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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 24 End Recap

When she got off work, Cui Jing told Yin Fan that she would fly to Germany the next afternoon and she would not come to the laboratory tomorrow. This was the last time she did an experiment with him. Before she left, she said “I like you”. Li left with tears.

Dr. Li told Yang Lanhang that the number of people in multiple clinical trials has increased to 300. Yang Lanhang speculates that new valve materials will be available by 2022 at the latest. Dr. Li asked him to have dinner. Yang Lanhang declined because of an appointment. Dr. Li was strangely dating. It’s so interesting, and I unconsciously landed on the door of my heart.

Yang Lanhang blindfolded Bai Lingling and took her to a place. Bai Lingling felt that there was no one on the way, and no one said hello. She judged that it must not be a restaurant or bar. She guessed that Yang Lanhang should take herself to the cloud tower. She was a little scared. Gao, cautiously holding Yang Lanhang tightly, thinking that he was walking on the top, Yang Lanhang wanted to take her up to hang the concentric lock, but when he took her eyes off, it was Huaihai Biotechnology Laboratory! Bai Lingling was a little disappointed, thinking that Yang Lanhang tricked herself into working overtime in the name of dating.

Yang Lanhang opened the remote control and a piece of natural Moissanite slowly opened from the drawer. He told Bai Lingling: This product was obtained when he was studying in Europe. Very high-phase gems can be set on the ring, but they have very high requirements for the growth environment. They were cultivated by themselves, and they were born for Bai Lingling. Bai Lingling named it “Ling Lan” and asked Yang Lanhang if she was proposing to herself. Yang Lanhang smiled and said that of course not, because it grew too slowly, only one carat in six months.

When she got home, Bai Lingling told Guan Xiaoyu that Yang Lanhang was very satisfied with this surprise. Guan Xiaoyu preferred the happiness of proposing in public. She asked Bai Lingling to let Yang Lanhang convey her preferences to Ivan, but declared that she would only fall in love and never enter marriage. Grave.

Ivan heard that Yang Lanhang had a diamond ring, so he decided to start with a better one, and began to search for a marriage ring on the Internet. At this time Yin Fan knocked on the door, and Yifan asked his brother to pick it for him.

Yang Lanhang specifically asked for leave and accompanied Ivan to the shop to buy a diamond ring. Bai Lingling told Guan Xiaoyu the news, and Guan Xiaoyu was exuberant and dressed up and waited for marriage proposal.

The clerk told Ivan that each person in their shop can only customize one ring, which means that he loves only one person in his life. The ring he fancy has been customized half a month ago, so he can’t sell it to him again today. Yang Lanhang guessed that it might be Yin Fan, and Yifan took out his brother’s photo and asked the clerk to argue that it was Yin Fan.

At the airport, Cui Jing couldn’t wait for Yin Fan to board the plane. Yin Fan took the diamond ring and watched the plane take off. He was feeling sad, and suddenly Cui Jing’s voice came from behind, saying that he had changed his contract. Yin Fan took out the diamond ring without saying a word. At this time, Cui Jing was helpless. He still refused to say a word. She turned to leave. Yin Fan was anxious and finally said the phrase “I love you”. Cui Jing cried.

Yin Fan said: He always thought that life was lonely, and never delusioned about others’ understanding of himself, until he met Cui Jing, Cui Jing could understand every look in his eyes. This ring can only be customized once in a lifetime, and it is given to the only true love in this life. If Cui Jing doesn’t want it, he will lose it. In this life, she will never meet someone who understands herself like her. Cui Jing sighed that she had never heard Yin Fan say so many things.

Like a dream, Yin Fan said affectionately that if she wanted to listen, she would often tell her later. Cui Jing stepped forward and hugged her lover, and the two embraced each other tightly. At this time, the bracelet on her hand shook, and Cui Jing smiled and said that it was this that left her behind. She suddenly remembered that the luggage had been checked away. Yin Fan said that his own had also been checked. In the past, Cui Jing followed her behind. This time she changed him to follow her.

Guan Xiaoyu didn’t wait for a day to propose, and was so angry that she didn’t say a word. Bai Lingling hurried back to the house and called Yang Lanhang to inquire about the news. After she came out, Guan Xiaoyu disappeared.

Ivan brought in both his ID card and household registration, but the clerk believed that they were the same person, so they didn’t sell it to him. The sample ring on the counter had to be customized 15-20 days in advance, so Ivan had no choice but to make a reservation first.

Guan Xiaoyu scolded Ivan for not proposing marriage if he couldn’t buy a ring. Ivan insisted that he only fell in love and would never go into the tomb of marriage. Guan Xiaoyu pouted and took out a ring and turned to Ivan to propose marriage. The two were happy. Smile sweetly in the evening breeze.

Bai Lingling came to see her grandma. She was practicing her New Year’s party program lines. Grandma was very happy when she heard that Yang Lanhang had proposed to her granddaughter.

Guan Xiaoyu was angry that Ivan’s buying a ring was too boring. Ivan cooked glutinous rice balls for her. Suddenly the restaurant lights went out. Guan Xiaoyu looked around, filled with online videos of Ivan’s friends, and romantic star lights. He turned on the music and gave Guan Xiaoyu a dance. Guan Xiaoyu burst into tears with a smile. Ivan said that he knew that Guan Xiaoyu had always dreamed of proposing marriage under the witness of everyone. He asked his friends to testify today. He solemnly proposed to Guan Xiaoyu on one knee. The voice of “together” sounded in the video. The two people love each other. Embracing tightly.

Zhang Yian was about to go back to his mother-in-law’s house when he suddenly saw the news that Wuhan was closed due to the epidemic early in the morning. The mother of Yang Lanhang on the other side also arranged for the company to do disinfection due to the epidemic and suspend business marketing if necessary.

On the way to the hospital, Yang Lanhang and Bai Lingling saw Qing Yi returning with his luggage. Qing Yi said with tears that Wuhan was closed and he could not go back.

In the laboratory, Bai Lingling pointed out that medical supplies are in short supply, and they can start to study a new type of anti-expansion clothing that increases the effect of anti-dehumidification and can be reused. This can reduce medical costs and solve the problem of shortage of medical supplies. . Yang Lanhang suggested that the laboratory and Huai University should jointly carry out this scientific research. Zhang Yian tells everyone that his wife understands his difficulties and he will not visit his mother-in-law anymore during the New Year. At this time, Yin Fan and Cui Jing also returned. It turned out that the two immediately bought tickets to return to China as soon as they saw the news. Young scientific researchers put on white coats and once again charge on the front line of scientific research, for the benefit of mankind!

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