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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 1 Recap

Jiang Baoning, the lord of Jianan County of Mu Anguo, grew up in the deep palace but did not want to be a puppet in the inner palace.

Inside the Muanguo Palace, Jiang Baoning wanted to participate in the Contest of Craftsmanship, and the maid reminded her that she could not even get out. So Jiang Baoning stole the token of Alu’s cousin and ran away secretly. She was afraid that she would not be able to participate if she really married her majesty. Li Qian found someone stealing wooden plaques from the competition on the street and went to investigate. On the other hand, Jiang Baoning wanted to make a wooden sign for the competition, which happened to be met by Li Qian.

Li Qian stepped forward to stop him. He told Jiang Baoning that this person had stolen his token for sale, but Jiang Baoning refused to listen to him and thought he was there. Grabbing tokens with themselves, the token thief took the opportunity to escape, Li Qian stepped forward to chase, Jiang Baoning and Li Qian scrambled for the Lieutenant General’s wooden sign and broke it in half.

Jiang Baoning came to Jiqiao Pavilion with half a wooden sign and wanted to participate in the competition. The owner of Jiqiao Pavilion did not allow her to participate because she did not have a complete token. At this time, Li Qian’s alias Zhang Qian caught the thief. The pavilion owner heard that he was very grateful to Li Qian, but Li Qian said that he wanted to participate in the competition, hoping that the pavilion owner would give him a chance to participate in the competition. Jiang Baoning heard it but refused to agree. He still has half a wooden sign.

The pavilion owner said that as long as the two can drop the egg from the roof without breaking, they will be allowed to compete. Jiang Baoning was confident enough to use the parachute principle to smoothly drop the eggs from the roof without breaking. Everyone did not expect Jiang Baoning to have this method. On the other side, Li Qian threw the egg off the roof and flew down, catching the egg before it hits the ground, and also completed the pavilion master’s problem. Jiang Baoning said unconvinced that Li Qian was fooling the pavilion master, but the pavilion master stated that both of them could participate in the competition.

Jiang Baoning came to the restaurant to have dinner and met a young man who helped him pay for the meal. The young man bluntly said that he was Jinghai Hou Shizi Zhao Xiao, and asked Jiang Baoning his name and wanted to make friends with him. When Jiang Baoning heard that he was the eldest son, she was afraid that she would know herself. Pretending to be Jiang Xian. Jiang Baoning saw in the restaurant that the maid beside her was pregnant, and wanted to find out, he said goodbye to Zhao Xiao and chased him up. Jiang Baoning was chasing the court lady but ran into his cousin Alu. She was afraid that his cousin would find that she had stolen the sign and ran back to the palace.

On the second day, Jiang Baoning met Zhao Xiao as soon as he entered the game in the Ingenious Craftsmanship Competition. He turned around and saw Li Qian taunting him to enter the competition with little tricks. Li Qian said frankly and waited and see. At this time, the pavilion master came and announced that the winner could get the god and ghost weapon map. Li Qian suggested that the contestants first take a look at the god and ghost weapon map, but the pavilion owner said that only the leader can open the prize. The competition will be scored by odd thinking, skill, and completion. Only the top four with the highest score can enter the next round of competition.

At the start of the competition, the participants were all showing their works. Jiang Baoning saw that one of the entries was a wooden fish, but it was swimming in the water like a real fish. The pavilion owner also took a different look at this work. Jiang Baoning got inspiration from Muyu and improved his own clever kite. With the addition of the bracket and steering to control the direction, the pavilion owner was also very satisfied when he saw it. In the end, the bionic wooden fish, clever kite, clairvoyance, and unicycle won the top four and can proceed to the next round of competition.

Li Qian’s bionic wooden fish was a toy made for him by his deceased mother, and he successfully passed the first exam in accordance with his mother’s practice. Li Qian’s subordinates asked him if he had seen the weapon diagram of the gods and ghosts. Li Qian shook his head, but he believed that since the master of the intricate pavilion could get the weapon diagram, she might know what happened back then. Li Qian and his subordinates acted separately, but Jiang Baoning saw him, mistakenly thinking that Li Qian was going to Jiqiao Pavilion to steal the exam questions.

Jiang Baoning stayed in the Chiqiao Pavilion and waited for the rabbit to catch Li Qian. It happened that the pavilion owner and others passed by. The two of them could only hide away for fear of being caught. After the crisis was resolved, Jiang Baoning satirized Li Qian that he had to go to report that Li Qian stole the exam questions in order to win. Not a guilty conscience, let Jiang Baoning go, and said that he was in the backyard Jiang Baoning was there, and they wanted to report both of them. Li Qian said he didn’t need to steal the exam questions because it was not difficult to win the game. Jiang Baoning asked why Li Qian sneaked into the Jiqiao Pavilion.

Li Qian said that he was curious about the homemade gadgets in the pavilion master’s room and wanted to see it. Jiang Baoning was also aroused by interest, so the two acted together. The two sneaked into the pavilion master’s room and found a lot of treasures. At this time, they discovered that there was rice paper from Qinzhengdian in the room. Jiang Baoning quickly blurted out and went to Zhengdian to avoid being suspected by Li Qian that his home was producing rice paper. Yes, but my heart secretly wondered why your majesty’s rice paper appeared in Jiqiao Pavilion.

In the second round, the skilled craftsman compares the method of breaking the mechanism. Four people can enter the secret room and break the mechanism within two hours before they can enter the next round, otherwise they will be considered eliminated. As soon as he entered the secret room, Jiang Baoning met Li Qian, and Jiang Baoning bluntly said that he would go out according to his own ability. In a short while, Jiang Baoning discovered the organ, but he did not expect it to be a trap. Li Qian was also trapped in order to prevent Jiang Baoning. \

Although the two were reluctant, they were trapped together and could only think of a way. Li Qian reminded Jiang Baoning that there was a chess game on the wall. Jiang Baoning said that it was a Linglong chess game. She thought of a way to crack it. The two could only work together to break the game.

On the other side, Zhao Xiao finally reunited with Jiang Baoning and Li Qian in the secret room, and one of the four fell into the trap and only three remained. At this time, Zhao Xiao found out but didn’t want to accidentally touch the organ. The ground collapsed, and Li Qian flew to rescue Jiang Baoning. A square horizontal plate appeared in the secret room. The three of them had to maintain a balance to keep the iron ball at the midpoint. The three of them took the iron ball to find the exit and successfully escaped from the secret room. The pavilion owner congratulated the three for breaking into the next level.

In the third level, the three people were required to find a waterproof material in the forest and bring them back to the Jiqiao Pavilion. As soon as Jiang Baoning entered the forest, he found that water had gathered in the pine resin without leaking, and he was the leader when he found the waterproof material. At this time, Li Qian asked her what she had discovered, and Jiang Baoning immediately hid his findings and turned around and walked into the trap.

Li Qian flew again and pulled Jiang Baoning down, and the two fell into the hole accidentally. The cave was too deep and Li Qian’s light work could not be performed. The two could only shout for help. Fortunately, Zhao Xiao discovered that they went back to Jiqiao Pavilion to find someone to rescue. In the cave, Li Qian bluntly said that Jiang Baoning was too hearted to fall asleep in the cave.

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