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Big Brother, we are divorced

Big Brother, we are divorced (Novel)
Other Name: 大佬我们离婚了

Genre: novel, Romance
Author: Jiang Motian
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The latest romance novel “Big Brother, We Are Divorced”, formerly known as “Ex-husband Comes to Grab Meng Bao”, the novel was written by the author “Jiang Motian”. The content of the book revolves around the protagonists Jiang Baobao and Li Beijue. The main content is: experience After several years of pain and despair, Jiang Baobao finally decided to divorce Li Beijue. She knew that the man in front of her had always had other women in her heart. Since this man is so unfeeling, why should she add too much trouble to herself? It’s just that after the divorce, the two people should have lived their own lives. Why did this man find her and want to compete with her for the custody of the child? He bullied her too much!

Free Reading Highlights:

When she woke up in the morning, she noticed it, but didn’t deliberately think about it.

Li Beijue looked good at the show.

He just wanted Baby Jiang to be embarrassed.

Just want to humiliate her.

Baby Jiang naturally understood his purpose, his eyes flickered for a moment, and his lips suddenly curled up, his smile was a bit of disdain and carelessness.

Want to humiliate yourself?

No doors!

Baby Jiang thought, and quickly returned to the second bedroom arranged for her by Li Beijue last night, and found his bag in it.

Returning to the study with the bag, she stood in front of Li Beijue, and her clothes were also neatly packed.

Li Beijue looked indifferent, looked at Baby Jiang silently, and took out the wallet from his bag.

“Li Beijue!!!”

Baby Jiang held a wad of money in his hand, without looking, staring straight at Li Beijue.

In the next second, he waved his hand suddenly!

The spilt banknotes instantly fell from the sky like scattered petals, so spectacular!

“I worked hard last night, and the price of the highest standard Cowherd is nothing more than that. You can save it and spend it slowly!”

She said, dropped a sentence, turned her head and left.

Li Beijue looked at the falling banknotes in front of him for a moment.

After recovering, he patted the table and stood up.

“Baby Jiang!!!”

He looked fierce and stared at the back of the woman at the entrance of the study.

Baby Jiang’s footsteps.

Turning around, there was still a spring-like smile on his face, with a little sarcasm.

“I almost forgot to say, I don’t want to cooperate with you at all, and the signing of the contract is unnecessary. I don’t want the 3 billion yuan. Save it for you to buy a cemetery!”

Baby Jiang was as hard as he was, snorted coldly, and left in a big stride.

Li Beijue had never been looked down upon like this before, with a fierce light in his eyes.

Baby Jiang’s figure has disappeared before his eyes.

The brisk voice of high heels went further and further, and he was silent for a moment, then grabbed the phone in a gloomy manner.

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