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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 30 End Recap

Zhuo Wenyuan actually hid the stolen goods in the classics room of the Imperial College, but he was still found out by Yan Saburo one by one. The spies sent did not come back on time. The Jingzhao Mansion, the resident in the gallery, and the Imperial College were all missing. Zhuo Wenyuan was panicked for a while. He really couldn’t think of who did it, and who has the ability to do it. I have received all these lines. The spies near the Imperial College returned the secret security guard, saying that they had seen Yan Saburo. Zhuo Wenyuan was even more flustered, surprised that Yan Saburo actually woke up.

Zhuo Wenyuan changed his mind and guessed that he was hit by the trick. Yan Saburo definitely didn’t wake up just now, and even helped Yan Yunzhi prove his innocence. Now it seems that Yan Yunzhi’s arrest and showing of weakness are all a play. Zhuo Wenyuan jumped into a rage. He originally thought that Sang Qi’s death would make Yan Yunzhi lose his fighting spirit. But Zhuo Wenyuan still refused to admit defeat. He ordered people to burn all the bills one by one and prepare the carriage to leave the city.

Yan Yan and his men were ordered to seal the Song family, but Song Luotian led his family to stop at the door. The two faced off on the spot, vowing to win or lose. Song Luotian was knocked to the ground by Yan Yan. He suddenly caught a glimpse of a cold arrow flying from the sky and heading straight for Yan Yan. He flew forward suddenly to block Yan Yan. Song Luotian told Yan Yan that although he had been facing him tit-for-tat, his time in the Imperial College was the most memorable time he had.

In the moon black and wind high in the night, Yan Yunzhi and Zhuo Wenyuan stand in different camps, as if a needle is facing Maimang. Facing Yan Yunzhi’s question, Zhuo Wenyuan said that he was out of the city only for hunting. Of course Yan Yunzhi didn’t believe it. Zhuo Wenyuan didn’t cover it anymore. With a signal, a group of people in black flashed out of the forest and surrounded the group of Yan Yun. An arrow came through the clouds, and Zhuo Wenyuan could hardly dodge. He knew that this arrow technique belonged to Lieutenant Sang. But he would never have thought that the person here was Sang Qi.

Sang Qi’s red dress illuminates the night, but Zhuo Wenyuan’s eyes gradually dimmed, slowly revealing surprises. In fact, Sang Qi and Yan Yun knew that the purse was poisonous early on. That day, the doctor went to the house to treat Yan Yunzhi. He accidentally saw Sang Qi’s face pale, and everyone knew that Xi Zhao poison powder was hidden in his purse. So the plan is to draw out Zhuo Wenyuan’s real mask.

Thanks to the Kuei Xiwan of Su Jie language, Sang Qi was able to pass the pass and Zhuo Wenyuan mistakenly thought that Sang Qi had passed away. After everyone gathered around to capture Yan Yunzhi, Sang Qi quickly escaped through the secret tunnel under the coffin. As soon as Sang Qi died, Yan Yunzhi was taken prisoner. Yan Yunzhi deliberately angered Zhuo Wenyuan in prison because he was sure that Zhuo Wenyuan would keep his life until the day he was done. Next, Yan Yunzhi and the others followed Zhuo Wenyuan’s newly run salt road to trace his remaining party members and find the place where he hid his belongings.

At this point, Zhuo Wenyuan was discouraged and proposed to confront Sang Qi. Yan Yunzhi was worried and wanted to refuse. But Sang Qi insisted on going forward. Where is Sang Qi’s opponent of Zhuo Wenyuan, but Zhuo Wenyuan is reluctant to touch Sang Qi’s hair after all. Sang Qi controlled Zhuo Wenyuan and persuaded him to go back and confess his guilt. But everything can’t go back, Zhuo Wenyuan squeezed the sword in Sang Qi’s hand and drew it towards his neck, leaving the last tears. As a result, Zhuo Wenyuan’s rebellion smuggling evidence is conclusive, the Song family was exiled from the city, and Zhuo Guifei was also beaten into the cold palace.

Sunshine is just right, and Sang Qi is wearing a gorgeous wedding gown, riding a horse to his groom. Seeing Sang Qi coming from a distance, Yan Yunzhi hurried forward to greet him and hugged him from his horse. Looking at this newlywed couple who was born to death and ill-fated, everyone’s eyes were full of smiles and relief. The imperial edict came late and brought good news. What an honor it is for the officials to appoint Sang Qi as a doctor of the Imperial College. In addition, the officials also decided to recruit talents in the Imperial College, regardless of gender or status.

When the school started for another year, the Imperial College became lively again. Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi looked at the crowded and bustling Guozijian, and they were very pleased. After many hardships, they finally ushered in the life of their dreams and fulfilled their original wishes.


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