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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 3 Recap

Xie Xie asked Pauling where he went in disguise. Pauling lied that there was an activity outside the palace and he secretly went out to play. Xie Xie could see that Pauling was lying, and he had to ask him about the Fu Ning Temple drug case. I told you. Baoning felt that it was very strange that the palace lady who claimed to be dead appeared outside the palace, so he went to the Imperial Medical Bureau to check and found that only one palace lady named Xiao Rongniang had prescribed fetal protection drugs, but according to Baoning’s investigation, the palace lady Xiao Rongniang was not pregnant at all.

He had been out of the palace six months ago, so Baoning felt that there was only one possibility, that is, your majesty let the palace maid Fang Yiru prescribe the medicine under Xiao Rongniang’s name, and then your majesty pretended that Fang Yiru was dead and sent her out of the palace. fetal. But Baoning felt that all this was his own guess, and he had to see Fang Yiru to confirm it. Xie Xie said that this child would not be recognized by the Queen Mother and Zongzhengyuan, and that he would not pose any threat to the empress Baoning in the future.

However, Baoning was unwilling to marry Zhao Yi. Although he had known each other since childhood, Baoning did not like the feeling of not being free, but the empress dowager felt that Zhao Yi was sincere about Baoning, and she focused on matching this marriage. Baoning feels that if the Queen Mother finds out that Zhao Yi and the maid secretly have an heir, the marriage will be cancelled. Feeling that she can only admit her fate in this life, but if Baoning is really happy, he will definitely help her, so she asks Baoning to burn the rubbed Funing Temple drug case so as not to be discovered.

Zhao Xiao and his entourage were surprised when they met Li Qian in the palace looking for an opal bead. The two introduced each other before they knew each other’s true identity. Zhao Xiao knew that Zhang Qian’s real name was Li Qian, so he agreed to wait for Li. After Qian was more worthwhile, Li Qian told Zhao Xiao where he lived, and told him that he would be waiting for him at any time.

The queen mother looked at herself in the mirror and felt that she was old when she was freshening up and dressing up. The mother comforted her and said that it was caused by being too sad about the country. At this time, the eunuch brought a court lady named Song Xianyi, who was the eyeliner that the queen mother wanted to place next to the emperor.

Zhao Xiao was still looking for her beads in the palace and met Jiang Baoning, and knew that Baoning was the lord of Canaan. After learning what Zhao Xiao was looking for, Baoning said that he knew where, so he climbed up the tree to find the crow’s nest. The beads inside fell off accidentally, but fortunately, Li Qian rushed to rescue Baoning in time. Baoning helped Zhao Xiao find the beads, and Zhao Xiao was very grateful.

Jiang Baoning met Emperor Zhao Yi in the palace of the Queen Mother. Zhao Yi said that the queen mother had forced herself into the palace but only Baoning was in her heart. After hearing this, the queen mother was very satisfied with Zhao Yi’s attitude towards Baoning, but Jiang Baoning was very satisfied. It was disdain, even the emperor’s invitation was refused.

On the way back to the palace, Jiang Baoning met Li Qian. Li Qian said that he had a peacock woven gold cloak that was broken and asked Baoning to help introduce the embroidery workshop. Baoning heard Li Qian’s implication and said that he knew there was one and had an appointment. Meet at the location. At this time, the emperor came to see Li Qian cross-examined. Baoning lied that he did not know Li Qian, and Li Qian left with excuses.

On the second day, Baoning went to the palace to make an appointment with Li Qian. Baoning bluntly knew that Li Qian must have asked Li Qian to speak up. Li Qian also bluntly said that he wanted Baoning’s magic weapon diagram. Baoning told Li Qian that the magic weapon diagram given by Jiqiaoge was fake, but he could get it true. Li Qian guessed that the picture was in the palace. Baoning took the opportunity to offer to make a deal with Li Qian, and asked Li Qian to help herself find the whereabouts of the palace lady Fang Yu. After the matter was completed, she gave the real weapon diagram to Li Qian, and Li Qian agreed.

In the evening, Baoning played cards with the Empress Dowager. Baoning took the opportunity to inquire with the Empress Dowager to find out the origin of the emperor’s magic weapon. Susu’s mother wanted to match her daughter with Jing’an Hou Shizi, so it would be better for Susu to bluntly say that the parents are in charge of the marriage.

When Li Qian found the palace maid’s residence, he invited Baoning out. After the two were full of food and drink, a woman appeared and told the maid’s news in detail, saying that the maid’s residence was guarded by a nursing home, and Baoning wanted to personally Go check it out. The two came outside the hospital but found nothing.

Bao Ning wanted to investigate further and was stopped by Li Qian. Li Qian told Bao Ning that this situation was clearly caused by His Majesty and why she had to intervene in the investigation. Bao Ning pretended to be pitiful in front of Li Qian and said that he and his majesty childhood sweethearts discovered that his majesty had an affair with others, and he did not see how to admit his fate with his own eyes. However, Li Qian said that the matter was very involved and could not be hasty. At this time, Baoning had an idea and successfully forced the maid out of the court.

Li Qian sent Jiang Baoning back to the palace, and Baoning also promised that he would not break his promise and would help Li Qian find a picture of the magic weapon. The empress dowager hurriedly summoned Baoning and the queen dowager to discuss the marriage between the emperor and Baoning. The empress dowager did not want the emperor to marry Baoning, so she procrastinated, but the empress dowager refused to question her intentions, and the two refused to give in to each other. Zhao Yi said that Baoning’s birthday would be three days later, but a canonization order was issued on that day. The Queen Mother said that Baoning’s birthday was the birthday of Princess Yongan and it was not suitable for canonization.

The Queen Mother said that Princess Yongan was Baoning’s biological mother and she must hope to see herself For her daughter to have a good home, the queen mother had no excuses and had to agree to the queen mother. Baoning felt that it must be Zhao Yi’s tricks that made the empress dowager anxiously canonize it. Baoning was worried when Li Qian appeared and restructured her aromatherapy ball and returned it to her. When Li Qian returned to the mansion, he was very happy to find that his sister Miao Rong had arrived at the mansion.

The Queen Mother summoned Han Tongxin, the lord of Qingyi County, and wanted the lord to stay with the emperor to contain the future queen Jiang Baoning. King Jian did not want his granddaughter to enter the palace, but he did not dare to object to the threat of the queen mother. The lord of Qingyi County rushed into the Qinzheng Hall and found the emperor was in the Qinzheng Hall. At this time, Baoning also came to the Qinzheng Hall but found that Zhao Yi was learning the way of governing the country through the fighting cricket, so he helped Zhao Yi to put up cover.

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