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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 8 Recap

Li Qian ran into Jiang Baoning on the street. Baoning told Li Qian that he had gone to Li’s house to find him, and agreed to see him tomorrow. On the second day, the two met with Baoning and burned the vote to avoid future troubles. Bao Ning asked Li Qian if he had received a picture of the gods and ghosts weapons for his allegiance to the Queen Mother Cao. Li Qian bluntly said that he had inquired about this picture to the Wanshou Mountain Jumbo Pavilion, but Baoning knew that there were many institutions in the Jumbo Pavilion that were difficult to break, and Baoning might promise.

Li Qian himself will help inquire about the situation of Zhenbao Pavilion. Li Qian took the opportunity to teach Baoning to ride a horse. Baoning quickly learned how to ride a horse, and the two of them felt a little bit reluctant to part with each other soon.

Emperor Zhao Yi deliberately punished Cao Xuan on the pretext of cleaning negligence, because the Queen Mother left the palace and Cao Xuan lost shelter and was targeted by Zhao Yi everywhere. Cao Xuan was punished to kneel for lack of physical strength and was rejected when he saw that he offered water to him. Cao Xuan was afraid that he would be hurt. Zhao Yi summoned Zhao Xiao late at night and asked him if he was going to die or want to Baoning.

Zhao Xiao saw that the emperor drew his sword and was not afraid but stood forward and was stabbed. At this time, the Queen Mother rushed to stop Zhao Yi and told Zhao Yi that he had already With the queen and the eldest son, Baoning has nothing to do with him. The empress dowager sees that Zhao Xiao can save his life for Baoning and ask him how to protect Baoning if he marries Baoning. Zhao Xiao said that he will retreat from Nanmin and inherit his father’s merits to fight against pirates. Praise him for knowing how to choose.

The empress dowager told Baoning that her husband must have the ability to protect her and that she would not be afraid of the power to resist the emperor. She asked if she would marry Zhao Xiao, but Baoning hesitated to think of Li Qian, but she also agreed. Arranged by the Queen Mother. The Empress Dowager immediately decided to go to Wanshou Mountain to find the Empress Dowager Cao to give Baoning a marriage.

Xuxu went to visit Cao Xuan at Gong’en Gong’s mansion but was rejected by Cao Xuan. The maid said that Gong’en Cheng had lost power and persuaded Suxu to draw a clear line with him, but Shuxu didn’t want to get into trouble. As soon as he entered the house, his parents said that they wanted to find a good relationship for Xie Xie, but Xie Xie changed his previous attitude and rejected the parents’ arrangement.

After thinking about it for a whole night, Susu decided to go to Cheng’en Gong’s Mansion again. This time, Cheng En Gong met Su Su, and Su Su asked Cheng En Gong to marry him but was refused. Bao Ning played chess with Su Su, but saw Su Su hadn’t kept the house, and asked why Bao Ning went straight to Cheng’en Gong’s residence. Bao Ning told Cao Xuan Han that Qizong drank and abused his two wives to death, but took advantage of Queen Han to settle the Beihou Mansion and ask for relatives. If marrying her is too bad, Cao Xuan immediately went to Beihou Mansion. Proposing a marriage, Susu finally got his wish.

Empress Han heard that the wedding arrangement arranged by the Queen Mother for Bao Ning was going to be a hindrance, and rushed to meet the Queen Mother Cao before the Queen Mother. Baoning went to Zhao Yi’s place and said that he liked rare things and asked for the drawings of Zhenbao Pavilion. The prince of Yongqing State came to congratulate the emperor for taking office. He heard that the Queen Mother was not in the palace and would go to Wanshou Mountain to see Queen Mother Cao.

Zhao Yi investigated that Song Xianyi was the Queen Mother Cao’s person and immediately decided to put her into the cold palace. Queen Han hurried to see the Queen Mother Cao and wanted the Queen Mother to stop Baoning’s marriage with Jinghai Hou Shizi, but the Queen Mother said that she couldn’t be the master of Baoning’s marriage. Queen Han touched her nose but didn’t intend to stop there. Li Qian met Zhao Xiao and learned that he and Baoning were very disappointed.

The Empress Dowager told Empress Cao that he wanted Jinghai Hou Shizi to marry Baoning, and Empress Cao agreed. Li Qian didn’t expect to meet Bao Ning in Wanshou Mountain. Congratulations to Bao Ning pretending to be calm. Bao Ning looked at Li Qian so carelessly that he felt sulky and left.

Bao Ning wanted to go to Jumbo Pavilion secretly, but met the eldest prince Qing Tae halfway. Qing Tai mistakenly thought that Bao Ning wanted to attack him but didn’t expect that Bao Ning killed the poisonous snake and saved him, so he looked at him with admiration.

Baoning went into the Jumbo Pavilion and wanted to search for images of ghost weapons. He didn’t expect someone to set fire on purpose, and Baoning was trapped in the flames.

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