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Truth 真相 Episode 9 Recap

Team Tu asked who Wen Xiaowan was with that day, and Wen Xiaowan insisted that he was the only one. What Song Baiyu told her came to her mind: no matter who asked, she should tell the pier she went to alone. After Wen Xiaowan left, Li Shuang reported to the Tu team that she had checked that Wen Xiaowan washed the car the day after she arrived at the dock, and even the interior was cleaned. She must have a problem. Walking out of the Public Security Bureau, Wen Xiaowan recalled that night: She had morning sickness while driving at a traffic light intersection, and Song Baiyu asked her to pull over and drive him instead.

After Wen Xiaowan came back, the report to Zhao Dongcheng was just a regular questioning by the police, and he should not have been suspected.

Li Shuang took Lin Lan and Lin Yuanhao to the pier to look for clues. Li Shuang introduced that they had adjusted the monitoring, and it happened that Zhao Dongcheng’s cargo was unloaded and left the port on the day of the verification. Lin Lan pointed out that although Zhao Dongcheng had ruled out the suspicion of killing, the location and vehicle of the crime were inextricably linked to Zhao Dongcheng and Donghan Shipping. , The doubt is very big.

Li Shuang analyzed that the suspect chose to commit the crime here and probably wanted to focus the attention of the police on Zhao Dongcheng. Lin Yuanhao took photos of Malaysia and asked the dock workers to identify him. No one had seen Malaysia.

In the evening, Lin Yuanhao thought of fingerprint clues and called Lin Lan to study together. Lin Lan shared the investigation data of Zhao Dongcheng with Lin Yuanhao: Zhao Dongcheng is the prince of Donghan Group. He specializes in opening a new type of landfill environmental protection company. It has been well received by the outside world.

Some time ago, someone said on the Internet that his company has Question, but the lawyer he worked with was the well-known Song Baiyu, who settled the matter. So even if Zhao Dongcheng did not kill, Song Baiyu could easily get his fingerprints. Lin Yuanhao pointed out that although Song Baiyu was suspected of committing the crime, he could not prove that the fingerprints on the murder weapon were left by him.

The next day, Lin Yuanhao and Lin Lan asked Jiang Ni, a fingerprint expert, to help with identification. Lin Yuanhao pointed out that there are currently three methods for fingerprint identification. After using both methods, he identified that the fingerprint on the murder weapon did not have oily or white matter, indicating that it was forged. Then Lin Yuanhao did an inorganic salt test on the knife handle. Through computer analysis, it was found that the fingerprints left on the knife handle were composed of inorganic salt and dust.

This showed that the suspect was wearing silicone gloves, dipped in physiological saline and then Hold the murder weapon and leave fingerprints deliberately in this way. In addition, a large amount of water remains on the silicone gloves, which is more obvious after the dust is dissolved, and it is easy to extract with ultraviolet light. In this case, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of fingerprints. But as long as it is false, it can never replace the truth.

Lin Lan suggested that Lin Yuanhao report Song Baiyu’s affairs to Zhong Mingyue. Zhong Mingyue had the same idea as Lin Yuanhao after listening to their report: the evidence they have at present is all parallel lines and there is no intersection. . Lin Yuanhao said that he and Song Baiyu are graduate students. When he was in school, Song Baiyu mentioned that killing people in the wild can be achieved by covering up with animals. Sometimes coincidences are suspicious.

At this time, Lao Zhong received a call from the Tu team. The police found hair and fiber fabric again at the scene of the murder. The samples belonged to Qin Xiuwen. Now Qin Xiuwen is identified as the first suspect. They will immediately assist the police in the investigation.

The evidence pointed to Qin Xiuwen, which made Lin Lan feel deeply frustrated. Jiang Ni comforted that her excellence was obvious to all.

Lin Yuanhao and Lin Lan followed Li Shuang to the scene of the murder. After another investigation, they found that Malaysia was very passive in the fight before their death.

After returning, Lin Yuanhao found seaweed bio-fiber on the foot pad of the big carriage. This shows that Qin Xiuwen had been to the sea before his death, so they should look for a place with both sea area and construction site. Lin Yuanhao and Lin Lan imitated Qin Xiuwen and DaMa respectively to commit crimes, and found that the height of the two could not complete the murder at the wound position. After they reported to Zhong Mingyue, Jiang Ni also agreed with their conclusion.

They pointed out that from the perspective of wound inclinations, the suspect must be above 1.85 meters. Zhong Mingyue learned that Song Baiyu was 1.86 meters, so he asked Lin Yuanhao and himself to imitate the murder scene. The conclusion was: simulation perspective and evidence Basically agree.

On the way home, Lin Lan asked Lin Yuanhao what would happen to him if the murderer was Song Baiyu? Lin Yuanhao said that he would not judge by personal feelings, but only wanted to restore the truth. Lin Lan sighed that Qin Xiuwen’s affairs were a blow to herself, and the people you cherish got farther and farther away from you, but she couldn’t get close. She felt that Qin Xiuwen must have other difficulties. Lin Yuanhao believed that no matter what the reason, he should not go the wrong way. Only by solving the truth can he find all the answers.

When he returned home in the evening, Lin Yuanhao invited Song Baiyu to talk to him about the perfect crime. Song Baiyu called this a hypothetical proposition. Lin Yuanhao told him that the police would definitely find evidence even if it was a perfect murder. The law would not protect those who violated it. Song Baiyu said he liked perfection. After drinking coffee, he left and returned to the company.

According to the clues provided by Lin Yuanhao, the police located the coast of Sea Area No.6. Soon they found Qin Xiuwen’s shoes. Later, they found a photo on the mobile phone of a supervision engineer at a construction site and captured Qin Xiuwen being pushed into by Malaysia. The moment of the sea.

Six years ago, Song Baiyu and Lin Yuanhao had a debate in Dongshan University. Song Baiyu proposed that if the traces of the criminal suspect are erased by wild animals and the wild animals are controlled, criminals can use these to cause an incomplete chain of evidence, and the police’s investigative direction is preset and misled by him, so that it can be done.

Achieve perfect killing. Lin Yuanhao argued that removing traces will leave traces. Perfect crime is a false proposition. There is no perfect fantasy of trying to manipulate others. The teacher praised the two in a wonderful debate. After class, Song Baiyu told Lin Yuanhao that time would prove everything, and that a perfect crime might happen someday.

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