtyard to sit down. Then Li Qian saw Baoning dancing lightly under the moon in a red dress. Li Qian couldn’t help but praise him as a fairy. As parting is imminent, Li Qian and Baoning are extremely reluctant to part with each other. Early the next morning, Baoning and Li’s people sent Li Qian away. Baoning, who was alone in Li’s house, was extremely boring and missed Li Qian especially.

The lover complained that Li’s servants had no rules and regulations. Baoning reminded him to be cautious in words and deeds, and only remember the mistakes of these people, not to reason with them. What made the two of them unknown was that the subordinates in the mansion had been secretly bought by Gao Miaorong.

Li Qian rushed to Suibian Daying to take up his post, and Zhao Xiao turned out to be Li Qian’s subordinate. Zhao Xiao even bluntly warned Li Qian that he would prevent Li Qian from getting ahead in one day, and his friend Jin Xiao lamented that Zhao Xiao’s visitor was unkind. Baoning took his lovers out to go shopping, but he didn’t think of encountering Zhao Xiao on the street. Zhao Xiao took the opportunity to invite Baoning to travel with him, but Baoning refused to escape. Zhao Xiao took out his personal jade pendant and presented it to Boring as a wedding gift. Boring did not refuse, Zhao Xiao stuffed the jade pendant to Boring and left. However, this scene was learned by Gao Miaorong’s master and servant.

Bao Ning is studying “A Picture of Gods and Ghosts Weapon”, Li Qian took advantage of the military military to return to the house to visit Bao Ning, which made Bao Ning pleasantly surprised. Li Qian and Baoning only got together for half an hour and were about to leave. Before leaving, they took Baoning’s sachet and sent them to Acacia, and Baoning even cut a strand of green silk and stuffed it into the sachet, asking Li Qian to keep it well.

When Li Qian returned to the military camp, he practiced dance diligently every day. Zhao Xiao arranged for someone to bully Li Qian secretly. Shao Jiang from Xuanjiaying was jealous of Li Qian and decided to fight Huben camp, which eventually led to a battle between the two battalions in the military. This matter caused dissatisfaction with Lord Jin. Li Qian willingly confessed to punishment, and all those involved in the struggle were fined twenty sticks and detained for three days. Because of this, Shao Jiang hated Li Qian even more and drove him out of the residence.

It was even more ironic that although he climbed the princess Gaozhi, he was born in a reckless manner and was unworthy to join them. And Shao Jiang stole Li Qian’s sachet and angered Li Qian, and Li Qian tried to teach him a lesson. Zhao Xiao took this opportunity to drive Li Qian out of the Huben camp and transferred to the Xuanjia Camp of the Vanguard Army, and reminded him to be ready to die at any time.

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