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Korean drama “Squid Game” Episode 1-9 Diversity Plot Introduction (Have you guessed the finale?)

When life has come to a dead end, how much are you willing to pay for the chance to turn over? Netflix’s original Korean drama “Squid Game” starring Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo has reached the top three on Netflix’s popular list within a week of its launch. The bloody and exciting plot has aroused heated discussions among netizens! What are the highlights of each episode of “The Squid Game”, in which 456 people risked their lives for a prize of 45.6 billion, let’s take a look at the plot introduction of the Korean drama Squid Game~

Episode 1: Kong Liu Jingying in a suit dressed as a guest! What is the squid game?

The male protagonist Sung Ki-hoon (played by Lee Jung-jae) is penniless because of his addiction to gambling. In desperation, he meets an elite man (played by Kong Liu) in a suit and ties on the subway, and enters a mysterious place through the business card he gave. The agency found that the people gathered here were all like-minded people who had no money or had reached a dead end in life, including Cao Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo), the son of a fishmonger who graduated from a prestigious school but was in debt.

Under the leadership of the masked man, 456 contestants started a competition called the squid game. The squid game has a total of 6 levels, each of which is based on childhood games. The first level is 123 wooden people. However, it was not until the beginning of the game that everyone found that as long as they violated the rules of the game, they would be killed immediately. In the end, only half of the people successfully cleared the level, and those who could not pass the finish line were executed. At the same time, the wealthy people in the highest class were sitting on the sofa, laughing at the contestants playing the most brutal killing games with the purest games.

Episode 2: Real life is more tragic than survival games? police disguise man undercover

After the bloody and shocking baptism of the first level, the contestants begged for mercy one after another and decided to decide whether to continue the competition by voting. However, when the masked man announced that the final total bonus was as high as 45.6 billion yuan, many people decided to take the risk to continue the game for the huge bonus, and finally decided to interrupt the game by one vote, and all the contestants returned to their original daily life.

Unexpectedly, they finally escaped from the game of life and death, and the contestants who returned to their daily lives were quickly overwhelmed by the enormous pressure of real life, only to realize that real life is actually more cruel than survival games, and finally 187 contestants had nowhere to go. He chose to return to the game again. Among them, the policeman Huang Junhao (Wei Hejun), who was looking for the truth about his brother’s disappearance, also disguised as a masked man and mixed into the game.

Episode 3: Lee Jung-jae licks the candy to survive! The real face of the masked man is exposed

The contestants who came back to the game for the second time all made up their minds this time and began to win over the contestants to form a team. Although Shang You had already guessed the game content of the third level, he did not tell his teammates. The third level of the game is Pengtang. The contestants must use a needle to completely cut out the figure they choose to be successful. People who have guessed the content of the game have chosen the easiest triangle. Unfortunately, Qixun chose the most difficult to cut out. Umbrella.

The game only lasted for 10 minutes. At the last minute, Qixun found out that he could use his tongue to melt the gap behind the candy, so he grabbed the candy and licked it wildly. There are also contestants who failed to pick sugar and ran out of control. They held the masked man with a gun, but found that there was a living young man under the mask. The masked man whose identity was finally exposed was also executed by the administrator. He is just a tool in the game.

Episode 4: Korean beauty staged a toilet quadruped! Betrayed but betrayed

Before the start of the third level, the burly and strong man Zhang Dexiu (Xu Chengtai) accidentally beat a contestant to death, but found that the masked man did not prevent the contestants from killing each other, so the contestants began to kill each other that night. In the end, only 80 people survived.

Netflix Korean drama “Squid Game” episodes 1-9 diversity plot: The toilet four-legged beast passion scene is full of highlights!

“Squid Game” is too popular and beautiful (the mobile phone number in the play was called exploded)

The popular Korean drama “Squid Game” was recently released. Unexpectedly, on the 23rd, it was revealed that the virtual number in the drama actually existed. A victim A complained to the Korean media that the phone kept ringing 24 hours a day, day and night. Netflix is currently working on related matters

Han Mei (played by Jin Zhouling), who gathers beneficial contestants everywhere, thinks Zhang Dexiu is the most reliable, so she sacrifices herself to play a four-legged beast in the toilet with him. He was immediately abandoned by Zhang Dexiu, and finally joined the team of Qixun, Grandpa, Shang You and others, and successfully defeated the strong team to survive by relying on witty strategies.

Episode 5: The masked man sells organs in private, the police trace the truth about his brother

The doctor who can always get the game content in advance used to help the masked man perform autopsies in private. The masked man can make money by buying and selling organs, and the doctor can obtain the game information in advance, but it was finally discovered by the administrator. The administrator believes that the contestants in the game have encountered many unequal treatment in real life, so they must be treated equally in the game. In the end, both the doctor and the masked person who colluded were shot.

Although the policeman disguised as a masked man was suspected, he succeeded in obtaining information about his brother, and found that his brother was actually the winner of the squid game several years ago, but the whereabouts of him who won the huge bonus is unknown, leaving him behind. A lot of suspense!

Episode 6: Pinball game 2 people can only survive one! The tragic story of a girl is super tearful

The fourth level of the game is to play marbles. The contestants must work in pairs, and whoever wins 10 marbles will win. The soft-hearted Qixun chose to team up with the old gentleman, but thought that the old gentleman had Alzheimer’s and successfully deceived the marbles by lying. I didn’t expect the old gentleman to show off at the end that he was pretending, in order to thank Qixun for his help in the process. Give him the last marble.

The female thief Jiang Xiao was in a group with the unlovable girl Zhiying. Zhiying revealed that her father killed her mother, so she killed her father with her own hands. She came to the game without any goal, so she deliberately lost the game in the end. Leave the marbles to Jiang Xiao, who needs to find his parents for his younger brother. The tragic past of the two girls in this episode made many viewers cry, and it also showed that even in the cruel survival game, there will still be a touch of warmth!

Episode 7: VIP VIPs watch the game! The high-altitude version of the jumping grid will kill you if you step on it wrongly

The fifth level of the game is to cross the stepping stone bridge. Players must step on the safe tempered glass to cross the bridge to survive. However, there are also fragile ordinary glass all over the bridge, so the contestants who walk later are more likely to survive. This episode also saw high-class people wearing golden animal masks watching the game. One of them even took a fancy to a policeman who pretended to be a waiter. When the two left the scene to prepare for a male-male passion scene, the VIP VIP was shot by the police. Question the truth behind the game.

Episode 8: The real face of the policeman’s brother is exposed! Lee Byung-hun made a surprise appearance

After the stepping stone bridge game, only Qixun, Shangyou and Jiang Xiao managed to survive. Shangyou completely exposed his brutal and selfish nature here, fearing that Jiang Xiao and Qixun would join hands to vote to interrupt the game and kill Jiang Xiao himself. The policeman who was found to have attacked the VIP was also hunted down by the administrator. Unexpectedly, the administrator did not intend to kill him, but wanted to invite him to join the ranks of the masked people. After the administrator took off his mask, he realized that he was actually the policeman’s brother! Lee Byung-hun, who played the policeman’s brother, found that his younger brother had no intention of joining him, so he finally shot him off a cliff.

Episode 9: The big Boss turned out to be him? ! The finale buried the foreshadowing of the second season

At the last level, Qixun and Shangyou have to play a squid game. The game is divided into two sides: the attacker and the defender. The attacker must stand on the head of the squid (circle shape) to win, and the defender must drive the attacker out of the squid’s body. In fact, the ○△□ graphic on the masked person’s head also represents their class in the game, ○ represents the working class with lower authority, △ is the soldier class with guns and is responsible for executing players, and □ is responsible for monitoring everyone , and these three graphics also make up the final level of the squid game.

Qixun and Shangyou have been fighting for a long time, and Qixun, who can’t bear to kill Shangyou, chooses to stop the game, but Shangyou chooses to commit suicide in order to stop him. In the end, Qixun, who won 45.6 billion by himself, discovers that the old gentleman at the beginning is actually a squid. The founder of the game, whose life is so boring that he only has money left, joins the game just to find excitement. In the end, Qixun met Kong Liu, whom he met by chance at the beginning. After dialing the number on the business card again, he found that the squid game was still going on. In order to prevent the game from progressing, he gave up the opportunity to go abroad to find his daughter, whether he would return to the game or not. I’ll have to wait for the second season to find out.

With the popularity of “Squid Game”, the audience also discussed the gap between the rich and the poor and the good and evil of human nature presented in the play, leaving many unsolved mysteries! What foreshadowings or what new characters will be added in the second season, we can only continue to knock the bowl and look forward to the next season to reveal it~

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